Martial God - Book 2 - Fame Spreads - Chapter 4 - Hidden Needle Imprint

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After entering his room, He Yiming closed the door.

He’d randomly found an excuse to escape from the questioning of his father and other elders. Although he knew that they might not have been convinced of his words, he also knew that as long as the matter concerned his martial dao, nobody in the He manor would create difficulties for him.

He could see this point becoming increasingly clearer along with the growth of his strength.

As he looked at the small wooden peg on the door, he had a faint feeling that if he didn’t open the door tomorrow morning, nobody would come his way to urge him, and his eldest brother and sister-in-law would just leave for He manor amidst sounds of drums and gongs.

Moreover, his father or third uncle would also leave behind a caretaker for him that would stand by for as long as he took to leave.

This was the result of his performance in the martial duels. It had promoted his position in the clan to unprecedented heights.

He faintly shook his head. The distance between him and his family members seemed to be growing increasingly larger. Not only did get this feeling from his siblings, even his elders were the same.

This transformation had not occurred overnight, but had been going on for the past two years. However, when he substantially felt it, it had already gone past redemption.

He let out a sigh. He had long since known that after receiving that strange fortune in the lake, he was definitely going to change. However, he never expected that this change would alienate him from his own family so soon.

After feeling emotional for a while, He Yiming moderated his state of mind and turned his thoughts towards the two imprints from today’s exchange.

Prostrate Imprint, and Rain Cloud Imprint.

After experiencing the might of these two imprint techniques, He Yiming felt certain that both of these imprints belonged to a kind of Xiantian techniques.

However, this kind seemed a bit different than normal Xiantian techniques. Use of these techniques held no requirement for a certain attribute. In other words, regardless of whichever primary technique one cultivated, he would be able to bring out the might of these two Xiantian techniques.

Of course, the might corresponding to different attributes would differ to some extent.

However, studying and experimenting all of this was precisely He Yiming’s future plan.

His eyes faintly closed as he replayed everything that transpired in the arena.

Everything since the moment Xu Right and Lin Taoli started their battle started to play in He Yiming’s mind. Although some details were inevitably missed, those concerning Prostrate Imprint remained as fresh as new in his memories.

After entering that mystical realm last time, he’d discovered that his memory had improved a lot. Although he wouldn’t dare claim that he could remember everything that his vision fell upon, he could say with full certainty that his memory was currently multiple folds better than before.

Only because his memory was so good could he stealthily study the two imprints of Lin Taoli.

Scenes flickered in He Yiming’s mind. Although Xu Right’s Blaze technique was no trifling matter and it also provided He Yiming a platform which he could use to compare his experiences with, his main interest lied much more in the Prostrate Imprint.

Subsequently, He Yiming recalled his exchange with Lin Taoli.

In the room, he’d unwittingly stood up- both hands wrapped in a bizarre shape. This intricate imprint didn’t conform to a rigid shape but was governed by a strange movement rule. At the same time, it also required the corresponding Internal Energy circulation. Both of these components were essential, and one would be useless without the other.

Other than He Yiming, people would have found remembering so many details impossible. He Yiming was indeed different. He’d not only remembered all the movements pertaining to the hands, after colliding with this imprint several times, he’d even understood the Internal Energy transformations occurring within down to seventy percent.

Although his understanding was not a perfect one and it had some gaps, he’d started to experiment on this imprint with four distinct types of Internal Energy. As long as he managed to fill one of these gaps, he could use his own understanding to fill the rest.

In this manner, after contemplation and countless experiments, a new, modified Prostrate Imprint emerged.

Perhaps this Prostrate Imprint was imperfect, different from the original, and even its might was unpredictable, but He Yiming’s heart at this moment brimmed with elation and pride.

Although this imprint technique’s framework had been stolen from Lin Taoli and was then organized by him taking bits and pieces from here and there, in any case, this imprint qualified to be his own original technique.

The number of techniques inside He manor was indeed quite big. Although the might of these techniques differed, they shared one common trait. The creator of each technique had devoted his life and blood in the creation of its scripture.

The absolute majority of cultivators, in their whole lives, only cultivated techniques that were passed onto them by their seniors.

Only an exceedingly small minority of geniuses could absorb ideas of different schools and produce an innovative Internal Energy technique or battle skill.

Moreover, not all of these innovations spread through generations. Only a few truly useful techniques could stand up to the tests and trial of years. Those which couldn’t complement their gaps and deficiencies, or perhaps lacked practicality, disappear in the time’s eternal river.

In short, those who could create pragmatic techniques were geniuses among the cultivators in true sense.

He Yiming didn’t know whether the technique he’d created would be passed on to the future generations or not, but being able to create his own technique at this age- this was perhaps unprecedented throughout the history.

If father and grandfather knew…..I’m afraid…

I’m afraid not only would they not be convinced, they would even think that I’ve gone astray.

As soon as he thought up to here, he even felt the corner of his eyes hot due to excitement.

With a deep breath, He Yiming stretched out his hands and eventually formed a complex seal. This seal was subtly different than that of the normal Prostate Imprint.

The reason was that He Yiming felt that only this could allow his Internal Energy to flow unobstructed. He Yiming, who had not understood the Internal Energy circulation behind the Prostrate Imprint to its core, hadn’t hesitated to apply modifications that suited his characteristics. As such, change in the outer appearance of the imprint was only natural.

If Lin Taoli were to see He Yiming’s hand seal, he would, at most, only feel some familiarity with it. He wouldn’t associate it with the imprint technique of his clan at all.

Moreover, if he were to know that He Yiming had actually modified the secret art of his clan at his will, he would immediately turn his tail and escape far away, much less to speak of showing interest in recruiting the latter.

Indeed. Except He Yiming, if a tenth layer cultivator had tried to modify a Xiantian technique, he would have gone astray and turn insane before dying, much less to speak of excitedly testing out new techniques.

This was what they say ‘Who doesn’t know is not guilty’. Since He Yiming was not aware of dangers that accompanied the process of altering a technique, he could fearlessly apply such modifications. If he’d been aware of these dangers, even if he’d three times more his guts, he wouldn’t have acted so recklessly and wishful.

His two hands swiveled like flowing water as the seal constantly changed.

After a few moments, a bizarre energy slowly rippled in his surroundings. However, this energy vastly differed from the steady, Mt. Tai like feeling that Prostrate Imprint emanated.

Although this imprint could barely still be qualified as a defensive one, it also offered a strong offensive potential.

Like a needle concealed in silk floss.

As he continued to employ this imprint, this feeling became increasingly dense. Moreover, the concealed needle seemed to be carrying a strand of scorching fire type energy. Even Lin family had never seen such a strange version of Prostrate Imprint.

Slowly, his two hands parted as he contemplated over this imprint which had neither fish nor fowl of its kind. Eventually he decided to bestow this imprint a new name.

Hidden Needle Imprint.

Needle Concealed In Silk Floss.

He could tell that the defensive capabilities of this imprint lied nowhere near the original one. However, at the same time, this imprint was like a fire needle enveloped in cotton on the outside.

If used on somebody, the opponent would be caught off guard and pay a bitter price. From this perspective, this imprint was a notch above the original one.

However, this technique had a major shortcoming. If the opponent’s attack outstripped imprint’s limits, not only this imprint would fail to defend, it would even make the user lose the opportunity to counterattack- adding salt on injury.

This imprint was kind of extreme; hard to say whether it was good or bad.

Of course, all this was merely He Yiming’s conjectures. It had not gone past real combat experiences. To decide whether he wants this imprint or not, he still needed time to verify his predictions.

After setting aside this technique, he raised his head and saw that the color of sky had already started to brighten.

However, the courtyard which was extremely lively and full of activity yesterday was quiet today. Although he could hear faint voices of many people, all of these were extremely cautious and prudent- seemingly afraid to disturbing someone.

He Yiming let out a sigh. It was indeed as he’d guessed. Apparently, in his elders’ minds, his cultivation was more important than even his eldest brother’s marriage.

Faintly shaking his head, He Yiming moderated his thoughts, then pushed the door open and walked out.

After a short while, the sounds of gongs and drums reverberated throughout the courtyard.

A group of people majestically left the town, heading to the He manor.