Martial God - Book 2 - Fame Spreads - Chapter 41.2

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He didn’t doubt their words. Because when they had been speaking about exterminating He family, their tone was completely indifferent. However, this indifferent tone made He Yiming feel a chill throughout entire body.

He’d not felt as such even when confronting a spirit beast or Ting Liferay.

Slowly, He Yiming’s expression changed, and his two clear eyes brimmed with ruthlessness.

He sucked in a deep breath. This time, he didn’t conceal at all and made a clear sound in the quietness of the night.

In the woods, the faces of the three simultaneously changed. Although they were not Xiantian cultivators, such a clear sound of breath intake at such a distance couldn’t go past their ears unnoticed.

As if a gust of wind, the three emerged before He Yiming, and moreover emerged from three different directions, partially surrounding him.

However, as their vision fell on He Yiming’s face, their expressions immediately turned quite comical.

They had thought that someone being able to get so close to them without being noticed must be a figure of the same level as He Quanxin.

Zhuang Yuan’s brows slightly creased as he asked in a heavy voice, “Youngster, who are you?”

Xiao Yifan’s expression flickered, “Elder senior brother, this person is He Quanxin’s nephew, saw him briefly during the meeting with Yuan family yesterday. Apparently, his cultivation is quite good.”

Killing intent flickered in Zhuang Yuan’s eyes as he said, “He family’s child, huh. Indeed, this youngster can slip past our eyes and ears; he is quite good.” He softly shook his head and spoke as if talking to himself, “Unfortunate, truly unfortunate.”

He Yiming’s gaze swept past them and ultimately fell on Xiao Yifan. He spoke in a lowered voice, “I’ve trouble understanding something. Senior Xiao, pease offer some advice.”

Previously Xiao Yifan didn’t wish to pay attention. However, for some reason, whenever he met eyes with He Yiming, he’d an ominous feeling.


Zhuang Yuan and Xiao Yilin’s faces flickered with astonishment. However, they immediately realized afterwards. This had to be Xiao Yifan having some fun with the prey since this kid was already doomed.

He Yiming lowered his gaze and calmly asked, “Our He family has no enmity with you people. Why would you wish to exterminate us?”

Xiao Yifan coarsely laughed and said, “Who said we can’t exterminate your family if we don’t have enmity?” His voice exuded an impression as if he couldn’t care less, “Not to mention you people have already meddled in Yuan family’s affairs, even if you hadn’t acted, we could still have exterminated you people since you are such an eyesore.”

He Yiming’s lips slightly trembled as his heart turned increasingly turned into ice.

Before today, he’d always believed that the coldest thing in this world was the winter’s cold. However, at this moment, he’d understood that there was a much more colder thing in this world.

Human heart; the unfathomable human heart.

When a human heart turns cold and detached, it is colder than the harsh winter’s cold by ten times…. hundred times.

Inexplicably, his insides seemed to have been pricked by something, causing him to feel pain.

He lifted his head; his tone somewhat strange, “Such a disregard for human life, could it be you people don’t fear the punishment of law at all?”

“Law?” Xiao Yifan’s face turned odd, as if he’d heard the world’s most funniest joke, “What is law? Law is something used to oppress the commoners. How could it be applied on our bodies?”

His laughter didn’t have a trace of over exaggeration or doubt, seeming as confident and composed as if he was stating a fact like sun rises from the east and sets in the west.

Eventually, He Yiming slowly nodded and said, “I understand. As long as I’m stronger than you and also strong to an extent that I can ignore the existence of laws, I can take your life if my heart desires so. Tell me, am I right?”

Xiao Xifan chuckled and said, “Kid, you’ve finally understood. But unfortunately, it’s already too late.”

Zhuang Yuan eventually turned somewhat impatient, “Second junior brother, haven’t you played enough? Hurry up, we still have to go back and welcome master.”

Xiao Yifan said, “I know, elder senior brother. However, he is indeed quite weird. Why would I waste so much time talking to a dying man today? This is completely different from the usual me.”

Shaking his head, he discarded this strange notion. Extending his arm out, he suddenly strode forward. Mysteriously covering the distance between the two, he arrived before He Yiming and casually waved his arm.

This was not due to him being too careless, but He Yiming’s age was indeed too small.

If it had been He Yitian instead, Xiao Yifan wouldn’t have been this careless. As a ninth layer expert, how could he take a sixteen or seventeen years old youngster seriously?

He Yiming extended his hand and placed it before his chest, as if intending to resist the arm that was coming for him at a lightning fast speed.

All three of them immediately lightly sneered. These were kind of cold and playful smiles. In their imagination, He Yiming would certainly be sent flying after being struck by this arm and even lose his life instantly.

However, their smiles suddenly vanished.

Xiao Yifan’s arm resolutely smashed into He Yiming’s palm. However, his body didn’t fly away. In fact, it didn’t even budge.

His body still stood at the original position, as steady as Mount Tai.

His expression didn’t undergo the slightest bit of change. His eyes only had a calmness, devoid of human emotion.

As if a stone sinking into the sea, the powerful force didn’t manage to get a trace of response.

Indescribably, Xiao Yifan suddenly felt his heart being clutched as if a hand was pulling at his heart, and it caused him to instantly lose his breath.

With his ninth layer Internal Energy and the amplification ability of his armguards, even He Quanxin, a tenth layer expert, hadn’t dared to show such disregard during yesterday’s battle.

Even though He Quanxin hadn’t been pushed back yesterday during the exchange of arm and fist, his body still staggered.

However, the youngster before him at this moment, seemed like a huge mountain, which his Internal Energy couldn’t affect in the slightest.

Zhuang Yuan and Xiao Yilin’s expressions instantly strictened. Their tranquil breathing instantly turned hurried and the calm Internal Energy inside their bodies also instantly surged and rummaged like billowing waves.

However, they were still somewhat hesitating. Because in their minds, they simply couldn’t convince themselves that this youngster could actually be powerful to such a frightening extent.

He Yiming’s opened palm, under the watchful gazes of everybody, strictly tightened around Xiao Yifan’s arm, grasping that mystical golden armguard.

Xiao Yifan desperately tried to break free, but he suddenly discover, regardless of how much power he’d exerted, the counterpart’s palm had yet to even budge. As if inside his palms was not an arm, but an ant.

At this moment, Xiao Yifan’s suddenly had a feeling that before He Yiming, he was just like an ant, an ant that could be crushed at anytime.

His eyes wide opened as he saw He Yiming’s eyes, seeming as if he’d seen something appalling like demons and gods.

He was not experiencing this feeling for the first time. He also felt the same before his teacher. However, his master was a powerful cultivator of Xiantian realm.

Suddenly, a frightening and inconceivable thought emerged in his mind, and his face immediately lost all color.

Alarmed, he opened his mouth wide, wishing to announce his discovery. But he suddenly discovered a powerful energy invading his body from his armguards, rendering his body to instantly lose all its strength.

Similarly, he was not unfamiliar with this energy either. Before such a power, not to mention him, even his senior brother, Zhuang Yuan, who had attained the tenth layer, was as insignificant as an ant.

Out of the corner of his eyes, he could see two familiar figures. These two figures were not escaping, but approaching him, charging towards the youngster.

He wished to shout, wished to tell them to flee, flee as far as possible even though he already knew in his mind that the two of them probably wouldn’t even be able to escape.

However, ultimately, from his mouth came out a voice similar to “hu hu”, which even he himself couldn’t discern clearly and even made him skeptical whether he’d actually said anything or not.

However, even more frightening was the fact that even this vague voice seemed to be going far away from him.

The pressure on his arm suddenly disappeared, and his body slowly fell on the ground. In the final moment, he still saw a pair of calm eyes devoid of any expression- two bright eyes that seemed to be above the mortal world….