Martial God - Book 2 - Fame Spreads - Chapter 44.2

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This moment, what He Yiming had done was precisely to merge [Soaring Rain Cloud] and [Splitting Mountain Thirty-Six Forms] into this subconscious to integrate these two mystical Xiantian techniques in a short time period with the help of the human image.

This was not some legend of demons and gods, rather it was a special means of cultivation.

Like a student, who, after studying painstakingly in the evening, wouldn’t be able to remember all he’d read firmly. However, after sleeping through the night, he would often find the things he’d remembered before with more clarity.

Moreover, following periodic revisions, these memories would become increasingly firm, ultimately becoming eternally unforgettable.

He Yiming’s present situation was precisely as such. The only difference being that he was again in the state of enlightenment. After grasping the power of the source of rain and clouds, a mysterious power seemed to have been awakened in his body, and as a result, this ability explicitly manifested in his mind.

Training the subconscious human figure would allow him to compress the time required to combine these to incompatible Xiantian battle skills to a frightening extent.

After a while, standing atop the mountain peak, He Yiming’s figure moved. His feet quickly moved as he once again stepped out in all direction like a swift gale or torrential rain. Although his body was on the mountain peak and his eyes were also closed, it seemed as if his feet had gained a pair of invisible eyes- regardless of how excessively he moved, he couldn’t step outside the mountain peak and suffer a tragic fate of falling down the cliff.

When his two feet began to move at an extremely fast speed, his body suddenly leapt high up, gliding in the air looking like a huge bird wing.

If an ordinary person were to see this scene, he would certainly kowtow and cry out, deeming him as a deity. However, if a cultivator were to see this scene, he would be so astonished that even his eyeballs would pop out.

To cultivate one’s agility to such an extent- this had almost stepped beyond the limits of a human body.

In reality, every Xiantian cultivator’s body had already gone through a baptism from Worldly Qi and was further subjected to constant transformation due to Worldly Qi. Their bodies were far more powerful than that of the powerful Houtian cultivators, and this… was the biggest asset of a Xiantian cultivator.

So, to say that they could transcend the limits of Houtian cultivators was not exaggerated at all.

In mid-air, He Yiming’s wrist twisted, and Reclining Moon Blade once again slashed the air. A huge blade light frantically gushed out from the blade’s first section and shot out like lightning.

This not at all substantive blade light seemed as powerful as an unparalleled divine artifact made of pure steel. Each and every region that the light swept past was instantly cleaved into two parts. Even the rock walls that had survived countless years of wind and rain were not able to escape the fate of being cleaved apart.

He Yiming’s legs touched the ground, and a powerful True Qi suddenly gushed out from under his feet like a stream of smoke being emitted out of a jet. His shoes and socks instantly became completely tattered and the soles and middle portion directly turned into nothingness.

An explosion as if a drum had been pounded echoed from the surface, and two huge holes appeared there out of nowhere.

At the same time, He Yiming’s body leapt up, raising the Reclining Moon Blade overhead as if a deity.

An enormous aura frantically exploded out of his body and the raised Reclining Moon Blade, like a pillar lifting the heavens, severely chopped down.

A beam of light suddenly shot out from the blade’s head, boring through the sky before him, and appearing on a tree more than ten meters away in a flash.

The light once flickered, then disappeared without a trace.

He Yiming’s eyes and mouth opened wide. This move contained both [Splitting Mountain Thirty-Six Forms] and [Soaring Rain Cloud] skill together. However, it didn’t encounter any hindrance at all, and instead, seemed to have complemented each other like fish and water.

The ultimate strike it issued was further unimaginably powerful, even arousing and shooting a blade light.

He hadn’t imagined such a result ever before. Even the current him felt boundless astonishment. Unexpectedly, after conforming to each other, these two Xiantian battle skills increased each other’s might to a whole new level.

However, the credit for all these accomplishments belonged to the illusory human image that had appeared in his mind after he gained enlightenment. This figure seemed to have a miraculous ability of combining these partial techniques into a complete one that belonged to him.

This was closely related to his special body.

His body had all kinds of five-phases techniques. However, the Internal Energy and True Qi condensed by these techniques, after coursing through the meridians and returning back to Dantian, would become a primal chaos like cluster.

Regardless of whichever technique cultivated, his overall True Qi increased somewhat, and when he used a specific technique, True Qi naturally gained all attributes of that technique.

Precisely because he’d such a strange and miraculous constitution, he’d been able to make breakthroughs in such short time periods and attain his current realm.

Previously, he still only had this property with respect to Internal Energy and True Qi. However, after going through the course of enlightenment, even the battle skills seemed to have gained a similar property.

He let out a gentle sigh as countless questions emerged in his mind.

He knew that, in the end, all of these changes were related to that day’s fortuitous encounter at the bottom of the lake. He simply couldn’t fathom what that ball of light actually was, to have such inconceivably miraculous abilities.


A loud sound came from ahead, ending He Yiming’s contemplation. As he astoundedly raised his head, his eyes suddenly constricted.

Before his eyes, that huge tree that had been slashed by the blade light, actually collapsed at this moment.

The middle of the tree was as smooth as silk. It was actually cut without the slightest bit of resistance.

As he was looking at the tree’s roots, somewhere along the line, a long but not too thick scar had emerged on the surface. The scar began at the roots of the tree and extended beyond in a straight line.

All the trees, plants, and flowers that this scar passed through were cut.

He Yiming’s face had a completely uncovered astonished expression. He’d eventually understood that his blade light’s might was actually powerful to such an extent.

Even a chop of Reclining Moon Blade containing all his might might not be comparable to this strike.

If he was subjected against this blade light barehanded, would he be able to preserve?

He blankly withdrew his vision and looked at the Reclining Moon Blade in his hands.

This gigantic and tyrannical weapon had actually become cute in his mind. However, he suddenly thought of another issue, ‘Is this Reclining Moon Blade truly a weapon made of ordinary iron?’

After a long time, he collected Reclining Moon Blade, wishing to once again enter the state of enlightenment on the mountain peak. However, he discovered that he couldn’t do so regardless of how he tried.

He let out a soft sigh, turned around, and decided to leave. In a brief time period of one day, he’d already been able to enter the state of enlightenment two times. This was absolutely an outstanding feat. If he still didn’t feel satisfied, he would be just like that snake that tries to swallow an elephant.

In Zheng Tong county, all the servants in the Fan family were extremely cautious, not daring to let out a single sound.

Because today, their master and Fan family’s leader, Fan Shui, looked unusually irritable and uneasy.

In the memory of the old servants, it had been several decades since the family leader had revealed such a behaviour. Therefore, everybody had realized that something big must have happened, moreover something that could give a headache to family leader.

The elder young master, Fan Vastsun, entered Fan Shui’s room in hurried steps and spoke with a grave face, “I’ve already looked everywhere, but there is no trace of the uncles.”

Fan Shui’s eyes flickered as he said, “Did they leave behind some letter?”

Fan Vastsun resolutely shook his head and said, “No. Son has personally checked their rooms. Not to mention a letter, there isn’t even a piece of paper.”

Fan Shui preserved silence, seeming as contemplating something.

After a few moments, Fan Vastsun said in a lowered voice, “Father, the two uncles wouldn’t have left without saying anything due that that day’s defeat, would they?”

“Humph,” Fan Shui coldly snorted and said, “I’ve been friends with Xiao brothers for several decades. How could I not know what kind of individuals they are? They will never abandon their friend on the brink of battle.”

Fan Vastsun retreated half a step, no longer daring to continue. He only said, “But father, it has already been a day since they disappeared. Moreover, there are no traces of any kind of struggle in their room….”

Although Fan Shui was quite fidgety inwardly, he couldn’t help but laugh, “Don’t let your imagination run wild. With your uncles’ ability, nobody could apprehend them without alarming them.”

Fan Vastsun recalled the image where they had joined hands and battled against He Quanxin, and inwardly approved these words.

Even a tenth layer expert wouldn’t be able to apprehend them if they joined hands, much less to speak of doing so without alerting anybody.

Fan Shui’s brows creased as he continuously schemed in his mind.

Suddenly, he felt that the air in his surroundings seemed to have turned somewhat strange. He suddenly turned around and paled with fright. Slightly exerting his feet, he leapt backwards as if bounced from a spring. The moment he performed this action, his arm had subconsciously stretched out, grabbing Fan Vastsun and pulling him behind his body.