Martial God - Book 2 - Fame Spreads - Chapter 33.1 - Fallout Between Brothers

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Although Yuan family was not a big, influential family possessing a legacy of millenniums, it was still a family with centuries of history.

But this family had never seen the likes of an unusually strong expert. Moreover, the main clan was located near the suburban Zheng Tong county. Therefore, merely going by the influence of positioning alone, they were even inferior to Tai Cang county’s He family.

However, precisely because Yuan family was situated at such a geographical location, and they had always been low key on top of that, they possessed such connections. Unfortunately, these connections couldn’t assist them in resisting a powerful adversary.

In the outskirts of Zheng Tong’s county town, outside a huge manor, several galloping horses sounded.

After a few moments, eight fine horses arrived outside the manor’s entrance. Among these eight horses, one was particularly majestic.

This horse’s entire body was red without a single odd fur. Its color was the same as that of a plum. Upon witnessing this horse, nobody could resist uttering a word or two in praise.

The entrance opened soon after. An old servant walked out from inside and respectfully said, “Lord, you’re finally back.”

Yuan Earnest’s complexion somewhat changed. His figure moved, placing two legs on the ground immediately, and said in a lowered voice, “Something happened in the manor?”

That old servants shook his head. His vision shifted to the He Quanxin behind Yuan Earnest. As for He Yitian and He Yiming, he’d already subconsciously neglected them.

Yuan Earnest continued in a low voice, “Be assured. This is He family’s Lord He Quanxin from Tai Cang county. With him here, even Fan Shui is nothing to worry about.”

These words were said resolutely and without a bit of hesitation. The weight of these words carried a power that could stir one’s heart and soul.

Ever since Fan family had decided to deal with Yuan family, Yuan Earnest had been suppressed. As such, he’d used this opportunity to vent and let everybody know that the current Yuan family possessed the means to contend against the Fan family.

As expected, that old man’s face immediately lit up as he looked at He Quanxin with a gaze filled with reverence.

It was well-known that the current clan leader of Fan family, Fan Shui, was a tenth layer expert. Since this Lord of He family had the qualifications to contend against him, he must be an expert of the same rank as well.

Before such an expert, the old servant was naturally quite moved inwardly.

The news of Yuan Earnest returning home quickly spread throughout the manor. However, the even more important news was that he’d brought back a tenth layer expert with him, which undoubtedly boosted everyone’s confidence in the manor.

When Yuan Earnest arrived in the main hall with He Quanxin, some people were already awaiting him.

A stout man stood on the stairs of the hall with a gratified smile on his face. As soon as he saw He Quanxin and the rest, he immediately stepped forward to welcome them.

“Haha, fifty years ago, this old man, together with elder brother He, left home and roamed for a full ten years in Heaven Sieve country to seek success. Afterwards, elder brother He stayed in the Heaven Sieve country. I, however, returned back to the clan. It’s hard to imagine that it has already been more than forty years.” The old man heartily laughed, then said, “We haven’t seen each other for so many years, is elder brother He doing fine?”

He Yiming and the others immediately understood that this individual was certainly He Wude’s old friend and also the current head of Yuan family, the old man Yuan Zeyu.

He Quanxin immediately stepped forward and kowtowed, “Uncle Yuan, my father is completely fine except for his longing to see you.”

Yuan Zeyu promptly helped him up and said, “Our two families have been lifelong friends, you mustn’t be so courteous.”

Behind He Quanxin, He Yiming inwardly muttered, ‘Several decades ago, perhaps you and grandfather were friends. However, after not seeing each other for so long, if the two families’ relationship hasn’t been preserved through business, and if eldest uncle didn’t have any use for you, you probably wouldn’t have been so courteous either.’

Of course he only dared to say these words in his mind. He wouldn’t dare say these words out loud in any case.

The two individuals chatted for a few moments outside the main hall before entering the hall on a polite reminder from Yuan Earnest.

The servants served tea. Yuan Zeyu’s vision fell on He Yiming and Yitian before he faintly smiled and said, “After not seeing each other for so long, elder brother He has already spread his reach so far out. Even the third generation has matured to this state.” He let out a long sigh and said, “Liling, even after bitter cultivation for twenty years, is currently only at sixth layer’s peak. However, nephew Yitian has already attained the seventh layer. You’re indeed one of the heaven’s proud children.”

He Yitian stood up and deeply bowed towards the old man, “Grandfather Yuan, you praise me too much.”

Yuan Zeyu chuckled. But as his vision shifted onto He Yiming, he somewhat hesitatingly asked, “Earnest, whom of the He family’s children is this?”

Yuan Earnest immediately said, “Father, this is brother Quanyi’s second son, He Yiming.”

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Yuan Zeyu faintly nodded. Thinking that this was an ordinary disciple who had come to gain some experience, he didn’t pay any attention to him after a simple greeting.

He Yiming’s fame in Tai Cang county had already reached the peak. Not only was he considered the number one expert among the young generation of the three influential families, many further believed that he could even be counted as number one amongst the seniors who had long since established their name in the county.

After all, during the Cheng family’s wedding duel, He Yiming had pulled out a draw against Lin Taoli, who had previously defeated Xu Right.

However, Tai Cang county was after all quite a minor county seat. The reputation of a figure from here usually experienced a huge loss as it travelled to the regions outside. Those big clans didn’t put such experts in their eyes at all. Moreover, the event of Lin Taoli suffering a loss had also not been proclaimed unbridledly. Therefore, He Yiming’s reputation had not been spread out even to the Jadeting region, much less to speak of Gold Forest country.

Yuan Earnest’s expression faintly flickered. Although he was not too clear on He Yiming’s reputation, he’d personally witnessed the latter’s strength during this time’s journey. Be it casually throwing the chopper, or simply tossing the bandits afterwards, all of it implied a strength that he could only long for.

Although He Yitian was a seventh layer expert, as long as one was not blind, it was evident that the difference between him and He Yitian was not a small one.

Lightly coughing, Yuan Earnest said with a rather embarrassed expression, “Father, nephew He Yiming is the number one expert of the He family’s young generation.”

Yuan Zeyu then astoundedly turned his head and seriously measured He Yiming.

After a few moments, Yuan Zeyu’s complexion slightly transformed. In his eyes, He Yiming resembled an unfathomable well, the depth of which was beyond his measure.

Yuan Earnest added further oil by saying, “The chopper that uncle He wielded back in the day had been passed onto nephew Yiming as well.”

Yuan Zeyu’s eyes immediately brightened. As soon as he recalled that three hundred and sixty jin heavy chopper, he suddenly felt a chill deep within him, ‘Such a heavy weapon…. don’t tell me…. there is still someone else who can smoothly use this weapon apart from a guy like He Wude who possessed innate divine strength?”

However, looking at He Yiming’s appearance, he didn’t strike him as a strong and bulky man in any possible way.

However, since Yuan Earnest had spoken as such, and He Quanxin and He Yitian had further preserved their calm expressions, these words must be true.

He sucked in a deep breath, “Good, heroes indeed start to emerge from a young age. This old man didn’t expect to make such an error in judgement.”

He Quanxin lightly laughed and said, “Since we’ve arrived, can you lay out the current circumstances?”

Yaun Zeyu’s smile somewhat stiffened. He bitterly smiled and said, “This affair is a long and complicated one and is also my Yuan family’s bad luck and failure.”

He Quanxin and the other two were inwardly astonished. They indistinctly felt that this affair was not as simple as they had imagined.

Yuan Zeyu heavily flicked his sleeves and suddenly spoke in a loud voice, “Prepare a feast, I wish to hold a welcoming dinner for our guests.”