Martial God - Book 1 - What Is A Genius - Chapter 34 - Cheng Family's Banquet

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In the main hall, everyone was having the dinner together.

As a result of sitting together with He Wude and other elders, He Yitian and He Yiming didn’t dare neglect their manners. On the subsequent seats, He Yiming’s siblings although didn’t dare make too much of a fuss, the atmosphere was much more lively there.

Today was yet again the middle of the month, and all the children had appeared to dine in the main hall; even He Yiming was not an exception.

Ever since he discovered that his eldest brother had returned to his old self, He Yiming’s interest in seclusion had been greatly diminished. Usually he trained non-stop, but joined everybody for the dinner on the middle of month.

Although the transformations in the interaction among the two brothers were subtle, the third generation couldn’t discern them. However, how it could possibly be concealed from He Wude, the man with rigorous schemes and deep foresight.

Only when the relationship between the two had completely resumed as it had always been, he was able to completely relax.

The Lord Master was gratified as he looked at his descendants gathered together. It was only due to his efforts in these past several decades that He family currently flourished. He even felt that the day when the He family would be Tai Cang county’s sole tyrant was not too far.

Of course, to change their dreams into reality, they still needed perseverance and hard work.

He withdrew his vision, picked up the cup in front of him, gently took a sip, and said in a clear vice: “Quanyi, what’s in the Second’s letter?”

“Father, after five days is the birthday of Xu family’s Ancestor. Second brother has already prepared a present, and he asks someone from the manor to deliver it.”

He Wude made casually waved his hand and said:

“You can make a quick trip for this matter. There should be no mistakes, leading to the loss of our face.”

“Yes,” He Quanyi slightly hesitated before saying,” Father, second brother said that this time, among the Xu family’s members selected to go to the Cheng family, Xu Right’s name is present.”

He Wude slightly started and said with raised eyebrows, “Xu Right, the Xu-fourth who advanced to the ninth layer?”

“Precisely. Xu Right is a martial lunatic. He is already above forty, yet has not married. After striving for decades, he was able to advance to the ninth layer; the sole expert in Xu family’s second generation who has the chance to attack the tenth layer.” He Quanyi said with a grave expression.

“Ninth layer….” He Wude slightly nodded and contemplated a bit before suddenly revealing a disdainful sneer, “Xu family…. this is their display of strength to the world.”

“Yes. Father, currently, a ninth layer expert has emerged in Xu family’s second generation as well. Even the Cheng family has to see them in a new light. If Xu family plans on suppressing us in Cheng family’s birthday feast, that would be somewhat troublesome.”

He Wude coldly snorted, “What trouble. Wishing to suppress us? As if I would let them. Quanxin…”


“This time, under your lead, Yitian, Yiming, as well as Yihai and Yixuan, you all will go,” A fierce expression flickered in the eyes of He Wude as he said, “I want all the people of Tai Cang county to understand that whether it’s the second generation or the third generation, our He family is the most outstanding.”

The sonorous and powerful words of the Lord Master shook the spirits of all the young generation. They all had scorching luster in their eyes.

This was not a matter of personal grudges, but the social glory. Especially, the gazes on He Yiming and He Yitian had faint admiration and reverence. Although they all were the siblings of the same generation, this moment, they had already been divided into ranks. In future, these two individuals will certainly become the pride of He family.

After the meal, He Yiming returned to his courtyard.

As he’d just entered, his brows suddenly creased and Internal Energy aroused. However, this was just momentarily before he completely relaxed.

He turned his body and respectfully said, “Grandfather, you came.”

“En,” He Wude’s figure slowly walked out of the darkness. His vision on He Yiming had a trace of astonishment as he asked, “Yiming, how did you know I came?”

He Yiming slightly started, before scratching his head and saying:

“I heard the sound of your footsteps.”

He Wude glanced at his feet while suspiciously thinking, “Could it be that I stepped on something heavy just now? Or that I am truly getting old…’

He gently sighed, revealing a slight solitary sort of expression.

He Yiming never expected that a casual line he randomly said would would move the old man so much.

In truth, the reason he could detect the presence of the old man was not due to the latter’s footsteps, but due to a sort of spiritual sense. This feeling was a lot sharper compared to that of the ordinary people. Furthermore, it was purely Xiantian, far incomparable to what could be achieved through Houtian training.

He Wude faintly shook his head as well as that feeling before he said: “Yiming, how is your cultivation going?”

He Yiming promptly said: “Your grandson’s cultivation is going good. Many thanks for grandfather’s concern.”

How could his cultivation not be going good? It was simply like a rocket, advancing by leaps and bound. However, no matter what, he could not tell the truth to the old man in front of him.

He Wude revealed a satisfied smile as he said: “I heard Quanyi saying that a few days ago, while training, you almost destroyed the entire training room?”

He Yiming’s complexion turned a slight red before he said with a awkward laugh:

“Grandfather, that was an accident. Your grandson’s control is not good for the time being.”

He Wude heartily laughed for a moment, before waving his hand as he said:

“It’s nothing. As long as you cultivate properly, not to mention the basement, even if you destroy my courtyard, that would be fine as well.”

He Yiming’s complexion turned even more red. If he were to truly destroy the grand courtyard, he feared that his old man would rush back the very next day and make him eat something he’d not eaten in a long time, the Bamboo Meat Slice. (Tl: It seems like Bamboo Meat Slice is meant to be a pun, but I have no idea.”)

However, saying that he had not received a beating ever since attaining the fifth layer would not be false. Furthermore, after attaining the sixth layer, the attitude of family members towards him changed somewhat. As for after the seventh layer, not to mention a beating, the elders had not even said a harsh word to him.

He was slightly moved. This was the benefit of advancing. Although he was currently only fourteen years old, the treatment he received was not one bit less than his twenty-two years old eldest brother.

He Wude entered the room in big strides and casually sat down.

He Yiming hurriedly brew tea and respectfully stood in front of his grandfather.

He Wude spoke without beating around the bush:

“Yiming, this time, I am making you go with Quanxin, it won’t influence your cultivation, will it?”

“It will not.” He Yiming immediately said.

Indeed, taking his strange, inconceivable cultivation speed and situation into account, his cultivation couldn’t possibly be influenced.

“Then, that’s good,” He Wude solemnly said, “Xu family will certainly provoke troubles. Moreover, I am certain they will try to act in the abscence of your eldest uncle and eldest brother. At that time, everything will depend on you.”

He Yiming’s both eyes shined as he said:

“Grandfather, you can be assured. I will not disappoint you.”

He Wude laughed in a hoarse voice and patted on He Yiming’s shoulder before saying:

“However, keep in mind to be extremely careful. If there is any danger, you must not stubbornly resist. It would be better to temporarily avoid the spear’s end. There should be no mishaps.”

“Yes.” He Yiming said in a lowered voice, though he didn’t agree in his mind. His grandfather was not aware of his true strength. If this was not the case, and the latter knew He Yiming was at the ninth layer, he would not have said these words.

After giving a few more instructions, He Wude finally said:

“Your eldest uncle’s Internal Energy has already attained the peak of the ninth layer. Within the entire Tai Cang county, he is second only to me and that Xu family’s old guy. On the basis of his strength and martial skill, he could undoubtedly be ranked third in the Tai Cang. If you feel you couldn’t deal with someone, just pass him to your eldest uncle. Remember, don’t try to show off.”

He Yiming heavily nodded, repeatedly urging that he would not lose big because of a small cause.

He Wude then finally departed. Within the third generation, he had the highest expectations of He Yiming. Even though he wished the latter to show his brilliance in the Cheng family’s banquet, even more so, he didn’t wish any danger to him. Faced with two such contradictory thoughts, the old man was sort of helpless.

The next day, He Quanxin left the Book Pavilion he’d always defended, and leading the few members of the third generation, left for the county town.

Both He family and Xu family had their main base outside the county town. However, the Cheng family was different, and their main force resided in the county town.

The Cheng family had deep-rooted power and influence in the county town, occupying three business. Even the position of the City Protector had been reserved for the Cheng family.

Cheng family was an influential family passed through several generations. In the history of the county, the protection of the county town had been assigned to the Cheng family more than eighty percent of times.

Therefore, even though the Cheng family was the most inferior in terms of the battle strength, in terms of authority, they were the strongest in the entire county town

Of course, being a desolate region, Tai Cang county was situated in an extremely ordinary corner of the Jadeting district. Furthermore, the county resided along the mountains, causing the local customs to be extremely fierce, which had been quite a headache for the higher officials.

Of course, the most important point was that the county had no speciality nor any opportunities of reaping profit. No outsider wished to be assigned here. The district had a sort of ‘leave it be’ policy towards Tai Cang county. As long as no power rebelled against the flag itself, district would leave the county to its own devices.

Therefore, in this special region, the power of authorities need not necessarily be comparable to the power and influence of the influential families.

Cheng family, in return, also never provoked Xu family and He family due to the lack of their battle power. As such, the three influential families maintained a subtle balance and tacit understanding.