Martial God - Book 2 - Fame Spreads - Chapter 48.1 - Treasured Armguards

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He Yitian sucked in a deep breath. Not sparing a single glance for Fan Vastsun, he turned around and returned back to his position, and brightly said, “Father, son has returned victorious.”

He Quanxin heartily laughed and said, “Good, worthy of being my He family’s descendant.”

He was not stringent with the praise, but in his mind, he felt quite strange. He was naturally well aware of He Yitian’s cultivation. When did it advance so much?

Moreover, after watching the course of mutual Internal Energy consumption, he felt even more uncertain. He Yitian’s Essence was actually so prolonged. If it had been him, contending against him in mutual consumption with his Internal Energy restrained to the seventh layer, he would also have been whittled to death by this seemingly boundless Internal Energy.

Of course, now was not the time for inquiry. He could only save his doubts for the future.

He Yitian, however, knew too well. He gratefully turned his gaze towards his sixth brother and couldn’t help but be somewhat startled. The latter just stood there with a kind of- gentle breeze and floating clouds, as if his spirit was soaring beyond the horizon- expression on his face. As if his consciousness was not in his body. Even further, he couldn’t feel He Yiming’s living aura at all.

Had he not been able to see with his own eyes, he would even have doubted if there was even a person standing there.

He felt skeptical inwardly, whether to go near and inspect closely. However, right at that moment, he heard an unusual movement behind his body, and his attention involuntarily shifted.

With a flicker, Fan Shui had already arrived behind his son’s body. He gently patted his son’s back a few times, and a strand of robust True Qi immediately entered the latter’s body.

The two of them, father and son, were also like He Quanxin and He Yitian- sharing the same bloodline.

They both cultivated water-type techniques, which gave them a far superior advantage in terms of healing.

However, Fan Vastsun suddenly struggled free. Looking Fan Shui in the eyes, he faintly shook his head and said with a trace of ashamed expression, “I lost, father.”

Fan Shui looked at his son in silence. That grieving, self-mocking expression caused him to feel extremely heavy on the inside.

He knew that his son seemed perfect on the surface, not hesitating to even bend and bow before Lu Xinwen, but in reality, was extremely arrogant on the inside. Losing to an individual of comparable age today was undoubtedly a huge blow to him.

This moment, he could clearly see hopelessness and loss in Fan Vastsun’s eyes.

He further knew that if Fan Vastsun couldn’t break himself free from this, in the future, even making an inch of advancement would be difficult for him.

As soon as he’d this thought, it pierced his heart like a needle.

Fan Shui’s face gradually turned calm, as if suddenly making a decision when faced with a difficult choice.

Patting his son’s back, grandeur suddenly filled Fan Shui’s heart. He said, “It’s alright, I’m here for you.”

Fan Vastsun blankly stared only to see Fan Shui walking forward in large strides.

At this moment, his father’s back was so solid, so reliable!

Fan Shui’s every step was as steady as a mountain; unfaltered to the extreme as if a huge boulder was slowing moving.

Yuan Zeyu and others constricted their eyes, overwhelmed with astonishment. This tenth layer water type expert was walking so steadily, not exuding a trace of gentle and misty feeling of water-type.

And the more he continued to do so, the more they felt heavy and anxious.

A water-type cultivator had actually displayed such a strength, what did this signify?

He Yiming’s pupils seemed to faintly stir. He felt boundless battle intent. This was one’s aura erupting in its entirety; battle intent without any reservations whatsoever.

In his brief sixteen years of life, the experts he’d seen were as numerous as crabs in a river. Not merely Houtian experts, he’d also seen Xiantian cultivators.

However, never had he ever felt such a strong battle intent coming from anyone’s body.

When a common man is angered, blood flows.

He Yiming unexpectedly had such a frightening feeling.

He suddenly understood, this was a true expert entering the battle with an attitude as if he’d already given up on his life.

“Brother He, your son is indeed skilled, this Fan admires him from the heart. However, now, it should be our turn to fight.”

Fan Shui was faintly smiling. His smile was so calm and unfaltered that it seemed as if he had discussed some extremely trifling affair.

He Quanxin’s smile had already vanished. He could clearly feel the intense feeling of danger coming from this man’s body. However, as of now, he also couldn’t bring himself to cower back.

“Since brother Fan feels like examining this He’s skill, this He wouldn’t dare disobey.”

People on both sides were silent. As they saw He Quanxin entering the stage, both sides involuntarily tensed.

In the minds of majority of people, He Quanxin and Fan Shui were the two most important aces today for the two families.

As long as victory and defeat among them was decided, today’s contest was basically over and the owner of the Yuan family would be decided accordingly.

When Fan Vastsun had challenged He Yitian, everybody thought they would certainly see some good show. However, they didn’t expect that as soon as the fight between the two youngsters concluded, Fan Shui would immediately and impatiently go ahead and issue the challenge.

Such a quick arrival of the ultimate battle indeed made the majority of the people feel somewhat unprepared.

He Quanxin was about to step out, but heard He Yiming’s voice, “Wait a bit, eldest uncle.”

Everybody started and shifted their gazes onto him, wondering what he intended to do.

He Yiming advanced a few steps, turned his body- blocking everybody’s line of vision- extended his two hands, and made a few shaking movements with a speed that a human eye couldn’t keep up with.

After cultivating the Imprint technique, both his hands had become extremely nimble. These movements further brought out the skill thoroughly, even deeming them lightning fast would not be wrong. Other than a few after images, no traces of his movements could be seen.

Subsequently, he gently said, “Eldest uncle, be extremely careful.”

After saying these words, he returned to his original position and again immersed himself in that realm, converging all his attention onto a single point.

He Quanxin’s face turned quite strange. His two fists closed, and opened again. He then rubbed them against each other, as if feeling somewhat uncomfortable. However, he didn’t delay, rather raised his head high and stepped into the center of the ground.

Yuan Zeyu and Yuan Earnest exchanged a glance; their eyes filled with concern.

They had no idea what was going on inside He Yiming’s head, to pull off such a farce at such a crucial juncture. From He Quanxin’s face and posture, he didn’t seem in his peak condition from any angle. With him entering the stage in such a condition, the situation didn’t seem too optimistic.