Martial God - Book 2 - Fame Spreads - Chapter 33.2

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On that evening, a big banquet was held in the Yuan family. Not only had all the core members of the young generation scattered in various regions been called back, even some of the personnels engaged in important tasks had been called back to the manor.

The old man was clearly borrowing He Quanxin and the others to suppress his clansmen, who had begun to stir.

He Quanxin and the others knew this old man’s objective, but it also happened to conform to their objective in coming here. Therefore, currently, even He Yiming, who would wish rather to not be the center attraction, could only sit among the principal seats like a statue with a smile forced out on his face, like his eldest uncle.

On the other hand, He Yitian was quite suited for this occasion. His conduct was commendable, winning a favourable impression from thers.

At the principal seats, Yuan Zeyu gravely introduced He Quanxin. When everybody heard that this fifty something man was actually a peak, tenth layer expert, every one revealed a pleasantly surprised smile.

All this time, they had been suppressed by the Fan family. It was as if a big rock had just been lifted from above them.

To them, a tenth layer expert was like a mountain that was too high to be transcended and had been weighing down on them with an unimaginable pressure.

However, not all the clansmen showed pleasant expressions. On the subsequent seats, the few clan seniors showed queer expressions, some of which even carried a trace of loss and panic.

Yuan Zeyu swept his gaze through them and brightly said, “Elder brother, I will trouble you to make a trip to the town and pass on the message to Mr. Fan Shui. I’ve decided, the clan’s shops in the county town, as well as the surrounding farmlands, are but the clan’s properties. Regardless of how much money he offers, we will not sell.”

At the subsequent seats, an old man stood up from his seat. His age was comparable to that of Yuan Zeyu and face had some vague similarities as well. But his face had a pair of triangular eyes which had a viper-like gaze that could make one shiver inwardly.

“Second, Mr. Fan has made the offer with good intentions as well. The farmland around our manor is already enough, and the business of the shops in the town is not good either. Why not cash it out while there’s an opportunity?”

Yuan Zeyu coldly snorted and said, “Elder brother, what’s the reason that the shops are having a loss? Don’t tell me you truly don’t know.” He paused, then spoke again, “These shops have been passed on with the long-established brand of our first generation seniors. Whatever happens, it will not be ruined in my hands.”

A youngster suddenly stood among the subsequent seats. This youngster’s age was about twenty. His whole body was hidden behind a long moleskin cloak, and he was wearing a rabbit-furred gloves. As soon as he stood up, the atmosphere immediately tensed.

He took one step forward and said, “Second grandfather, although the family’s shops have long-earned brands, since the business is not good, there’s no harm in selling them for the time being. When there is money in the future, they can be bought back.”

Yuan Zeyu glared at him once before eventually standing back.

Under his glare, the people on the subsequent seats all lowered their heads. Even the old man who had first spoken was no exception.

Yuan Zeyu suddenly let out a long sigh and said, “I wish to have word with the branch family leaders. The rest can leave first.”

After a sudden commotion among the subsequent seats, apart from a few people on the principal seats and subsequent seats, everybody had left.

He Quanxin and the other two were also about to leave but were firmly stopped by Yuan Zeyu. He faintly shook his head, allowing them to realize that there must be an inside story.

Yuan Zeyu waited for everybody to leave, then finally said, “Yuan Zewei, I know you covet my position of family head with all your heart and soul. However, even so, you shouldn’t have involved external help.”

That old man suddenly lifted his head. His triangular eyes shone with a cruel glint as he coldly chuckled and said, “Second, you have even stopped to address me as elder brother, could it be…you want a completely fall out with me?”

Yuan Zeyu heaved a sigh and said, “The shops that had been reputed for centuries have actually incurred losses in your hands. On the contrary, the manor has to provide for you from savings. For the sake of our dead father and mother, I’ve always continued to endure you. However, currently, you’ve turned even more severe. You actually delivered my Yuan family’s granddaughter to the doorsteps of Fan family, and threatened me with their power. It has already come to this, don’t tell me you still expect me to address you as elder brother?”

He Quanxin and the rest immediately understood. No wonder why with Yuan familiy’s centuries of foundation, they were not able to seek assistance from a single tenth layer expert here and had to request Lord Master He, travelling such a distance.

Moreover, Fan family was merely a newly-emerged influential family. Despite this, they showed such a huge appetite, aiming for a clan with centuries of legacy.

Defending against an internal thief was indeed hard. Since the counterpart had managed to get hold of an insider, the other clans would naturally not act easily.

He Yitian faintly shook his head and suddenly said, “Elder Yuan, there is something my humble self would like to consult you with.”

A sinister glint flickered in Yuan Zewei’s eyes. However, since he knew that He Yitian was the son of He Quanxin, who was a peak tenth layer expert, he wouldn’t dare be rude no matter what and could only cup his hands distantly, “Mr. He may ask.”

He Yitian gulped down the entire wine glass on the table before him and said, “Elder Yuan, if I haven’t understood wrong, you have an agreement with Fan family. If you can transfer the shops under the name of Fan family, they would return them back to you in the future, am I right?”

Yuan Zewei hesitated a bit but ultimately chose to preserve silence. However, his appearance gave a tacit approval.

He Yitian let out a long sigh and said, “You’re an elderly person who has lived for eighty years. Don’t tell me you truly believe in Fan family’s words? Perhaps Fan family has left something in your safekeeping which has convinced you that they will certainly keep their promise after getting the shops and farmlands?”

He Quanxin and He Yiming exchanged a glance; both sighing inwardly incessantly.

They had wholeheartedly immersed themselves in cultivation. As such, they were unavoidably somewhat lacking in other aspects.

He Yitian could figure out the crux of the issue with such clarity and had further articulated it in such a manner, while they could only be his support.

Yuan Zewei’s face turned red and green at the same time. However, the youngster behind him rushed out and said, “We naturally trust in brother-in-law’s words. You don’t have to sow dissension.”

He Yitian chuckled, not retorting. However, he superficially glanced at that youngster- implying an extreme contempt which even an idiot could discern.

That youngster immediately turned furious and took a big step forward, “He Yitian…..Mr. He Yitian, your esteemed is said to be a tenth layer expert whom I don’t dare. But…what about you? I wonder if you can offer some guidance?”

He Yitian’s eyes sharpened. An aura far exceeding that of the former erupted.

His figure arrived before the former like lightning like and waved his hand, slapping him at lightning fast speed.


Four slaps in quick succession turned that youngster into a sorry state. He opened his mouth, spurting a streak of blood, which further contained a good number of teeth.

Only at this moment, did that individual finally react. His eyes turned red, wishing to stake his life against He Yitian. However, He Yitian had already returned to his original position, not even sparing a glance for his reaction.

Yuan Zewei’s complexion slightly changed. He supported the youngster and said, “A fine skill. Sure enough, a son of a lion can’t be a dog. We’ve experienced the skill of He family’s big young master.”

That youngster wished to say something but was pulled back. Some people immediately stepped forward and forcibly dragged him away to treat his injuries.

Yuan Zewei’s eyes shone with a cold glint as he slowly said, “Second, back in the day, if you’d not managed to entice father with your glib tongue, how could he have given you the position of clan leader. Hehe, you became the clan leader, but what could I, the elder brother, be assigned as? The only reason you assigned me to manage the shops was to avoid denouncement from the people for being too ruthless.”

Yuan Zeyu faintly shook his head and said with a sigh, “Elder brother, the only reason father passed on the position of clan leader to me was that you are too petty minded. He feared that if the position of clan leader was passed on to you, you would end up bringing down the entire clan.”

Yuan Zewei suddenly laughed loudly and said, “Second, no need to speak old matters. Whatever the reason was, it no longer matters. Who will ultimately obtain the authority in Yuan family…..will depend on our individual strength.”

After saying these words, he waved his hand. The people on the subsequent seats arrived behind his body, escorting him out.

Yuan Zeyu’s complexion had turned extremely gloomy. He suddenly said in a loud voice, “Yuan Zewei, even if you ultimately win, do you actually believe that Fan Shui will leave Yuan family in your hands.”

Yuan Zewei’s footsteps paused; his voice extremely gloomy, as if his heart and lungs had frozen.

“Yuan family was originally mine. If I can’t get it, other members of Yuan family also shouldn’t imagine to do so…”