Martial God - Book 1 - What Is A Genius - Chapter 33 - Advancing To The Ninth Layer

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“Sha, Sha, Sha…..”

Under He Yiming’s almost crazy, successive strikes, the poor wall was being shredded into pieces. Likewise, under such a powerful assault, the entire basement faintly shook and dust rustled down from all side walls. The entire room buzzed.

However, regardless of the number of dust particles, not a single one came within one meter surrounding He Yiming’s body, seeming as if an invisible wall was blocking everything outside.

Eventually, when the entire wall was completely shredded apart, He Yiming also sobered up from his frantic state.

He withdrew both his palms and spread his legs in the ‘八’ position. However, he only preserved this position for a moment before he sat down on the ground, gasping severely then coughing the next instant because of inhaling too much dust.

He wished to leave, however, his body, as if powerless, seemed paralyzed on the ground.

He suddenly had two completely different type of feelings.

After his crazy session of venting, he felt extremely content and rejuvenated. As if his body was on clouds, he felt extremely light and ecstatic..

However, at the same time, he felt empty, as if his body was in the void. This kind of feeling was not pleasant at all. Imagine a person losing his/her weight and both legs separating apart from the ground; it was that frightening.

He Yiming closed his eyes and calmly comprehended these different feelings. He suddenly discovered that his understanding of the [Splitting Mountain Thirty Six Forms] had increased.

This was just a feeling, without a shred of evidence to back. However, he was extremely confident. The next time he allowed himself to act in such a manner, the might produced would certainly be a notch above.

After a while, he slowly stood up as a trace of Internal Energy welled up in his body. The feeling like that of an empty canvas he felt from his body just now after exhausting almost all of his Internal Energy had eventually disappeared.

Sweeping his vision, as he looked at the mess of a room, he didn’t know what to think.

Surprisingly, just the eighth layer Internal Energy’s [Splitting Mountain Thirty Six Forms] exhibited such a strong might. Such a might was absolutely incomparable to that of the common battle skills such as Rolling Boulder Fist and Silk Palm.

He Yiming even felt that perhaps his eldest uncle, relying on his ninth layer Internal Energy, could only hope to attain such an inconceivable might.

Perhaps, in the entire manor, the Lord Master, He Wude, would be the sole individual capable of attaining such a level.

He Yiming suddenly thought, ‘Don’t tell me…I can already contend against the grandfather and his tenth layer Internal Energy,’ If this was true, in the entire Tai Cang county, his strength could most definitely enter the top three.

The room was still permeated with dust, and his body had a layer of grey color. Looking at the condition of room, restoring everything to normal in a short time span seemed impossible.

Suddenly, he heard a noise coming from the training room’s entrance. He Yiming was slightly alarmed; he never had to face such a situation before.

It should be known that the training rooms could be considered as private spaces for the third generation members. This was the place they used for cultivation; even their fathers would not enter without their consent.

Even if they wished to summon their children, they needed to pull the small, specially-made bell and let them know that someone was waiting above.

Therefore, when he heard the sound, his vigilance heightened on its own. The Internal Energy in his body had not resumed to the optimum, but as long as the intruder was not as strong as his grandfather, he had complete confidence in his ability to defend himself with the help of the [Splitting Mountain Thirty Six Forms].

“Yiming, are you alright?”

His third uncle’s loud and clear voice could be heard. He Yiming started and rushed to open the door. Upon opening the door, as he saw several people outside, he stared blankly.

Apart from his third uncle, several of his siblings and a few servants were nervously sizing him up. However, the next moment, their faces revealed quite strange expressions.

“Yiming, on your body….how long have you not bathe?” Quanyi asked, not knowing wether to laugh or to cry.

If not for the fact that He Yiming’s face had not changed, he wouldn’t have dared to believe that covered in dust before him was the genius nephew of his.

Looking at his body, He Yiming awkwardly laughed and said:

“Third uncle, I was merely training, you are…”

“Training? What kind of technique were you training, causing such a big commotion?” He Quanyi asked with slightly creased eyebrows.

He Yiming asked a few questions and discovered the cause. When he had been using the [Splitting Mountain Thirty Six Forms], the echoes in the basement had actually affected the surface. Even the two basements next to his had been faintly shaking.

In one of these two training rooms, when his third brother, He Yixuan, faintly felt his room shuddering, he was naturally quite astonished. Subsequently, he found his third uncle, and they came to his place along with few others. However, upon pulling the bell, they discovered that it was already broken, which made them apprehensive.

After discovering the whole story, He Yiming had a whole new understanding of his Xiantian battle skill. Furthermore, he also understood that the basement was no longer the paradise where he could quietly train.

With He Yiming’s explanation, they understood the cause, though only He Quanyi was the sole person to realize that He Yiming had certainly been cultivating that mysterious Xiantian battle skill. Only then could the latter create such a huge commotion.

After urging He Yiming to be careful, everybody left. Although He Yixuan and the rest were still suspicious, in the presence of He Quanyi, they didn’t dare run their mouths.

After everybody left, He Yiming summoned his servants. The basement was swept clean, the small fragments of the wall were disposed, and another flexible wall was placed. Though this time He Yiming didn’t intend to try his hand.

After everything concluded, He Yiming walked to the Book Pavilion in slow steps, pushed the door open, and entered directly.

He casually selected a book. Surprisingly, he selected a supplementary-type scripture once again.

Vitality Strengthening Technique: Water type Supplementary technique.

Looking at the thin book in his hand, He Yiming had an urge to change the scripture.

To breakthrough, he had randomly selected scriptures three times. However, he hadn’t expected to select Supplementary type Internal Energy techniques all the three times.

Could it be….he and the supplementary techniques had some special fate together? Otherwise, how could he possibly make three such selection in row?

After considering for a short time, He Yiming unenthusiastically placed the book on the table nevertheless. He didn’t try to make another selection since he had long since decided that everything would comply the fate.

Obtaining the fortune at the lake and no longer needed to be concerned about breakthroughs, what else could he claim? Perhaps he was bound to learn several kinds of supplementary techniques by the will of heavens.

After copying the book, he carefully placed the original scripture at its position and left for his courtyard with the copied book.

As soon as he entered the courtyard, he saw his eldest brother standing with hands behind back.

He Yiming promptly greeted, but he was still somewhat nervous inside.

He clearly remembered, after the new year’s Skill Competition, his eldest brother’s attitude towards him had gone a subtle transformation. Of course, this transformation was extremely obscure. If not for his perception abilities being extremely sharp, he wouldn’t have been able to discern at all.

“Eldest brother, you came.”

“Yes. It had nothing to with third uncle speaking about your ferocious training.” He Yitian said with a brilliant smile.

He Yiming was slightly stumped as he observed He Yitian’s eyes. Those black eyes had already regained the former clarity and calm.

This moment, the feeling his eldest brother gave him was the same warm, gentle, jade-like feeling of the former times. The feeling of ‘blood is thicker than water’ once again welled up in He Yiming.

He Yiming instantly knew that the former eldest brother had returned. Furthermore, he felt a sort of strange transformation in the latter. He Yiming could sense dense vitality from his body, and his strength also seemed to have shot up by a huge amount.

Of course, no matter how hard He Yitian tried, he could not catch up to He Yiming.

He didn’t know what happened to his eldest brother in these six months, but the transformation he’d gone through was sufficient to cause He Yiming go mad with joy.

Originally, he was quite worried over the problem of the family’s internal strife, but at this moment, it seemed to have been as easily solved as a bamboo splits against the knife.

The two individuals merrily chatted for quite a while. After making sure He Yiming was safe and sound, He Yitian left relieved.

Subsequently, He Yiming entered his brand new training room in high spirits and immersed himself in cultivation once again.

Perhaps due to his cheerful state of mind, this time’s breaththrough was the most easy in He Yiming’s opinion. Everything went as smooth as flowing water forming a canal. He didn’t have to exert any effort at all.

The next day, both of his primary cultivation techniques had been smoothly promoted to the ninth layer.

After the second day, his Rolling Boulder Fist and Silk Palm had also attained the realm corresponding to the ninth layer’s peak, and their might would be much stronger than it was before.

After five days, he had been shaken to his core when he assumed the stances of the ninth and tenth forms of the [Splitting Mountain Thirty Six Forms]. He could feel how extraordinary the might of this battle skill actually was.

At this moment, he felt an unmatchable delight. In his heart, he had a sort of extreme confidence.

Perhaps, within the entire Tai Cang county, no one could prevail over him from this moment.