Martial God - Book 1 - What Is A Genius - Chapter 30 - The Truth Straightaway

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Translated by: toomuchnoob

Facing the vision of everybody, He Yiming forced out a laugh while scratching his said before he said in an innocent voice:

“It wasn’t me. It was Grandfather and third uncle who asked me to use all of my strength.”

In his mind, he supplemented, ‘Really fortunate that I judged the situation correctly and didn’t truly use my full strength. Otherwise, if I had used my best move, the eighth form with the eighth layer Internal Energy, third uncle wouldn’t have just been simply blasted away.

As his vision found his eldest uncle, he suddenly had a thought, ‘Since I can fight someone at a higher layer relying on this battle skill, wouldn’t it mean my true strength is on par with the eldest uncle? It might be even above….. Could it be…I have unwittingly turned into the number two expert of the family….’

However, this thought just surfaced in his mind for an instant. He had no interest in going before his eldest uncle and fight for this title.

Everybody withdrew their gazes, with expressions of not knowing whether to laugh or to cry.

He Wude extended his hand and patted He Quanyi a few times; so as to assist him clearing a few blocked channels.

After a while, He Quanyi painfully coughed a few times before waving his hand and saying:

“Father, I am all right. It’s nothing; my internal organs have received a shock, that’s all. Cultivating three or five days would do.”

He Wude heavily sighed and said:

“I truly didn’t expect that this battle skill’s might would be so formidable. If used with full strength, I’m afraid even Quanxin would have paid dearly due to being caught off guard.”

Quanxin deeply nodded. He was in complete agreement. If He Yiming had suddenly used this form on him, he very likely would have been caught off guard. However, his strength was much higher than his third brother, therefore, he wouldn’t have been in such a sorry state.

As one went higher in the Internal Energy cultivation, the increase in difficulty also became equally higher. However, likewise, the higher one went, the disparity in levels also became equally higher.

This stance could send He Quanyi flying. However, if He Yiming had come across He Quanxin, even causing the latter to take one step back would have been amazing in itself, and on the contrary, the former might even have suffered the backlash due to the exceedingly formidable Internal Energy of He Quanxin.

He Wude turned his head and looked at an awkward He Yiming; his gaze full of appreciation.

This grandson of his had not only stepped beyond his expectations in the Internal Energy cultivation, but even more so in the cultivation of battle skills, the latter had already attained an inconceivable realm.

However, he was also clear that He Yiming being able to exhibit such strong might had to do with the Xiantian battle skill as well. Otherwise, relying on the common battle skills in the He family’s Book Pavilion, latter would have been absolutely incapable of reaching such a level.

At this moment, he even began to envy He Yiming. In the He family manor, the latter was the only person who could cultivate metal-type techniques. None of the rest, including him, had metal-type Internal Energy.

He Wude said with a deep sigh: “Yiming, you have done very well.”

He Yiming promptly bowed his head and said:

“Grandfather, your grandson didn’t injure third uncle intentionally.”

He Wude couldn’t help but laugh before he said:

“I am aware. This is not to be blamed on you.”

Only then Yiming relaxed. He looked at He Quanyi, who had his brows slightly creased, before cautiously asking:

“Third uncle, how about I first take you back to recuperate?”

He Quanyi, not having a good mood, glared at him and said:

“Yiming, your third uncle is not so weak. It’s nothing more than a slight, insignificant internal injury.

Looking at the dense beads of sweat covering his face, He Yiming sweated profusely, ‘This is called as insignificant?’

He Quanxin stepped forward and gently kneaded He Quanyi’s back, pouring a thick Internal Energy into his body, which began to slowly circulate in his meridians.

He Quanyi straightened his body, and his breathing, which seemed somewhat quickened, began to slowly stabilize.

As He Yiming quietly observed their actions, he suddenly had a flash of realization.

His father, He Quanming, primarily cultivated in wood-type techniques. According to the theory of five phases, wood could birth fire. Furthermore, in five phases techniques, wood-type techniques were the best for treatment, and their effect was much potent even than the water-type techniques.

Therefore, after receiving treatment from his father, his third uncle felt immediately better, and the latter’s internal injuries also seemed to have pacified somewhat.

In comparison, his grandfather and eldest uncle although had Internal Energies that were incomparable to his father’s, neither of them cultivated in wood type techniques. Thus, they could only watch from the sidelines with their hands tied.

After another short while, He Quanming withdrew his hands. A trace of red could be seen on He Quanyi’s face, and by his appearance, he didn’t seem ill anymore.

The latter stood perfectly straight as he sincerely said:

“Yiming, this move of yours is truly dreadful. Your third uncle had already exerted his entire strength but still failed to resist. Xiantian battle skills are actually this ferocious.”

He Wude lightly sighed and said:

“Xiantian battle skills are the battle skills cultivated by those strong people. Their might is obviously far incomparable to ordinary battle skills. Unfortunately, among us, Yiming is the only one who cultivates in metal-type techniques. Otherwise, allowing others to try their luck would have been possible.”

Upon hearing these words, everybody was quite moved. Especially He Yitian; seeing that his sixth brother was actually this strong, all sorts of feelings welled up inside him. After hearing his grandfather’s evaluation, he actually felt like discarding his current primary cultivation technique and turn towards metal-type techniques.

He Yiming blinked his eyes. He’d suddenly recalled that during today’s Skill Competition, he had used water-type Ripple technique together with the metal-type Rolling Boulder Fist. Although that was the result of a sudden inspiration he’d felt, the might it produced was not bad at all.

After a slight hesitation, he asked:

“Grandfather, must [Splitting Mountain Thirty Six Forms] be only cultivated with a metal type primary cultivation technique? Using it with other techniques could at least be tried, right?”

The eyes of He Quanxin and the rest simultaneously shined. Although they know that chances of such a thing happening were not much, after seeing this technique’s might, who would not be tempted?

The several visions simultaneously turned towards He Wude, hoping to hear the good news from his mouth.

He Wude bitterly laughed before he said:

“Put a rein on your imagination. This is but a Xiantian battle skill. Not to mention the fact that the cultivators who don’t cultivate metal-type techniques as their primary techniques are eternally unable to grasp the mysteries within, even among the cultivators who cultivates a required technique, you may not find a single one who is able to comprehend such a technique in a hundred of them.

As everybody heard these words, their spirits greatly diminished. All of them knew that the Lord Father wouldn’t fool with them on such an important matter.

He Wude patted He Yiming’s shoulders and said:

“The difficulty of cultivating a Xiantian battle skill cannot be compared to that of ordinary battle skills. You can attain such a level on your own without any guidance is absolutely genius.”

He Yiming embarrassedly smiled. Regarding this assessment, he was extremely ashamed in his mind.

As if suddenly recalling something, He Wude’s smile gradually disappeared and was replaced a solemn expression as he said:

“Yiming, while cultivating this technique, did you run into any troublesome difficulty?”

Under such a solemn vision, He Yiming couldn’t help but feel nervous. Giving it a serious thought, he firmly shook his head after a while, “Grandfather, your grandson didn’t run into any difficulties at all.”

He Wude pondered for a bit before suspiciously asking:

“In that case, while cultivating this technique, did you feel anything strange?”

This time, He Yiming indeed nodded his head right away.

“What is it?”, He Wude impatiently asked. Even the rest also stood with rapt attention, wishing to hear He Yiming speak of his experiences.

Under the numerous gazes, He Yiming straightened his chest and said in a clear voice:

“Learning this battle skill was very easy; possible to master in a single go.”

He Wude couldn’t help but purse his lips up, He Quanxin and the rest two sucked in a cold breath, and He Yitian ashamedly lowered his head.

With frozen expressions, they looked at each other’s faces with resentment in eyes.

The hardships, pain, and strain of cultivating battle skills couldn’t be inferior to that of the Internal Energy cultivation.

And even this was only for common battle skills. For a Xiantian battle skill, the difficulty would surely be two folds, or three folds…or might even be ten folds higher.

If not for these circumstances, within He family manor, there wouldn’t have been the rule that forbade the cultivation of battle skills before the sixth layer. Furthermore, among the majority of cultivators, those who’d not been deemed to have less future prospects in terms of Internal Energy cultivation, wouldn’t likely cultivate battle skills with all their efforts.

He Wude and the rest might have cultivated all five types of battle skills, but the time they spent on the same couldn’t be compared to that of the Internal energy cultivation one whit.

It could be said that the cultivators who had been able to attain the realms comparable to theirs had certainly suffered the pain of cultivating battle skills.

However, He Yiming was different. Although he’d suffered the pain of being stuck at a single layer in the Internal Energy cultivation, as far as the cultivation of battle skills goes, he had a completely smooth journey and hadn’t felt the least bit of hindrance. Thus, he was absolutely incapable of experiencing what these individuals were feeling. Furthermore, in his opinion, his words were the truth; the truth that came from the bottom of his heart.

It was just that this truth was a bit too much to handle for these people.

After a short while, He Wude said with a deep sigh:

“Yitian, Yiming, you can leave first.”

He Yiming and his brother both sounded their agreements and left side by side.

Looking at their retreating figures, He Wude said:

“Quanxin, from today, you need not monitor Yiming’s cultivation anymore. Whether he wants to seclude himself for one year, or he wants to go out to amuse himself, you need not interfere. Let him decide everything at his own convenience.”

Quanxin said with a bit of hesitation:

“Father, Yiming is only fourteen, if allowed to do as he pleases, I’m afraid he will step on the wrong way.”

He Wude’s lips curled down a bit as he said:

“Not likely. I have faith in Yiming. He is a genius; a genius who is beyond our imagination. For such a genius, our experience is nothing but a rope, and he shouldn’t be restrained in the slightest. Like an eagle, he should be provided freedom to soar in the sky. Only then he would be able to improve the fastest and not follow in our footsteps.

He Quanxin and his two brothers exchanged glances with each other. Recalling the words He Yiming had just said, all of them silently gave a slight nod.

He Wude took a few steps and walked out of the building. Looking towards the sky, he murmured:

“There is still sixteen years left before Yiming turns thirty. Within these sixteen years, can Yiming breakthrough the tenth layer and advance to Xiantian….”

Behind him, the three brothers once again exchanged glances with each other; their eyes full of anticipation.