Martial God - Book 1 - What Is A Genius - Chapter 46 - External Force

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Three days later, after attaining the ninth layer of the Blaze technique, He Yiming’s elation could not be described in words.

The Blaze technique deserved to be a top-level primary cultivation technique. After cultivating it and grasping the essence within, He Yiming discovered a surprising fact. He could cultivate this technique somewhat faster than the Primordial Energy and the Ripple technique.

Although this ‘somewhat’ seemed insignificant, after going through years of cultivation, the cumulatively saved time would not be a small matter. Furthermore, this technique’s might should be far above that of Primordial Energy. However, these were nothing more than his conjectures. As for the actual truth, he could only discover it through battles.

Since he felt excited after grasping the Blaze technique, He Yiming thought about finding a training partner. However, he didn’t dare to ask his father, and instead decided to cause trouble for Xu family.

Reportedly, the majority of Xu family’s group had not left the town yet and was taking care of injured Xu Yucai.

After accidentally receiving this information, He Yiming felt like teasing them a bit. He thought about how Xu family members would feel after seeing someone employing Blazing technique in a fight.

Indeed, the boldness of execution stems out of skill. Once deciding on a plan, He Yiming no longer hesitated.

At night, he took out one of the three bottles. Tilting the bottle, he extracted a bit of powder, mixed it with water, and gently applied the mixture over his face. After a short while, he saw a completely different face in the mirror. Though this face seemed rather stiff and pale.

During night, this was a trump card. Dress up as the god, and play the devil.

He knew that such a change in his appearance accounted his lack of skill. However, being able to attain such a level in his first attempt was already quite amazing. To the say least, he himself couldn’t recognize his face.

Wearing a suitable outfit, He Yiming stealthily left his residence.

Although he couldn’t be entirely familiar with the county town within the few days he had spent here, the territories of the Xu family and the Cheng family had already been thoroughly remembered by him. As far as these two areas were concerned, he couldn’t possibly make any mistake.

Moving through dark alleys, he advanced towards the Xu family’s residence. However, after walking for half an hour, his ears suddenly perked up. At the same time, moving swiftly and elegantly, he hid into a building’s crevice.

After a few moments, two figures hurriedly went past him.

He Yiming came out, mildly curious about the fact there were other nocturnals beside him. However, from their hurried manner, they probably had to take care of some urgent matter.

He Yiming faintly shook his head, no longer concerning himself with them. Everyone has their own problems.

After again walking a few steps, his brows slightly creased, and he entered that crevice once again. Again, another individual hurriedly went past him.

He Yiming came out and again walked a few steps before he irritatedly rolled his eyes again and returned back into the crevice.

Unsurprisingly, after a few moments, two more men rushed past him.

This time, He Yiming’s curiosity had truly been ignited. Within a few minutes, four cultivators had rushed past him. Moreover, these cultivators were not just for the name. Every single one of them had a cultivation of at least the third layer.

Although for He Yiming, this tiny bit of strength amounted to nothing, in the Tai Cang county, such people were undoubtedly seen as experts. It was simply impossible for four such people to pass through a specific location in quick succession without a definite cause.

Having his curiosity ignited, He Yiming gave up on finding trouble with the Xu family. He turned around and followed after them.

With his strength, following such people was as easy as flipping his hand. However, the longer he followed after them, the more astonished he became.

These people were actually going in the direction of the Cheng Residence.

He Yiming was alarmed. Could it be….their target was the Cheng Residence?

It should be known that although Cheng family’s strength was the most inferior among the three influential families, they had the status of officials behind them. Furthermore, just a few days ago, Jadeting’s Lin family also sent a group to toast the Cheng family’s Lord Master. In the recent days, their prestige had increased enormously. It was no longer overshadowed by the Xu fourth’s ninth layer advancement and He family’s outstanding young generation.

Therefore, when He Yiming discovered that the target of these men was actually the Cheng family, the astonishment he felt need not be explained.

Eventually, after arriving three hundred meters away from the Cheng Residence, they gathered in a courtyard. At this point, even an idiot could understand that their target was Cheng Residence which was three hundred meters away.

All these people were wearing the same greyish-black outfit, and their faces were covered with black turbans. After arriving in the courtyard, they crouched down. No one talked or discussed anything. They seemed like a horde of specters.

Slowly, the people increased; actually reaching more than fifty in numbers

He Yiming, watching them, felt surprised as well as impressed. He was certain that He family’s servants simply didn’t possess such qualities.

After a while, three figures entered like lightning and walked up to the group’s center in huge strides.

As He Yiming’s vision fell on their bodies, he was even more astonished.

These three were also dressed in greyish-black outfits and faces covered with black turbans but their actions betrayed a faint formidable and dangerous aura.

The fact that they could involuntarily display their aura through their conduct proved the fact that they were at least seven-layer cultivators. Furthermore, their eyes seemed savage and cruel. He Yiming had only seen such eyes once. The eyes of Hubin whom he’d killed before.

At this point, He Yiming was certain that these three were drowning in blood. They were true experts who had experienced many life-and-death battles.

On the same level, such experts were far more frightening than the ones who only knew about cultivation and lacked killing experience. Apart from the cultivators who could completely suppress them by relying on superior strength, no one would willingly provoke such experts.

He Yiming racked his brain. But now matter how hard he tried to think, he couldn’t think of anyone in the Tai Cang county who could conform in any of these three figures.

Those three looked around and nodded. The one in the middle, the leader, said in a low voice:

“Good, all of our brothers are here. This time, while traveling through this place, we accidently stumbled upon a piece of information. Cheng family is in possession of a thousand-year blood ginseng. After research, we have confirmed this information.”

From his tone, these people seemed to have come from some other region and were traveling through this place.

The man clenched his fist towards the crowd and said, “Brothers, come with me to snatch that ginseng. We will then present it before the chief. The chief will certainly be very happy. Then everybody could drink, get women…..anything you want, you can have it.”

His tone was exceedingly arousing and persuading. The people around were although quite disciplined, this moment, a slight disturbance could be seen among them.

He Yiming slightly frowned, ‘Where is this power from? Then there is this chief as well; he has a high reputation in the mind of these men. Surprisingly, not a single man objected on handing over the blood ginseng.’

“We have already determined the position of the blood ginseng. It’s in the safe keeping of the old man Cheng Zhusheng himself. Divide into groups and cause chaos, you must make sure that all other people except that old man himself are occupied,” The man said to the two other besides him in a stern voice.

“Yes,” Those two said in low voices; savage expressions flickering in their eyes.

The leader concisely explained everything. The men suddenly divided themselves into three groups and walked outside under the lead of the three men.

He Yiming hesitated. In truth, he actually didn’t wish to be involved in this mess. However, as he thought about the blood ginseng mentioned by the leader, he couldn’t help but have second thoughts.

For these influential families of the Tai Cang county, a thousand year blood ginseng was indeed too precious. Apart from the Cheng family, the rest two families didn’t have anything as significant. At least, He family didn’t.

‘If I could get my hands on this thing….’

He Yiming gnashed his teeth and followed after them; his figure like a swimming fish.

These people had obviously planned everything before. After a few moments, the two groups stormed the Cheng Residence, swearing to kill.

Their appearance was completely out of Cheng family’s expectations. The family had lived peacefully for a long time. They hadn’t even suffered a small theft, so they could never have expected someone so brazenly raiding their home.

Soon after, countless curses, screams, begs, and even the cries of children began to spread outside the Cheng Residence.

The leader only had five people with him. However, all of these five were fifth-layer cultivators. These five could be considered as the strongest cultivators among those fifty people.

They jumped over a wall and entered the residence. Moving hurriedly, they passed through several courtyards.

He Yiming followed after them while maintaining a certain distance.

Their route was evidently pre-determined. They encountered exceedingly few people along the way. And as for the servants they encountered, they acted cruelly and didn’t spare anyone.

Soon, they entered an inner courtyard.

He Yiming paused. After a few moments, he heard intense air-piercing sounds coming from inside. He immediately knew that this meant an intense battle between two top-level experts.

Suddenly, two figures flickered outside; one, who seemed like a sponger, stumbling and retreating, and the other a greyish-black clothed man holding a big knife chasing after the former to claim his life.

Eventually, the big knife slashed the sponger’s neck. Following a blood curling scream, the sponger immediately collapsed on the ground.

At that exact moment, the grey-clothed man felt his back throbbing before an immense force flooded his insides. Without even making a single noise, the man lost consciousness, and lost it forever.