Martial God - Book 2 - Fame Spreads - Chapter 27.1

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The tower’s gate slowly opened, and He Yiming’s figure suddenly appeared outside the gate. He turned back and performed a deep bow towards the insides of the tower. Subsequently, he waved his sleeves and immediately left, walking towards the entrance of the Royal Palace.

All the guards had already been commanded to pretend as if they hadn’t seen anything regarding He Yiming’s departure. However, they wouldn’t have been able to stop him even if they wished.

A few moments later, He Yiming had left the Royal Palace. However, right at this moment, Ting Brightfire appeared in the tower himself.

“Ancestor, has Master He agreed to serve as our Fire Crow country’s national protector?”

Before Ting Liferay, he never put on any air as Fire Crow country’s king. The truth was that if he’d not received the former’s approval back in the day, he might not have ascended the throne.

Ting Liferay faintly shook his head, “We can’t ask this person.”

Ting Brightfire’s face slightly changed as he said, “Ancestor, Master He seemed to be a Master who had recently entered the Xiantian realm. The scriptures and treasures our royal family had collected are innumerable. If we allow him to take his pick, he might not be able to decline, no?”

Ting Liferay gave him a cold look before saying, “Brightfire, I know you’re very expectant, but keep in mind that this person’s future accomplishments are beyond your comprehension, and those capable of raising such a person are only those super high level sects that are hidden from the world. He might not put our tiny Fire Crow country’s trifling treasury into his eyes,” He toned down his voice as he continued, “However, I’ve attempted to establish friendly relationship with him. In the future, if we meet again, he shouldn’t see Fire Crow country as his enemy.”

Ting Brightfire finally gave up and let out a sigh, not speaking a word.

While Ting Liferay was actually sighing inwardly. Although Magnetic Steel Source was quite rare, a Xiantian cultivator wouldn’t consider it as a precious treasure at all. However, after knowing He Yiming’s true age, he completely gave up on convincing him to become the protector of Fire Crow country.

Therefore, the true treasure he’d been originally intending to give was replaced at the last moment.

If this article could win a Xiantian expert’s acquaintanceship, it was more than enough for its worth.

After leaving the Royal Palace, He Yiming naturally returned to the Xie Residence.

Currently, Mu Yuan and Luo Xin had already left. However, they both had left behind some precious treasures, asking Xie family to deliver in their stead.

When Xie Mingjin took out these gifts, even He Yiming was somewhat astonished.

The treasures they left behind were not as exaggerated as the Magnetic Steel Source but were still exceedingly rare artifacts, some among which, He Yiming had never heard of.

He thought for a while and asked Xie Mingjin about the relationship between these big influential families.

He then finally understood. Although these four big influential families competed each other for power, at the same time, they were interrelated with marriage. You have a part of me, and I have a part of you…..It was a complete mess.

However, this was not strange. As long as one thought about the current situation in the Tai Cang county, it was evident.

Not to mention the clans possessing legacies of milleniums, even the clans that had been passed on through a few centuries also took marriage extremely seriously.

Tai Cang county’s He and Cheng families had only recently established a marital relationship. However, how long had it been since Xu and Cheng families did the same? These clans’ relationships were quite tangled and complicated. Sometimes, they tried to suppress each other, but other times, they also supported each other.

In other words, the relationship between them simply couldn’t be described in words. He Yiming also didn’t care much. After understanding a little bit, he immediately escaped from this mess.

Looking at the shining piles of gifts in the courtyard, He Yiming said in a straightforward manner, “These things don’t have much use for me. You can do as you see fit.”

Xie Mingjin faintly started before involuntarily creasing his brows. He Yiming indeed had the authority to make such arrangements, but he didn’t dare casually deal with these gifts.

“Brother Xie, I’ve already spent many days here. I must return home,” He lowered his tone, “I wonder whether that innerwear has been completed?”

Xie Mingjin was alarmed inwardly, “Brother He, I’ve already ordered to speed up the process. However, it would take at least about ten more days. But why are you leaving so soon? Could it be that my families reception was somehow unsatisfactory?”

He Yiming waved his hand and said, “No, I didn’t mean it in that way. I’ve already been away from home for a long time. Now that I’ve even entered the Xiantian realm, I naturally wish to make a trip back home. I can’t always wander outside.”

Xie Mingjin faintly nodded. He first wished to ask the location of He Yiming’s home, but at the last moment, he forced himself to stop. Without any better options, he was forced to change the topic, “Brother He, what are your plans upon returning home?”

He Yiming thought for a bit then said, “I don’t have any specific plans. After a bit of rest at home, I will probably travel outside once again and see for myself whether this world is truly as wonderful as they say.”

As he said these words, his eyes shined momentarily.

Conversing with Ting Liferay had placed the notion of travelling the world in his heart. Moreover, this notion was quite strong.

Xie Mingjin inwardly sighed, recalling his elder grandfather’s words. He Yiming indeed couldn’t be bound within the struggles of a particular region.

He Yiming’s suddenly felt something. His gaze intentionally or unintentionally, momentarily shot towards the entrance. Subsequently, he let out a chuckle and said, “Brother Xie, I still remember the three-year agreement. Within three years at most, I will return back here and help the elder in attacking the Xiantian realm.”

Xie Mingjin immediately retreated a step and deeply bowed to him before sincerely saying, “Many thanks, brother He.”

“Many thanks, Master He.”

At the same time, an aged voice sounded from the entrance. Xie Mingjin immediately ran to the entrance, and as expected, found Xie Zhien standing at the entrance.

The old man entered and immediately performed a respectful greeting, “Master He, this lowly old man just heard that you will be leaving soon?”

“Yes, about ten days later, I will be returning back home.” He Yiming said without hiding anything.

Xie Zhien heaved a sigh and said, “Since Master He wishes to leave, we naturally don’t dare stop you. However, since you’ve agreed to protect this old man while ascending, this old man doesn’t dare act unconcerned.” He extended his hands, presenting a several inch thick book.

As He Yiming saw the prudent and grave appearance of the former, he immediately understood that the contents of this book were quite significant.