Martial God - Book 1 - What Is A Genius - Chapter 49 - Proposal

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The sun rays at the dawn entered through the window like countless golden arrows.

He Yiming stretched his body and stood up. He then went to the backyard. Inside this yard, which solely belonged to He family, he didn’t feel too apprehensive.

Currently, the weather was scorching hot. Overhead, the sun was gloriously shining, radiating intense heat. However, in the light of He Yiming’s cultivation, he didn’t need to fear hot and cold too much. As long as the temperature didn’t attain an abnormal state, he wouldn’t care too much about it.

This moment, after a few turns, He Yiming had arrived inside a completely unoccupied courtyard.

He raised his two fists to his shoulder-level before his whole figure started trembling in place like a giant boulder.

Rolling Boulder fist. As he employed this technique, howls of winds could be heard immediately afterwards. Although he was only employing the technique to the seventh level, as far as his surroundings were concerned, it brought an enormous destruction nevertheless.

In the courtyard, the small plants, flowers, and trees were being continuously suppressed by the fist-winds. Each and every one of them was bent low, almost touching the ground. As He Yiming’s pace quickened, they were completely pressed into the soil.

Suddenly, He Yiming parted his legs and started quickly moving in the courtyard. Each and every place he went through seemed rolled over by a giant boulder. Even the ground seemed a bit damaged.

After a few moments, He Yiming’s Internal Energy attained the seventh’s layer peak. At the same time, the special feature of Rolling Boulder Fist was also being exhibited, which was:

The might of this fist technique increased along with the time of use.

When the seventh layer’s peak Internal Energy combined with the Rolling Boulder Fist’s maximum possible might, He Yiming’s surroundings exploded. Wherever he went, not a single grass preserved.

Suddenly, he arrived before a huge tree. He didn’t circumvent it. Instead, he howled like a wolf, and his both fists flew forward like a shot-shell.

An explosion, not inferior one bit compared to his howl, sounded as his fist connected with the tree trunk.

A tree, as wide as a man’s full embrace, trembled two times and eventually lost its footing before collasping with a loud rumble.

“Yiming, what insanity is this?” An astounded and furious voice came from behind.

He Yiming immediately stopped and turned around. His mother, father, brother, and sister, all four, were standing at the courtyard’s entrance.

Not only they, even caretakers of this area were also poking their heads from behind his family members. However, from their eyes, they were truly terrified in addition to being astonished.

“Father, I was cultivating battle skills.” He Yiming rested both his hands on his thigh and respectfully said.

“Cultivating battle skills….” He Quanming felt his heart ache as he watched the completely destroyed courtyard.

This was the courtyard he and his wife had meticulously decorated. It had been serene, beautiful, pleasant, and relatable to the fragrance of flowers and chirping of birds; a wonderland.

However, at this moment, the garden seemed like the remains of an era’s great war, and the flowers and plants seemed to have suffered the greatest calamity ever since their origin. Furthermore, a giant tree could be seen collapsed beside He Yiming as well.

If He Quanming had not been certain this was his own courtyard, he would not have believed his eyes.

Sucking in a deep breath while looking at his courtyard, he suppressed the anger flaring up inside him before saying:

“You are training, that’s fine. But why you had to do a makeover of this place?”

Habitually, He Yiming’s right hand found his hair as he said:

“I always train like this. That’s why went outside to cultivate.”

He Quanming faintly started and exchanged a glance with Lin WenYu. Simultaneously, the same thought occurred in the minds of both.

Is it possible that He Yiming’s such insane cultivation speed is related to him training in such an unrestrained manner?

He Quanming’s complexion resumed its usual calm as he said, “He Yiming, you make such a big fuss every time you train?”

“Yes. Father,” He Yiming resolutely said, “Son is like this in the manor as well.”

He Yixuan suddenly recalled the uproar his sixth brother had once created and said:

“Father, mother, sixth brother indeed trains like this in the clan. Even his underground training room was almost destroyed by him.”

The couple then realized why He Yiming went out to cultivate. So, it had always been like this.

He Yiming stepped forward. Arriving next to them, he said rather embarrassedly, “I still haven’t trained [Splitting Mountain Thirty Six Forms]. Shoulld I continue?”

He Quanming’s body faintly trembled. However, it was extremely minute. Apart from He Yiming, no one discerned it including Lin Wenyu.

He recalled the strong might this technique produced when He Yiming exhibited it during the new year’s festival. Even his third brother, who was comparable to him in cultivation, was sent flying.

If He Yiming was allowed to perform this move, not to mention the plants and flowers in the courtyard, the courtyard itself might not be able to endure.

Taking a deep breath, he said, “Yiming, I will not hinder you. If you want to go outside late night, you can act according to your wish.”

He Yiming’s both eyes shined as he immediately said, “Yes, father.”

The primary reason he acted as such was obviously to accomplish this. In his opinion, his body should hold no bindings.

Suddenly, a servant hurriedly entered the courtyard and said, “Second master, Cheng family’s big lord has come to meet you.”

“Cheng Shine?” A light flickered in He Quanming’s eyes.

Cheng Residence had just encountered misfortune. The matters that needed to be sorted out were as many as hairs on a cow. Then, how could the counterpart have the time to visit him?

Regardless, he immediately gestured Lin Wenyu with his eyes. Lin Wenyu faintly nodded and left with an unwilling He Yilong.

He Quanming turned while saying, “Yixuan, Yiming, you two come with me.”

They sounded their agreements. A cunning smiled flickered on He Yiming’s face before he asked his father:

“Father, what about this place?”

He Quanming glared at him and commanded a few servants to sort out the courtyard. However, in reality, he wasn’t angry at all. After witnessing the might of He Yiming’s Rolling Boulder Fist, he instead felt extremely pleased.

Possessing such a might at such a small age, his son’s future prospects were simply unimaginable.

What does a mere garden matter when compared to Yiming?

The three individuals quickly arrived at the entrance. He Quanming’s face had already assumed a smile. With a voice which could be even heard at two streets away from here, he said:

“Elder borther Cheng has come such a long way, forgive your younger brother for not welcoming you in person.”

Cheng Shine heartily laughed and stepped forward. In a few steps, he arrived before He Quanming and took the latter’s both hands into his.

If a person who had no knowledge of the brazen struggle between the three influential families saw this scene, he would certainly think that these two were blood brothers. However, the majority of people knew that He family and Cheng family competed with each other in the Tai Cang county. If either of the sides was given any opportunity, they wouldn’t hesitate to bring counterpart down.

Amidst the flattering voices, the two brothers also paid their respects and welcomed Cheng Shine in.

After a few pleasantries, Cheng Shine eventually revealed his purpose of visit.

“Brother He, this time, I have come to ask for something,” Cheng said; his face beaming with smiles.

He Quanming’s heart sank, ‘Could it be related to that night’s tragedy?’ He had also conducted some investigations in secret. However, the time since He family’s establishment had been too brief. They were far incomparable to the deep-rooted Cheng family.

Since even Cheng family couldn’t identify the culprits, it was an even more impossible feat for them.

Restraining his smile, He Quanming’s face turned grim as he said, “Please explain.”

Cheng Shine faintly nodded. Still with a smile on his face, he said extremely unhurriedly, “If I may ask, is nephew Yitian married?”

He Quanming’s face suddenly blanked. Of all the guesses he made, he never expected such a question.

Since such a question had been asked, what followed it was obviously a marriage proposal for He Yitian. However, the Cheng family just encountered such a tragedy, yet they could think of such things. This was a bit too inconceivable.

With a slight cough, He Quanming’s face also revealed a slight smile as he said, “Brother Cheng, Yitian wishes to wholeheartedly focus on martial dao. He never thought about such matters.”

Cheng Shine chuckled and said, “If my memory serves me right, Yitian is currently twenty-three years old. As far as us cultivators are concerned, such an age is indeed not much. However, for an ordinary person, this is not the case at all. Furthermore, nephew Yitain is He family’s eldest grandson of the eldest son, could it be…this doesn’t matter at all?”

He Quanming slightly hesitated. Twenty-three years was indeed quite early for a cultivator. However, being the family’s eldest son’s eldest grandson, it was completely different for He Yitian.

Discerning He Quanming palpitate, Cheng Shine’s smile widened, and he said:

“Brother He, I, your brother, have a girl in mind. Name is Li-er, and age seventeen. Regardless of whether it’s about maintaining the image of an influential family, or what she has learned so far, I have full confidence that she would be a suitable match for nephew Yitian. Moreover, my lord father also wishes to tie our families with marriage. I wonder what brother He thinks about it?”

He Quanming’s both eyes slightly rose. Hearing this name, he was quite astonished.

(Tl: Girl’s name.)

He pondered for a while and solemnly said, “Brother Cheng, as you said, Yitian is He family’s eldest son’s eldest grandson. As such, I have no say in this matter. If brother Cheng allows it, I will immediately return back to the clan and report back to father?”

Cheng Shine unhesitatingly nodded and said, “Of course, in fact, it should be as such. So, I will be at home, awaiting the good news.”

As an influential family’s eldest son’s eldest grandson, the matter of marriage partner was extremely significant. Of course, it couldn’t be decided so easily.

As Cheng Shine said last words before leaving, he casted a sideway glance towards He Yiming while secretly sighing, ‘A fourteen-year-old seventh-layer cultivator. What a pity, Li-er is already three years older than him.”

As soon as he did that, He Yiming immediately felt the hair on his body standing up. He then immediately decided that his marriage will be controlled by him only.