Martial God - Book 2 - Fame Spreads - Chapter 37.1 - Reappearance

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Update : The name of He Yiming’s weapon has been changed to “Reclining Moon Blade”. This weapon has quite a history in China which I only recently discovered. Click this LINK to see the picture of his sword. If you’re intrested more in this, check out this POST I made on patreon.


The successive layers of mountain peaks shrouded amidst clouds and mist exuded an enigmatic feeling.

Gold Forest country was a part of Northwestern countries. Zheng Tong county town leaned towards further west, and the area outside the city was an expanse of tall mountains.

He Yiming, who had already observed this terrain earlier, immediately rushed to the mountains after lifting the jadestone bed.

The True Qi unceasingly circulated inside his body, and the wonders of [Power Secrets] were being exhibited to the extreme. Every time his feet touched the ground, he’d a feeling as if he was connected to the entirety of the land and could easily replenish the consumed True Qi inside his body at any time by absorbing energies from the land.

The peak level Houtian cultivators, especially those who had already attained the peak of Internal Energy, could also attempt to lift such a several thousand jin heavy Jadestone bed. They would barely be able to force it.

However, to lift it and travel in such quick strides like He Yiming, that would be simply too hard for them.

Yuan Earnest and other Yuan family members had not been able to comprehend how He Yiming could have possibly accomplished this feat. Therefore, they could only account it on the basis of his innate divine strength.

However, He Quanxin and He Yitian’s relationship with He Yiming was anything but ordinary. In their memory, He Yiming was never an individual with extraordinary innate strength. Therefore, they felt amazed and puzzled. However, regardless of whatever their skepticism be, they couldn’t imagine that He Yiming had already stepped into the Xiantian realm.

In truth, if He Yiming had not stepped into the Xiantian realm, he couldn’t have accomplished this feat to the current degree.

Xiantian realm, particularly the earth-type [Power Secrets] operating inside his body, allowed him to feel a mysterious connection with the land underneath his feet- as if the True Qi inside his body was and unceasing inexhaustible.

Yuan family’s Manor in itself was situated in the outskirts of the county town. It was originally chosen to be constructed at a defensive terrain with high mountains at its back. Therefore, although He Yiming running with a gigantic bed could have shocked the entire universe, he didn’t encounter many people by the time he entered the mountain forest.

However, the servants that saw him shattering two walls at the time of leaving the manor were left appalled and terrified.

As he entered deep inside the mountains, the number of available pathways to him gradually decreased. Especially while carrying such a gigantic bed, it was even more difficult to find a region through which one could smoothly travel.

However, for He Yiming, it didn’t cause any disturbance at all.

He continued to travel into the mountain forest in large strides. Although he wasn’t walking on an even road, by moving left-right, back-forth, he was able to keep the bed in his hands away from the gargantuan trees.

Fortunately, he seemed to have eyes above his head, allowing him to take all of his surroundings into his vision and take every step precisely.

He Yiming’s insides surged as a silent smile appeared on his face.

So it turned out that after employing his True Qi to such degrees, his connection with the external world would also be greatly strengthened, even inducing a bizarre feeling in him that the entire world was in the palm of his hand.

It seemed everything, even that which he hadn’t seen yet, could appear in form of a complete picture in his brain, thereby allowing him to make precise judgements in advance.

Before today, although he’d experienced a similar perception, compared to the current one, the difference was too vast.

It was evident that the words- pressure propels one to move forward, are not false in the least. Had he not been running in the forest while holding a huge bed, he could never have accomplished this feat.

Eventually, He Yiming arrived in a region with relatively even surface. He swept his vision around, feeling quite satisfied with this region’s terrain.

He lightly threw the bed on the ground.

His ingenuity of using Energy had already attained an inconceivable degree. Although it seemed as if he’d thrown the bed, when this big fellow dropped on the ground, it stood steady and firm, not issuing any sign of toppling.

Throwing a glance at the stone bed, He Yiming turned around and left. Without the burden of the bed implicating him this time, his speed quickened even further. Almost in a few moments, he had already arrived inside the Yuan manor.

Upon returning to the manor, he discovered that people were engaged in spirited discussions, and when they saw him, almost all of them revealed alarmed expressions.

If it had been an ordinary youngster, there obviously would have been nothing to fear. However, this youngster actually lifted a several thousand jin heavy object and rushed out as fast as a horse. This was too abnormal.

Merely in this brief interval, some people had even started to rumor him as the devil’s reincarnation.

How strong was He Yiming’s hearing power? He was thoroughly speechless over these suspicions. Fortunately, these rumors originated from some commoners who had no understanding of worldly affairs. Those who cultivated Internal Energy obviously disdained to even consider their words.

In any case, these people had somewhat of a fanatic veneration regarding the strength He Yiming had displayed.

He Yiming touched his hair. He could never have imagined that a mere act of lifting a bed made of Jadestone could give rise to such a commotion. He lightly sighed and proceeded onto finding Yuan Earnest, then requested him some fuel that could offer a high temperature.

As of now, in Yuan Earnest’s eyes, He Yiming’s status had already risen like a rocket going straight up in the sky.

He’d already regarded him as quite powerful before, but he could never have imagined that he was strong to this extent.

Even without considering anything else, merely a strength that could lift such a Jadestone bed and further run with it was already sufficient to make him feel ashamed about himself. Therefore, when He Yiming requested fuel, he immediately agreed without even giving it a thought, and furthermore, took out the best quality charcoal.

He Yiming made three round trips, moving charcoal worth more than a thousand jins, before eventually stopping.

With the fuel ready, He Yiming took out the Reclining Moon blade’s first section and imbued it with True Qi. The edge of the blade immediately emitted a several inch long blade light.

Under He Yiming’s control, this blade light deeply penetrated the stone bed.

Previously, when the craftsmen had carved the furnace, He Yiming had also witnessed the process. Although he didn’t possess a craftsman’s skill, if a Xiantian cultivator wished to carve out a stone, it would be much quicker than craftsmen.

Under the prerequisite of not attaching much importance to the external appearance, digging out a big hole inside a rock was not a complicated task.

Quickly and efficiently, in a short interval of one hour, He Yiming had already produced a simple stone furnace.

However, the difference compared to Xie family’s exquisite furnace was that this furnace was not complete. It didn’t even have a lid for covering its surface. The only praiseworthy point it had was that it was quite big- at least twice the size of Xie family’s furnace.

After accomplishing these tasks, He Yiming eventually let out a sigh. Looking at the stone furnace before that didn’t resemble one from any angle, he was quite ashamed inwardly. The so-called ‘professionalism’ was indeed not false. Compared to the craftsmen who indulged in carving stones for their entire lives, his strength was his only advantage.

The stone furnace had a two meter long and about half a meter wide and deep cavity. He Yiming took out the Magnetic Steel Source and placed it inside the furnace. He then gradually burned the charcoal.

When he’d previously witnessed the members of Xie family performing this task, it seemed extremely easy and effortless. However, now as he was performing this task by himself, he understood that it was not that easy at all.

The melting temperature of Magnetic Steel Furnace was far lower compared to that of ordinary iron ores. In the hands of a skilled blacksmith, it could be easily be melted. However, in the hands of He Yiming, the process seemed to have become somewhat messed up. This was because the size of this stone bed was too big, and He Yiming’s lack of experience was also a big problem. The stacks of firewood were evidently disarrayed and were being wasted.