Martial God - Book 2 - Fame Spreads - Chapter 27.2

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He extended his hands and accepted the book while his eyes carefully observed Xie Zhien’s face.

Xie Zhien said with a grave face, “Master He, the number of clans with a legacy of millenniums are actually not few in Fire Crow country. However, have you wondered why our Xie clan managed to stand tall and rise as one of the four big clans?

He Yiming faintly started and said, “It ought to be because your clan raised Fire Crow’s name with your profound alchemic legacy.”

Xie Zhien stroked his beard and faintly smiled, “It’s undoubtedly one of the reasons. However, the true reason is that in the past, a Xiantian Master had appeared in our Xie family.”

He Yiming’s eyes slightly rose before he slightly trembled and his vision went to the book in his hands.

Xie Zhien’s voice contained myriad of emotions as he said, “All of the Fire Crow’s four big clans once had a Xiantian Master, and each had enjoyed their share of glory.Two hundred years ago, which was also the Fire Crow country’s most glorious phase, there were three Masters as the National Protectors. However, there is only one from the royal family at the moment, unfortunately.”

He Yiming faintly nodded, but didn’t offer any assertions. He faintly understood the counterpart’s expectations from him. However, he’d no intentions whatsoever to become the National Protector of the Fire Crow country.”

Xie Zhien’s vision fell on the book in He Yiming’s hand as he said, “Our family is reputed for our dao of alchemy. However, basically all we refine are Houtian pills. If we have something that is truly precious, it ought to be the records left behind by that senior who treaded the path of Xiantian realm.”

He Yiming sucked in a breath and said, “Elder Xie, this book is the records left behind by that senior?”

“Correct,” Xie Zhien bitterly smiled and said, “According to reason, this book ought to be the most precious treasure of our Xie family which couldn’t be shown to outsiders ever. However, the truth is, the contents of this book has no use for us,” He paused for a moment before continuing, “You’re humble enough to see Mingjin as your friend, as such, you’re no outsider. Therefore, we, Xie family, present you this original version in hopes that it would be beneficial to you.”

He Yiming gravely nodded and cautiously placed the book in his bosom.

However, inwardly, he knew that the words that came out only seemed majestic. In reality, he’d only gave such a precious gift to see He Yiming return after three years and provide him help.

“Many thanks for your kindness, elder. This surnamed He will never forget it,” He Yiming pledged, “Three years after, irrespective of whether I have made any progress in the dao of alchemy or not, I will definitely come back to seek your guidance again.”

Xie Zhien’s eyes shined, and his face revealed a sincere smile.

He Yiming suddenly recalled another matter. Turning his head, he asked, “Brother Xie, do you know where I can find a furnace made of Jadestone?”

“Furnace of Jadestone?” Xie Minjin astoundedly asked, “Although Jadestone is not too valuable, using it to cast a furnace is rarely seen.”

Jadestone was a strange rock that grew everywhere in Northwest countries.

This rock had a strange property. Its heat conduction was exceedingly good and once heated, it would maintain its temperature for long periods of time.

Moreover, this stone was as white as jade. Due to its pleasing appearance, it was the favourite option of those big, aristocratic families to serve as their heating brick-bed in winter.

Xie Zhien faintly creased his brows. Although the request raised by He Yiming was quite queer, it was an opportunity for some flattery and to score some favourable impressions. Even if the latter had raised a request hundred fold stranger, they would have tried their hardest to fulfil.

“Master He, If I may ask, what use do you have for a furnace made of Jadestone?”

He Yiming also didn’t hide anything and said, “A while ago when I entered the royal palace and conversed with Master Ting Liferay, he gifted me a chunk of Magnetic Steel Source. Once this metal is melted and is assimilated into my weapon, the weapon I wield could then be infused with Xiantian True Qi.”

Xie Mingjin asked in a strange tone, “What type of metal is Magnetic Steel Source? Could it be that it can’t be melted with ordinary, steel furnaces?”

He Yiming’s brows faintly creased as he said, “I’m afraid it won’t. If it is melted with ordinary steel furnaces, it will be automatically absorbed by the furnace. However, it won’t be absorbed by Jadestone. Thus, it can only be melted in a furnace casted in Jadestone,” His face suddenly revealed a teasing smile as he said, “Brother Xie you wouldn’t actually presume that I would want a steel furnace as my weapon, would you?”

Xie Mingjin’s face slightly reddened as he said, “Of course not. However….” He hesitated a bit before continuing, “Even if there is a furnace made of Jadestone, going by the length of your weapon, I’m afraid it wouldn’t be possible.”

Xie Zhien interjected, “Master He, the weapon you wield is…?”

In the Xie Residence, apart from the father and son, other people had not seen his frightening broadsword. As such, when he saw Xie Mingjin talking in such a manner, he couldn’t help but feel somewhat curious.

Xie Mingjin immediately said, “Wait a bit, elder grandfather. Brother He, can my grandfather see your broadsword?”

Although the broadsword could be partitioned into three parts, each of these parts was a meter long and was extremely heavy. The weapon was not fit to be carried around at all times. Therefore, He Yiming had placed it in his bedroom.

Hearing Xie Mingjin’s question, He Yiming coarsely laughed and said, “Of course.”

His feet moved, leaving the entrance in a flash. His movements didn’t have a bit of abruptness and seemed completely natural. It seemed once he stepped out, this ought to be the distance covered.

Xie Mingjin couldn’t discern the strangeness of this step but Xie Zhien was only too clear. He heaved a sigh, brimming with envy inwardly.

The speciality of Xiantian realm not only shined during battle, even in daily life, it could ascend one to another level.

Moving in such a natural manner- if Xie Zhien himself were to try it, he wouldn’t be able to accomplish it in such a relaxed and smooth manner.

After a few moments, He Yiming returned. When he revealed the broadsword, even with the knowledge Xie Zhien possessed, he couldn’t help but widen his eyes.

He bitterly laughed and said, “Master He, this is the weapon you wield?”

“Correct, “ He Yiming assembled the broadsword and cautiously placed it flat on the table. If he’d erected it straight, would it have stab opened a huge hole in the roof? Hard to tell.

Xie Zhien now understood the meaning behind Xie Mingjin’s words. Finding a Jadestone furnace that could fit this sword was almost impossible.

However, this old man merely thought for a few moments before suddenly saying, “Master He, the matter of furnace is not a hard one to solve. Your sword can be disassembled into three parts, and our Xie Mansion is also not lacking in Jadestone to make a rockbed. As long as we are given five days, we can certainly make the furnace. However…..” His gazed at He Yiming and continued, “Your weapon is extraordinary. As such, the materials required will be several times compared to normal weapons.”

He Yiming faintly nodded. The older, the wiser. The old man could tell at a glance that He Yiming himself had no way of solving this issue.

Taking out the Magnetic Steel Source given by Ting Liferay, He Yiming said, “The quantity of this metal is not that much, but to refine one section of the sword, it will be more than enough. If elder can solve the issue of the furnace, we can immediately begin the refining.”

Xie Zhien immediately patted his chest as if making an oath. At the same time, he also promised to ask the other members of Xie family to keep an eye for Magnetic Steel Source for his entire sword.

However, He Yiming didn’t care about this promise at all.

If Magnetic Steel Source was this easy to obtain, Ting Liferay wouldn’t have valued it so much. To find this treasure in the hands of an ordinary person- this could only be counted as an extremely lucky chance.

However, the promise made to He Yiming was treated as the most important task in the entire Xie Mansion.

In the afternoon, the most reputed craftsmen of the Downwind city was invited to the Xie Mansion. They didn’t invite a single individual, but a group of more than ten people. Three among which were in the middle of working for Mu family.

The Mu family immediately discharged the men after hearing Xie family’s explanation. They absolutely wouldn’t wish to offend a Xiantian expert over such a trivial matter.

Taking a time of merely four days, the craftsmen had produced a two meter long furnace. Moreover, this furnace differed from the usual. It wasn’t erected, but placed flat on the ground. Furthermore, it had twenty legs for support. Regardless of how you look at it, it was a colossal monster.

He Yiming was exceedingly pleased with this object. As soon as the manufacturing process was complete, he politely asked the Xie family for the refining process without the slightest hesitation.

The fist-sized Magnetic Steel Source was placed into the furnace, and the flame underneath was ignited.

After a while, all the Magnetic Steel Source was completely transformed into paste.

Jadestone not only had an excellent heat conduction, even more significant was its exceedingly high melting temperature. Under ordinary conditions, it would never melt.

He Yiming placed the first section into the paste. As expected, a mysterious phenomenon occurred. The paste particles, as if alive, took the initiative to enter the sword. Moreover, according to He Yiming’s observation, the distribution was also quite homogenous.

If not for seeing with his own eyes, he wouldn’t have believed this phenomenon.

After an hour, there was no paste in the furnace. When He Yiming took out the head of the sword, there was actually an indistinct, mysterious glow on the broadsword.

After cooling the blade, when He Yiming again picked up the blade, he could apparently feel the unusual strength contained in its body. This made him sigh in wonder.

Only because there were so many people, He Yiming was able to force himself to not try the sword on the spot, and instead put it back into its sheath.

A few days later, under the supervision of Xie Mingjin and the rest, the manufacturing of the inner-wear was completed. He Yiming bid them farewell and left.