Martial God - Book 2 - Fame Spreads - Chapter 42.1 - Comprehending Dao

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True Qi- only the True Qi which lied above the ordinary martial dao could bring such an instantaneous destruction and completely disregard the defense of the treasured armguards, directly attacking Xiao Yifan’s internal body.

However, by the time this powerful cultivator of Internal Energy was able to react, he no longer had the opportunity to inform his other two brothers.

The moment his body seemingly lost all its weight and hit the ground, Zhuang Yuan and Xiao Yilin had already thrown themselves at He Yiming.

Their movements instantaneously attained their limits. The ninth layer expert and the tenth layer expert immediately took out their ultimate moves and struck at He Yiming without holding back in the slightest.

Zhuang Yuan’s whole body seemed to be sparking faint, red-colored flames, indicating that his fire-type technique had been pushed to the extreme. The scorched air around his body carried an indistinct smell of sulphur, and even his clothes seemed as if they had begun to wither.

Even while confronting He Quanxin, he’d held himself back somewhat and hadn’t exerted his entire strength. However, at this moment, his mind screamed disaster. Although his opponent was merely an unremarkable youngster, under the pressure of the critical situation, the palm strike he unleashed was the most powerful move of his entire life.

Xiao Yilin didn’t have Zhuang Yuan’s strength, but his speed was even above that of the latter. The moment, He Yiming released Xiao Yifan’s arm, he’d already arrived behind He Yiming’s back. He waved his arm like lightning and struck at the vital section in the middle of He Yiming’s back.

The sleeves of his arm blew without wind and suddenly began to crack open. This was because he’d instantaneously poured all the Internal Energy he could concentrate into his golden armguards. After being amplified by the armguards, the Internal Energy could no longer be controlled by him, thereby tearing his sleeves and revealing two sparkling golden armguards.

As if a wolf howling, a swift sound of wind originated and directly entered He Yiming’s ears with a whoosh. As long as one had some success in Internal Energy cultivation, he could easily feel the power of this move. Even if a tenth layer were to take this hit on his back, he would suffer the consequences.

Confronting the combined attack of the two carrying all their might, He Yiming’s face still remained expressionless. At this moment, his consciousness was boundlessly elated, and his heart had no sentiment. His gaze on them was as if looking at an ant, devoid of emotion.

His two hands gently rose and palms moved in a bizzare arc, immediately pushing away Xiao Yilin’s arm. Following which, the other palm struck against Zhuang Yuan’s palm that brimmed with fire-type power.

There was no sound, but it caused the two individuals to feel an astonishment that couldn’t be described in words.

Their most powerful attacks, as if striking against a ball of cotton, made them feel as if they couldn’t vent out their power at all. The strength coming from He Yiming’s palms didn’t seem to be too powerful, but their strength was still not able to penetrate this cotton ball and injure him in the slightest.

Immediately afterward, He Yiming’s two arms danced in the air. His speed was not fast at all, seeming as if he was training by himself in an open field, and moreover, the technique he was training in was also the widely-spread Silk Palm.

However, this ordinary technique brought about an inconceivable might when used by him.

His palms pushed, pulled, rose up, or drew in- the indistinct movements they made seemed to carry a magical power, creating a firmly contained whirlpool several meters around his body.

Be it Zhuang Yuan, or Xiao Yilin, despite struggling with all their might, they were not able to free themselves from this whirlpool.

Their faces had turned extremely dark. As of now, they had obviously understood that this youngster’s strength was too unfathomable, and further knew that Xiao Yifan, who lay on the ground, was in a terrible condition. However, at this moment, they couldn’t even attend to themselves, how could they think of attending to others? They could only struggle with all their might to break free from this whirlpool and escape.

Although this was the first time He Yiming had used Silk Palm against a human enemy, the essence of Silk Palm was being reflected vividly on his hands. Especially that skill of controlling the space, as if sticking people with glue, was being exhibited thoroughly and vividly.

This moment, in Zhuang Yuan and Xiao Yilin’s eyes, He Yiming looked like a huge spider in the form of a human. Every palm he dished out spat out a spider thread, which was strongly glutinous and would coil around them.

Even using his Xiantian agility technique, Xiao Yilin increasingly felt that he would be unable to break free. If not for the terror of impending death, they would have gave up long ago.

Slowly, they resembled insects caught in a web, flapping their wings with all their might but unable to break free as the web increasingly tightened.

However, they had one hope. The might of He Yiming’s Silk Palm was not too strong. Apart from trapping them, it didn’t seem to be capable of causing them a substantive injury, and this perhaps was the only reason that propelled them to press on.

In reality, He Yiming was merely waving his palms casually. His attention was focused on the feet of the two individuals.

Especially Xiao Yilin. His footwork was still profound and unfathomable as ever. If not for He Yiming’s strength being too far above his, he would have probably long since escaped outside Silk Palm’s control range.

After hearing their conversation, He Yiming had already decided to kill them all. This feeling was so intense that it was simply irreversible.

However, after killing Xiao Yifan, he suddenly recalled the Xiantian agility technique that the two brothers had shown in the Yuan manor. Stemmed out of rain and clouds, this technique aroused his interest to the extreme.

This was the reason he used Silk Palm and contained the two individuals around his body as he slowly observed their movements and learned from the experience.

Experiencing for oneself as opposed to spectating from afar indeed were two vastly different feelings. Although sometimes being a spectator allowed one to observe the situation with more clarity, the former, however, allowed him to indulge himself inside.

In his perception, Xiao Yifan was not a person, but had changed into a cloud which was constantly undergoing bizarre transformations and was trapped within an incorporeal wall formed by his palms.

Nobody knew how long this feeling lasted before He Yiming suddenly discovered that his cloud had dispersed away, as if mist clearing under sunlight.

Alarmed, he was suddenly jolted out of that mystical realm.

His gaze flickered. Xiao Yilin had already fallen on the ground. His eyes were blank, and his entire body was soaked in sweat like water. Furthermore, in He Yiming’s perception, his muscles had turned soft, no longer resembling a set of powerful muscles of a cultivator and instead seeming as if that of a person who had been paralyzed for many years. His body was incessantly twitching and gasping, as if he could die at any moment.

An intense gasp, as if an old ox pulling a cart, came from He Yiming’s side. He turned his head and looked in that direction.

Zhuang Yuan was still rotating around his body but still had no chance to break free from the powerful development of his palms.

He Yiming’s every palm made him expend a huge amount of Internal Energy. This moment, he was already on the edge, seeming as if he could fall down at any time.

At this point, He Yiming eventually understood.

Although he hadn’t decided to kill them yet, due to the resentment he felt towards these two, he obviously hadn’t shown any mercy in his execution.