Martial God - Book 2 - Fame Spreads - Chapter 48.2

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After clasping his hands towards He Quanxin, Fan Shui immediately acted.

At this moment, the distance between the two was almost the same compared to the previous fight between He Yitian and Fan Vastsun, because this was the conventional distance during a duel.

Fan Shui slightly raised his palms as his two heels lightly rose up and he glided forward.

His movements were exactly the same as that of Fan Vastsun’s initial movements. If one insisted on finding the difference, his speed was much quicker and he was much nimbler; his movements appearing to be even more like flowing water.

The water without a ripple from an ancient lake instantaneously transformed into that of a multivariate river. This sudden transformation gave a extremely contradictory feeling, seeming as if Fan Shui had always been two separate individuals, or as if there were simply two individuals acting in parts.

Not a smidgen of ease could be seen of He Quanxin. His reaction was also similar to He Yitian’s. He raised his palm, steadily waiting for the opponent’s attack.

With a light rumble, the palms struck against each other, and the formidable Internal Energy immediately unleashed incomparable power. Strands of invisible Internal Energy rippled out from under their feet. Some cracks appeared on the ground as well due to the severe battle between two tenth layer experts.

He Quanxin’s figure stood as steady as a boulder as he severely resisted the powerful impact. With a slight shudder for a moment, he steadily stopped.

Fan Shui’s figure, however, shuddered once, then suddenly retreated a step back.

Although his water-type techniques were quite formidable, as far as the cultivation base went, he was only on par with He Quanxin. Under the restraint of their techniques, he was inevitably a bit inferior.

However, the step he’d taken back only touched the ground with the tip of his feet before he again charged. However, this time, he thrusted out his palm like a knife.

The slightly protruding out middle finger flickered with a faint sparkling glow, like a falling water droplet, reflecting the sunlight.

Completely unfazed, He Quanxin again raised his palm, lightly pushing it towards his opponent’s pointed palms.

Suddenly, He Quanxin’s face slightly changed. He’d felt a strange power. This power appeared to be as soft as cotton, seemingly not too strong. However this power carried an aura as if it would never stop before penetrating through whatever be in its way.

He Quanxin’s suddenly felt a chill, ‘Why is this feeling so similar to the characteristics of metal type?’ However, as their Internal Energy collided, he clearly understood that Fan Shui had still used water-type Internal Energy without any change whatsoever.

Fan Shui repeated half a step, then again advanced half a step, and every time he did so, he always thrusted out his palm like a blade, seeming as if this constituted all of his techniques.

However, while confronting this simple thrust that could almost make people feel drowsy, He Quanxin’s face was exceptionally grave. His legs faintly bent, steadily resisting strike after strike. However, it was all he did. From the beginning to end, he’d not struck once; not even once just in name.

Under such an assault which was not quick at all, He Quanxin was actually completely powerless to retaliate.

He Yiming’s eyebrows slightly twitched. At this moment, his consciousness and True Qi were completely concentrated. Under such state of high concentration, his perception capabilities were even higher in comparison to usual.

In his perception, Fan Shui no longer resembled the torrential water of a huge river, but water droplets that slowly fell down from a cliff’s edge.

Although such water droplets seemed completely ordinary, their power couldn’t be looked down upon.

Although water of a large river flows with a torrential vehemence, covering thousands of li in an instant, after the flood is over, mountains still remains mountains, lands still remains lands. It could not destroy the lands itself.

However, the water dripping down from a cliff is different. Even they it could never drown the big stones underneath, but their efforts allow them to create a new miracle, which is to penetrate the stones.

When the count of dripping water droplets attains infinite, dropping on a specific part of the big stone for several years, regardless of how tough the stone is, the seemingly powerless water droplets open out a small opening on its surface.

The current Fan Shui had done precisely the same. He’d compressed all the Internal Energy to a high degree and striking out bit after bit, to pierce through the huge rock before him.

However, such a method of battling with compressing one’s Internal Energy would undoubtedly bring a certain impact and damage to the body. For a short time period, battling as such wouldn’t be problematic at all, but if continued for a long time, even an individual made of iron wouldn’t be able to preserve.

However, at the same time, such a method of battling which ignored the harm brought to one’s own body also provided unimaginably huge might.

Even with the mutual restraint, Fan Shui had no trouble gaining the absolute upper hand.

Not merely He Yiming, every individual present on the ground whose cultivation had attained the seventh layer could see through this matter.

The blankness and loss in Fan Vastsun’s eyes had completely disappeared, replaced by grief and guilt.

Suddenly, he understood the meaning behind his father’s words.

He understood that what his father intended to do was to simply stake his life on this victory.

His means were- my son has been struck, so I, his father, will vent for him, and to do so, will not hesitate to even put my life on the line.

Suddenly, a sparkling light flickered in Fan Vastsun’s eyes. His fists subconsciously tightened, and emotions overwhelmed his heart, hating that it was not him instead of his father.

The negative impact he’d suffered from the loss a few moments ago completely disappeared. Feeling the gradually soaring Internal Energy in his body, he even felt that as long as he cultivated for a short time period, he could certainly break through the limits of the seventh layer and attain the realm of the eighth layer.

On the battlefield, He Quanxin eventually couldn’t preserve. His feet stumbled, and he eventually took a step back.

Water penetrates the stone. Upon accumulating its power to extremes, there is no obstacle that water cannot destroy.

Fan Shui’s eyes shined. The faint scorching pain in his meridians couldn’t seem to be able to influence him in the slightest.

He let out a long hiss, and his originally steady body suddenly started to circle about. Like the flowing water of river, one wave rising after another.

If a boulder stood firm, flood naturally couldn’t flush it away. However, if the foundation was already weak, the boulder could only drift along with the wave.

Staking his own life, Fan Shui had eventually won the bet.

His two hands waved, and his entire being instantaneously transformed into raging waves, shrouding the heavens and earth, and rushed at He Quanxin, as if it wishing to completely drown him within.

Losing the weight on his legs, He Quanxin knew that situation was anything but good. However, at this moment, he’d no other choice but to brace himself and resist this attack with all his strength.

However, in a battle between experts, once one of them fell into an disadvantage, recovering it back was extremely difficult.

The moment he looked at the two palms that were fluttering about his body, He Quanxin eventually felt that his strength wouldn’t be enough.

Although he was extremely unwilling in his heart, he was without a choice. However, he deeply sighed and eventually erected out his two arms, whipping them out like a iron lash.

Yuan Zeyu and Yuan Earnest’s face completely changed. Although He Quanxin had fell into a disadvantageous situation, with earth-type techniques defensive property, if he continued to defend, he might not be hopeless.

However, he unexpectedly chose to attack at such a moment.

Is this not equal to seeking one’s own death….?

A sinister expression flickered in Fan Shui’s eyes. He’d complete confidence that as long as he unleashed his power on this arm, he could definitely take advantage of this momentary gap and injure his opponent, even following up with continuous strikes and killing him.

His two hands lifted up, and his whole being from inside and outside, overflowed with killing intent. The powerful and severe murderous aura on his body clearly illustrating his desire.

He Yitian’s two eyes had already turned red. He could clearly see the killing intent bared out in the open by Fan Shui.

However, the moment Fan Shui’s palm touched He Quanxin’s arms, his complexion had a huge transformation, and his eyes revealed an appalled expression.

A huge power was surged out from He Quanxin’s arm.

This power was far exceeded his imagination.

At this moment, he even doubted whether a tenth layer’s peak metal-type cultivator could have produced such a frightening power.

The aching in his meridians was becoming more and more severe. However, he could no longer show much consideration for it. All the Internal Energy inside his body gushed out like tides, to resist this arm sweeping towards his body.

Resist, resist, can’t resist….

The arm bringing along incomparable power broke through the resistance of Fan Shui’s palm and severely struck at his stomach.

Fan Shui’s body went airborne, as if a huge wing, and performed a huge somersault before softly dropping down.

Fan Vastsun’s body moved like lightning. Disregarding the injuries on his body, he pounced forward and firmly caught his father.

Fan Shui’s two eyes were opened wide, strictly staring at He Quanxin.

At this moment, He Quanxin’s sleeve had been completely torn apart from below the elbow, revealing a treasured armguard sparkling with golden light.

A flash of understanding flickered in Fan Shui’s eyes. His lips quivered, eventually revealing a streak of blood. He let out a long breath, then there wasn’t a trace of breath.