Martial God - Book 2 - Fame Spreads - Chapter 47.2

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Fan Vastsun clasped his hands, deeply bowed, and said, “Gentlemen, this affair has already spread so far out, words would not serve any purpose. I, Fan Vastsun, am nothing but an insignificant junior. On this eve, I don’t dare be arrogant and only wish to be the cartman who pushes the horse to serve a modest beginning. I wonder which of you gentlemen will come and join me.”

Everybody felt a bit strange at this moment. They also knew that today’s ordeal wouldn’t be settled with mere words and would be decided on the basis of a battle fought with true swords and spears. However, nobody expected that Fan Vastsun would be the first person to come forward.

Yuan Zeyu’s brows severely creased. He knew Fan Vastsun’s strength, but also knew that in his family’s young generation, there was no genius with seventh layer Internal Energy. However, to let second generation enter the field, he couldn’t bring himself to open his mouth.

Fan Vastsun chuckled and suddenly said, “Brother He Yitian, previously, your noble father battled against my two uncles. That memory has always remained fresh in my mind. I know that I’m no match for your father, I don’t dare challenge him. However, what I wish…. is to have a battle with you, is it possible?”

He Yitain faintly started, then revealed a confident smile and said, “Since brother Fan is interested, I will take you up on the offer.”

Flicking his sleeves, he unhesitatingly walked out.

As he walked out, Yuan Zeyu and others also felt at ease. Among their group, only He Yitian and He Yiming were the best options to deal with this situation.

The two arrived in the center of the ground. Neither of the two brought out any weapons. They cupped their hands towards each other confronted each other from afar.

However, this situation only remained for a few moments before Fan Vastsun’s body began to move as smoothly and naturally as drifting clouds and flowing water.

He cultivated water-type techniques. He Yitian, however, cultivated earth-type techniques. If the two remained in a deadlock and didn’t make a move, he would receive the short end of the stick in terms of aura.

Therefore after briefly confronting each other, he immediately acted out first.

As soon as he moved, his whole being began to glide forward, as if wheels had been fitted below his legs and the ground was extremely smooth.

Almost at the same time, his palm erected up and water-type Internal Energy was instantly pushed to the peak.

Although he was not even thirty, his Internal Energy had already attained the seventh layer’s peak, and he could make the breakthrough into the eighth layer at any moment. This strike was issued by concentrating all Internal Energy inside his body. One could even say that he wished to accomplish the victory in one move.

He Yitian cultivated earth-type techniques, which meant paying particular attention to steadiness. However, if he were to retreat from the very first strike of the opponent, it would be anything but steadiness.

Fan Vastsun had made complete preparations before acting out. As long as He Yitian took a step back, his battle skill would burst forth like unceasing torrents of a flowing river. At that time, he would even put himself at the risk of suffering a serious injury to kill this person.

As long as this person died, He Quanxin, as his father, would certainly lose his mind. At that moment, it would be commendable even if he were to display eighty percent of his skill.

If the father and son truly died at their hands, the mission given by Lu Xinwen would be accomplished without any issues.

As soon as he thought about receiving tutelage under a Xiantian cultivator and even a chance to enter the Xiantian realm in future, his heart burned with passion.

However, right at this moment, He Yitian, who stood before his eyes, raised his palms. The latter’s two palms stood steady like a boulder as if they had met their two fated lovers in the two palms that were coming at him like a rainstorm. The four palms resolutely collided.

Suddenly and instantaneously, a huge, imaginable power gushed out of He Yitian’s palms.

Fan Vastsun cried out as his body suddenly rose up and turned upside down. He made a loop in the air, then steadily landed on the ground. However, his vision, which was on He Yitian, was full of horror and incredulity.

Although this palm strike’s strength was not at the seventh layer’s peak, it was not much farther either, almost seeming to be separated by nothing but a fine line.

His complexion suddenly turned quite unsightly. It turned out that Xiao Yifan actually made an error. He Yitian’s Internal Energy was not at the middle of seventh layer, but was already approaching the peak.

The difference between their Internal Energies was limited and adding the relation of mutual restraint on top, his palm strike was naturally unable to make He Yitian move, and thus, all of his subsequent preparations turned into mere dreams.

However, since they had already exchanged blows, he couldn’t withdraw just like this. He gnashed his teeth and charged forward once again. Like a sliding mud fish, his whole being spiraled towards He Yitian.

The moment he’d retreated, he’d already changed his tactics.

Although He Yitian was quite powerful, he was still above him in terms of Internal Energy. As long as he delayed the fight and continued to make his opponent consume Internal Energy, the ultimate victor would definitely be him.

However, after exchanging a few tens of blows, the more he struck, the more apprehensive he became. Because he’d suddenly discovered that He Yitian’s Internal Energy was improving at an unimaginably frightening speed.

Every time he exchanged palm strikes with He Yitian, the power coming from the opponent’s two palms would become somewhat bigger. He Yitian seemed like a inhumane monster with unbounded hidden power, and like a spring- the harder the pressure, the harder he bounced back.

Such a situation was unprecedented, how could he not feel terrified?

After another few moments of battle, he despaired even more. As their four palms connected, he discovered that He Yitian, who was somewhat weaker than him, already possessed the strength to contend against him on equal terms.

He’d eventually ascertained, the current He Yitian undoubtedly had the achievement of the seventh layer’s peak.

He was extremely agonized inwardly. He could never have imagined that the opponent would so inconceivably make a breakthrough during the fight.

Moreover, the counterpart’s essence seemed boundless. As the two exchanged countless palm strikes, even when he was feeling somewhat weared down, He Yitian still seemed like a lively dragon and was actually becoming more excited.

This moment, Fan Vastsun had only thought, ‘Could this guy be actually a freak…..’

In the huge palanquin, Lu Xinwen’s eyes shined. This moment he’d already ascertained that all of his three disciples had been exterminated and even the things on their bodies had completely disappeared.

This person called He Yitian must have recently consumed an Essence gold core.

Only a gold core, which had extremely powerful medicinal properties, could produce such an incredible result.

Every strike from Fan Vastsun was like a rubbing and massaging for He Yitian, helping him in dissolving the medicinal power of the gold core into his body.

If this battle hadn’t occurred, perhaps He Yitian could have brought out all the effect of this gold core in a few months. However, with such a good opponent who had such a suitable Internal Energy for him, the effect of the gold core would obviously accelerate, allowing him to reach the peak of the seventh layer.

In addition to this, since Essence gold cores actually increase the body’s essence, after He Yitian’s Internal Energy attained the seventh layer’s peak, the remaining medicinal power continued to provide him the energy he was using currently.

Fan Vastsun’s strategy to slowly wear down He Yitian would never work.

The old man slowly closed his eyes and took in deep breaths as True Qi circulated through every part of his body. The speed of circulation was not quick but extremely natural, as if his entire being had blended into nature and had become a clear and transparent lake.

He Yiming, who had been watching the battle, raised his head and gazed at the big, mysterious palanquin. As he closely heard the sound coming from inside it, his face involuntarily gravened.

In his mind, that lake seemed to be becoming bigger and bigger, and even more bigger. Perhaps, the moment this lake would turn into a vast ocean, the True Qi of the individual inside would reach the peak.

He retreated a step, completely restraining his True Qi. At this moment, all of his Essence and power had been completely concentrated in his body, like a bow fully stretched- once released, it would unleash a terrifying an arrow.

If someone were to concentrate their attention on He Yiming at this moment, they would discover that the latter seemed to have turned into a stone sculpture, moreover one that didn’t attract eyes.

However, as of now, nobody paid attention to these two anomalies. Everybody’s focus was on the two battling individuals.

He Yitian’s figure moved as he suddenly lifted his leg and stepped out while his palm closed into a fist before it struck out, cleaving the air. Even the sound of the fist echoing from the air seemed to be piercing the ears.

In this battle, this was the first time He Yitian’s feet had left the ground, and also the first time he’d taken the initiative to attack. However, this fist had still been unleashed in his best condition.

Fan Vastsun’s complexion slightly changed. He wished to dodge, but at this moment, his Internal Energy turned somewhat sluggish. He immediately understood that in the course of both sides consuming Internal Energy, he’d actually been the first to fall.

However, during this slight lag, He Yitian heavily exhaled and increased the might contained in his fist by thirty percent.

With a huge explosion, the two exchanged fists.

He Yitain’s body slightly shuddered, and his footing immediately changed. He stood proudly; his eyes brimming with the spirit of self improvement.

Fan Vastsun retreated several steps and eventually steadied his figure; a line of blood trickling down the corner of his mouth. Looking at He Yitian’s look, he felt extreme fury in his heart. No longer able to hold out, he suddenly spurted a mouthful of blood, sprinkling the ground with red dots.