Martial God - Book 2 - Fame Spreads - Chapter 36.2

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Currently, his body was in a terrible shape. The hair on his head was curled all around and his face looked unsightly to the extreme, seeming as if he could fall at any moment.

Seeing him in such a terrible shape, the two leaders were obviously quite startled. Especially Guan Qing, since he knew where he’d come from. His expression changed as he sternly asked, “What happened? What about boss Liao?”

That man’s voice carried a hint of weeping as he said, “Leader, boss Liao died.”

Guan Qing’s face twitched but the expression in his eyes instead calmed down, “What happened? Tell me in detail.”

That man made a sound of agreement and immediately gave a quick account of his journey. He specifically mentioned the treasured horse that He Yiming was riding, saying that if not for this horse, they wouldn’t have acted.

After hearing, Guan Qing’s face darkened, “Four people….just four people wiped out all of you?”

“Leader, actually only two of them acted, “ That man ashamedly said, “But those two were too terrible, even leader Liao fell prey to their plot.”

Boss Liao was crushed alive under a long cloth sack. Such an incident was too incomprehensible. Even though he had personally witnessed, he was not too clear on the reason. Without any better options, he had to say that boss Liao was plotted against, and hence, died a mysterious death.

Guo Shaofeng’s brows twitched up as he said, “Do you know who those four were?”

That man docilely said, “After coming out of the river, I immediately followed their trail. Later, when they made a stop at an inn, I inspected the horses they were riding. Apart from that treasured horse, all the other horses had imprints of Tai Cang county’s He family.”

“Tai Cang county’s He family….” Guan Qing couldn’t help but erupt with anger. He suddenly stood up. The wind that followed made the burning flame in the tent flicker, seeming as if on the verge of blowing out.

“Tai Cang… it’s Tai Cang again.” Guan Qing furiously paced about in the tent. After a while, he eventually made his decision and said, “Come on, prepare the horses. I will personally make a trip to Fierce Tigers and Wolf Fangs.”

Guo Shaofeng started, then said, “Senior brother, you mean?”

“The Red Cloth bandits that the two of us established has rampaged unbridled in the Atai county for entirely twenty years. My own brother died due to Tai Cang county, and now even boss Liao has died due to Tai Cang county. If we still continue to endure, our reputation is bound to take a big fall. How could we show our faces outside?” Guan Qing gnashed his teeth and said, “I will invite Fierce Tigers’ Xu Hanbai and Wolf Fangs’ Zhong Wei and make a trip to Azure Sea together. If those husband and wife agreed to join us, that will be the end of it. However, if they don’t, hehe….we four will first take care of them.”

Guo Shaofeng heavily nodded and said, “Since senior brother has decided, junior brother will be sure to follow.”

His eyes brightened. Being on the verge of fighting and killing, to him, seemed to have filled him with boundless anticipation.

Two neither big nor small hands were gently caressing a stone bed, as if one would caress his beloved, constituting an exceedingly strange sight.

After a few moments, He Yiming sighed in disappointment and stood up.

“Sixth brother, what do you actually want?” He Yitian finally couldn’t endure anymore and asked.

He Yiming briefly chuckled and said, “Elder brother, I am searching for some material.”

He Yitian asked in a strange manner, “What kind of material are you trying to find? Could it be some kind of stone?”

“Correct, I want some Jadestone.” He Yiming unhesitatingly said.

“What do you want to do with Jadestone?” He Quanxin also eventually couldn’t help but ask.

Upon returning, He Yiming directly found He Quanxin and Yuan Earnest who was always beside the latter.

He Yiming’s request was extremely strange. He wished to look for a satisfactory bed in the Yuan family.

The current He Yiming’s status in the clan had already outstripped that of He Quanxin. Although He Quanxin and others didn’t know that he’d already stepped into the Xiantian realm, a sixteen-year-old, tenth-layer expert was already enough for them to see the potential of He Yiming’s future strength.

Similarly, Yuan Earnest, who had travelled together with them, was although incapable of probing He Yiming’s depth, from the attitudes of the father and son towards He Yiming, he’d clearly seen a few issues.

As such, upon hearing He Yiming’s strange request, he unhesitatingly agreed. Furthermore, he even personally accompanied him to visit all the bedrooms of the family and allow him make his selection.

If this request had been made by He Yitian, He Quanxin would have certainly declined and even reprimanded him for it immediately. However, with He Yiming, He Quanxin opted to keep his mouth shut.

After they had entered ten bedrooms, they all understood the situation.

The request He Yiming had raised was not for an ordinary bed. If the bed was made of wood planks or iron planks, he would immediately exit the room after a mere glance. However, if the planks were made of stone, he would carefully feel it once but would ultimately leave in disappointment.

It was only at this moment, when He Yitian inquired, did He Yiming state his actual objective.

Yuan Earnest bitterly laughed. Although he was somewhat complaining inwardly, his face was grinning from ear to ear, “Nephew Yiming, if you wished for a bed made of Jadestone, you should have said so earlier. It’s just that this kind of bed….”

He Yiming’s brows slightly creased as he said, “Is it inconvenient in some way?”

Yuan Earnest bitterly laughed and said, “A bed made from such a stone is too coarse and has always been used by the lowly servants in the mansion as their bed.”

He Yiming eventually understood the actual reason.

In Heaven Sieve country and Fire Crow country, although Jadestone was not considered as a particularly expensive material, due to its properties, rich and powerful families would often make a few bed out of it. During winter’s cold, lying on such a bed felt quite warm and comfortable.

However, the rich and powerful families of Gold Forest didn’t acknowledge such pleasure.

In their eyes, Jadestone was a lowly material, and thus, was only fit to be used by servants.

In winter, to save firewood, letting servants sleep on a big bunk made of jadestone was undoubtedly the best option.

This was a different custom of a different region. As clever as He Yiming was, he’d no way of knowing it.

However, since he’d found the place he was looking for, He Yiming would naturally not be courteous.

Under the lead of Yuan Earnest, they arrived in the residential area of the servants. As soon as He Yiming saw the bunk, his eyes immediately brightened.

Surprisingly this bunk was made of one big chunk of jadestone. Merely its width was two meters and the length had further attained ten meter. One could squeeze twelve people on it with ease.

“Uncle Yuan, making a bed out of such a piece of Jadestone like this…isn’t it a bit too wasteful?”

“Wasteful? That couldn’t be.” Yuan Earnest smilingly said, ”Nephew Yiming, you may not know but our Gold Forest’s Zheng Tong county is one of the biggest producers of Jadestone in the northwest. Such a big chunk of Jadestone might be rare in other areas, but here at our place, they could be seen everywhere. They are not considered as something precious at all.”

He Yiming suddenly nodded and said, “In that case, uncle Yuan, gift this stone bed to me.”

“Sure, you can take it with you.” Yuan Earnest immediately agreed but hesitated immediately afterward, “Nephew Yiming, this is the residential area of servants. You don’t fit to be here. However, to move this thing to your residence….this…”

With this bunk’s width and length, there wouldn’t be many bedrooms that could fit it in.

He Yiming faintly smiled and said, “Uncle Yuan, I don’t need this bed to sleep on at all.”

Yuan Earnest stared blankly before saying, “Then what does nephew wish to use it for?”

He Yiming mysteriously smiled and said, “Since uncle Yuan has already gifted me this thing, I can do whatever I please with it.”

Hearing He Yiming ignoring his question didn’t anger Yuan Earnest at all. On the contrary, he gently chuckled and said, “That is naturally true. This thing is already nephew’s.”

There were at least ten servants that slept on this bunk. However, as far as Yuan Earnest was concerned, finding a new place for them was no trouble at all. As long as He Yiming could be satisfied, everything was fine.

After a few moments, under the orders of Yuan Earnest, all the things on the bed had been removed.

He Yiming faintly nodded at everybody and arrived at one of the bed’s corners. Crouching down, he seemed to be feeling something under the bed.

Eventually, his eyes suddenly snapped open as a soft shout escaped his mouth, “Up!”

Following this word, the entire bunk was lifted up high in the air by him.

Including He Quanxin, everybody was tongue-tied as they watched the scene before their eyes, even doubting their own eyes.

“Uncle Yuan, I am taking away this thing. Thank you very much….”

A loud explosion echoed as the bunk lifted up in the hands of Yiming collided with the wall. His two legs moved like a rolling wheel, instantaneously disappearing from everybody’s line of sight.

Among the various kinds of stones, Jadestone was considered to be a light type of stone.

However, such a gigantic plank would be at least several thousand jin heavy. Even He Quanxin wouldn’t dare claim that he could lift such a object and further leave at a flying speed.

After quite a while, Yuan Earnest eventually turned his head back. With eyes filled with admiration, he said, “Brother He, I’ve finally understood.”

“What?” He Quanxin seemed as if he’d just awakened from a dream.

“I’ve eventually understood why uncle He would pass down the chopper blade to nephew Yiming.” He deeply sighed before continuing, “I’ve previously heard my father say that uncle He has innate divine strength. I had never believed it. However, now I know that this world does truly have such exceptionally powerful men. I even wonder if this blade is too light for nephew Yiming…”

He Quanxin: “…..”

He Yitian: “…..”