Martial God - Book 2 - Fame Spreads - Chapter 37.2

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However, after a prolonged heating, the temperature eventually attained the required standard, and the Magnetic Steel Source in the stone bed began to slowly melt.

When all the Magnetic Steel Source had been converted into liquid paste, He Yiming took out the other two sections of the chopper and placed them inside.

After a few moments, this liquid began to slowly seep inside the steel rods, resulting in their gradual color change.

It took one full hour for the liquid to completely disappear. He Yiming didn’t dare delay and immediately extinguished the surrounding charcoal. Fortunately, it was winter. If it had been summer, He Yiming wouldn’t have dared to start such a big fire in the forest even though he had such a big stone bed.

Taking out the two sections, he placed them amidst the snow that was stacked on the mountains. Not too long after, the two scalding steel rods had cooled off.

He Yiming rejoiced in his mind. Fortunately, Magnetic Steel Source’s melting point was quite low. Otherwise, in his present condition, he had no chance of accomplishing this feat.

As his vision fell on the stone bed that had become quite queer, he suddenly began to feel interested regarding weapon forging.

Before trying, one would never be able to know the challenges of a particular task. However, after trying his hand and learning the difficulties it presented, He Yiming’s interest had been thoroughly aroused.

He decided in his mind that if he’d an opportunity, he might as well learn a bit from the county’s blacksmiths. Then he would be able to forge his own weapon in the future.

Reclining Moon Blade was indeed quite good, but precisely as Yuan Earnest said, with the combination of his current strength and True Qi, this three-hundred and sixty jin heavy weapon had already begun to feel light.

[Power Secrets]- after He Yiming stepped into the Xiantian realm and began to continuously absorb the True Qi from external world, this earth-type, primary Houtian cultivation technique had begun to undergo a slow and subtle transformation, allowing his strength to slightly improve everyday, as if it would continue to increase forever.

Of course, He Yiming understood that this increase must have a limit, and this limit was merely too distant for the current him.

However, even so, with the increase in his strength, whenever he waved the Reclining Moon Blade, it felt a bit too light.

If other Xiantian cultivators knew his circumstances, they would certainly be left speechless.

Although Houtian realm’s Internal Energy techniques were powerful, after a cultivator attained the Xiantian realm, they were basically the same as chicken ribs. Furthermore, to bring out the effect of the Xiantian realm in the techniques of Houtian realm through painstaking cultivation as He Yiming had done- this accomplishment was simply one of its kind.

A strand of True Qi gently entered the two steel rods. Gradually, the two rods revealed a dim, red-colored glow.

This was the result of True Qi being spread outwards after Blaze technique had been employed to the extreme. Of course, under He Yiming’s control, this light on the rod was not long, but condensed to the extreme.

Holding both the rods in either hands, he casually gave them a few waves, which left behind a series of deep marks on the ground. Especially the snow, which gradually melted away as if it had been exposed to the scorching sun for a whole day.

He Yiming retracted the two rods in satisfaction. The tip of his foot slightly jumped, and the first section of the chopper immediately flew in the air. He Yiming’s wrists slightly twisted, and the two rods immediately combined together stretching towards the sky. The other end of the steel rod perfectly took the dropping blade section within.

Just in this manner, as the True Qi operated and an exceedingly crisp sound of gears fitting echoed, almost a four meter long Reclining Moon Blade had miraculously combined in his hands.

Even if He Wude, who had wielded this weapon for several decades, were to see his current actions, he would only have admiration for the latter and would be glad that he he’d not selected a wrong candidate for this weapon.

Assembling the Reclining Moon Blade in such a juggling manner clearly demonstrated that He Yiming’s understanding of this weapon had reached a frightening degree. If this had not been the case, he couldn’t have accomplished this feat.

Holding the end of the sword in one hand- neither too hard nor too soft- He Yiming raised it up above his head.

His eyes gleamed with an excitement that was hard to conceal. After refining the blade, he’d always been troubled by the issue of the remaining two sections. He’d originally thought that he wouldn’t be able to find sufficient Magnetic Steel Source even in ten years, little did he know that this issue would solve itself in such a short duration.

This moment, holding the assembled Reclining Moon Blade high in the air, He Yiming was filled with an intense confidence that allowed him to look down on the world.

His legs faintly bent down, and his eyes completely opened as he his thunderous roar echoed.

Following which, the blade in his hands resolutely chopped down.

This was not his ultimate move- [Splitting Mountain Thirty-Six Forms], but merely a casual strike. With a grandeur like that of a tsunami and landslide, and raising a burst of fierce gale along with it, the blade struck at the snow-covered surface.

However, the moment it was about to touch the surface, all of its grandeur seemed to have disappeared completely.

Three hundred and sixty jin heavy weapon currently seemed to have become like a thin paper. The tip of the blade lightly touched the ground, not raising a single snowflake.

He Yiming leapt up, scurrying about on the snow-covered surface like a leopard while the sword in his hands seemed gentle, as if it was the palm’s lover, without a bit of ferocity.

Silk Palm- water type battle skill, Silk Palm.

The technique He Yiming had currently employed was the evolved form of Silk Palm.

Around his body, a soft whirlpool gradually and effortlessly spread out. Snowflakes began to rise from the surface and float about, also pulling the leaves, broken stone fragments and other things buried in the snow inside the whirlpool. As if a mystical force was being emitted with He Yiming at its core, all these objects had been pulled in and were fluttering in the air about his body.

He Yiming’s movements became increasingly quick, but even so, they never fell into disorder. Furthermore, along with the quickening of his movements, the objects in the whirlpool also circled quicker.

Eventually, when He Yiming’s True Qi attained its extreme, his figure suddenly halted in the same way as a machine rotating at a high speed suddenly stops.

In the air, the snowflakes, stones, and the other things, after a momentary pause, also immediately erupted outwards in all directions in the absence of anything to account for this drastic change.

For an instant, snowflakes and stones that had been revolving around He Yiming filled the sky and rained down.

However, there seemed to be an invisible force around He Yiming’s body that appeared to be deflecting everything.

His legs opened up like the character 八. His both hands firmly grasped the blade- one at the level of his eyebrows and other above his head, lifting the chopper high above in the air.

Powerful True Qi unceasingly circulated inside his body. First Primordial Energy, followed by Ripple technique, Withered Tree technique, Blaze technique, Power Secrets, and finally again returning to Primordial Energy.

Five-phase True Qi circulated in the order of engendering each other, growing stronger after switching every time. At the same time, the blade radiance overhead also increased in accordance, and the aura on his body further intensified like a fire with oil being poured down on it.

When the True Qi made a complete circulation, a tremendous might that couldn’t be described in words filled his body. Even his Xiantian body was somewhat incapable of sustaining this might.

A strand of dim, golden radiance slowly began to extend, growing more than half a meter before eventually stopping. The dim golden color began to intensify, seeming as if the blade radiance had gained a solid body- so dazzling that it could make one’s heart palpitate.

Suddenly, He Yiming’s body faintly shivered, and the raised chopper slashed down like lightning.

[Splitting Mountain Thirty-Six Forms], tenth form.

A simple and completely lackluster strike chopped straight down.

A tremendous amount of True Qi instantaneously concentrated together and rushed out like meteor streaking across the sky.


A sharp wind-cleaving sound suddenly erupted. A several hundred year old tree before him suddenly exploded apart, and a huge blade imprint abruptly came into existence and wiped everything clean in a straight line.

Whizzing sounds unceasingly echoed, and torrents of snow rose from the ground and rained down- hundred folds more frightening than the explosion that occurred a short while ago.

After a while, when everything had settled down, He Yiming lifted his head. Even he himself found his mind alarmed and skin crawling.

Before him, a thirty meter long and five meter wide blank space emerged.

Along this line, anything and everything had been turned into nothingness.

Even the surface had several in-erasable scars. A deep and long scar extended from underneath his feet to beyond, as if it had gone through a selective explosion, enough to terrify one to the bones.

He Yiming sucked in a deep breath, feeling overwhelmed and tongue-tied.

He’d eventually succeeded.

That one blade strike of the former days had eventually reappeared in his hands…..