Martial God - Book 2 - Fame Spreads - Chapter 34.1 - Gold Thief

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Hen Tong county town was a bustling city. Although it wasn’t as big as Fire Crow country’s Downwind city and it didn’t have a majestic city wall either, compared to Tai Cang county’s county town, it was uncountable folds more prosperous.

Since the night of the banquet, after the Yuan brothers completely ripped each other’s face apart, the relationship between their sides also dropped to the freezing point.

Yuan Zeyu didn’t hesitate in the slightest before ordering the banishment of the branch family from the Yuan family and regained the authority of the shops in the city as well.

At first, he believed that under these circumstances, Fan family would immediately act for Yuan Zewei. However, he hadn’t expected Fan family to not even budge for five days straight despite Yuan Zewei’s side leaving the manor and their whereabouts completely unknown.

This strange event instead made Yuan Zeyu overly suspicious.

However, He Yiming and Yitian, after staying in the Yuan Mansion for several days couldn’t help but begin to feel a little bored. They made a request to make a trip to the county town. Yuan Zeyu naturally had no objections regarding this request. On the contrary, he even made one of core members of the young generation accompany them. As for He Quanxin- this tenth layer, great expert would obviously keep watch over the Yuan Mansion.

Accompanied by Yuan Residence’s Yuan Lixuan, He Yiming and He Yitian arrived in the external region of the county town. The two brothers were not country bumpkins in the true sense at all. Be it He Yiming or He Yitian, both had experienced being away from Tai Cang county. At the very least, both had seen a county town that was comparable to the one before them.

However, the hustle and bustle of the city was still somewhat out of their expectations.

Especially in front of the few city gates, there were neatly arranged stalls. Along the street, each and every one of these traders was shouting and enticing their customers with smiles, trying to drum up the business.

However, at the same time, although these people were shouting, it was strictly under regulations. Their positions were far enough to not influence the traders inside the gate or the pedestrians walking past.

Not to mention Tai Cang county’s county town, even Downwind City didn’t have such arrangements.

Hereby, it was evident that the city administration had gone through a lot of trouble.

“Elder brother Yitian, this is the county town.” Yuan Lixuan respectfully said, “There are indeed many interesting places and reputed tourist spots in the county town. Wherever you two wish to go, you only need to speak once, this little brother guarantees to take you there.”

These few days, He Yitian had stayed with the young generation of the Yuan family. Being young, they were naturally combative.

Nobody dared to provoke the reportedly tenth layer expert He Quanxin, but as far as his son was concerned, they were not too keen on letting him off.

However, despite being only twenty-four years old, He Yitian was a true expert who had attained the seventh layer five years ago. On top of that, after receiving stimulation by a freak like He Yiming three years ago, he’d further cultivated bitterly and was far more superior than the past.

On the other hand, among all of Yuan family disciples that were under the age of thirty, there wasn’t a single seventh layer expert. As such, there was only consequence of challenging He Yitian.

When Yitian struck down the entire third generation of Yuan family, they immediately accepted him wholeheartedly and their attitudes towards him further turned respectful.

As for He Yiming, he didn’t act at all. He Yitian pulled everybody’s vision, and the only individuals who knew a bit about He Yiming’s depth, Yuan Zeyu and his son, kept their mouths sealed as if they were not aware.

After entering the city amidst the stream of people, He Yitian didn’t choose any destination and let Yuan Lixuan decide on his own.

Under the lead of this individual who was reportedly born in the county town and knew every street like the back of his hand, the two brothers spent an exceedingly satisfying day.

He Yitian even bought some miscellaneous items, saying that it was for elders and siblings.

Receiving his call, He Yiming inwardly cursed at himself. When he’d returned home last time, he hadn’t thought about this point at all. He was indeed somewhat ashamed towards his family.

However, he didn’t recall the five gold core pills he’d taken out in a single instance.

The price of five gold cores would certainly be far above that of a few small presents. Especially for influential families, it was simply a commodity that could safeguard the development of the family.

After roaming for the majority of the day, the three individuals had many items in their hands. However, the money they had actually spent was not much.

At the suggestion of Yuan Lixuan, they temporarily left their items in one of the Yuan family’s stores and came out empty-handed once again.

As they had barely stepped in a wine shop, they heard a clamor coming from not too far away from their positions.

Observing that the two were paying attention to that direction, Yuan Lixuan immediately said, “Ahead is the place where life and death martial duels in the county town takes place. Every night there would be people to issue duels, but they may not necessarily be life and death ones.”

He Yitian faintly nodded and said, “Let’s go take a look.”

Yuan Lixuan naturally wouldn’t object. He headed in that direction, leading the two brothers.

He Yiming faintly pulled his elder brother and asked, “Elder brother, why would you wish to see such an arena? Don’t you know it’s impossible for true experts to compete here?”

This was what he’d gained from experience. After attaining eighth layer, it would be basically impossible for one to enter the arena and fight under watchful gazes.”

He Yitian turned his head and gently said, “Yiming, after coming to an unfamiliar city, if you wish to understand its average martial strength, the best way is to see a few life and death duels in the arena.”

He Yiming faintly started and said, “Is there any use for it?”

“Of course, it has.” He Yitian solemnly nodded.

After a few moments, the three individuals had arrived before the arena.

Currently, there were already two men in the arena, fighting unbridledly. Their skill was exceptionally good and Internal Energy was also around sixth layer.

Seeing countless spectator’s cheering, He Yiming faintly recalled the feeling he’d experienced in the arena of Tai Cang county.

Although the moves in the arena seemed quite flashy, in the eyes of the He brothers, they were full of openings.

However, both the contenders in the arena were sixth layer experts, which implied that the quality of the life and death duels here was far above that in Tai Cang county.

After looking at a few more duels, He Yiming discovered that the only individuals qualified to enter this arena were basically the experts of the fifth layer or above. Even big influential families would offer them a good sponger position. However, according to Yuan Lixuan, most of these people were too proud to become spongers in big influential families.

After a while, He Yiming deeply sighed and said, “Eldest brother, you were correct. You can indeed deduce a city’s average cultivation through the life and death duels.”

He Yitian coarsely laughed then prepared to leave. Although Yuan Lixuan was somewhat reluctant to part, once He Yitian made his position clear, he immediately followed after him.