Martial God - Book 2 - Fame Spreads - Chapter 26.2

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After entering the tower, He Yiming’s vision observed his surroundings before following the tower’s staircase and slowly walking upwards.

Although there didn’t seem to be anyone in the tower, he could feel that on the fifth floor resided an expert capable of posing a threat to him.

The two were yet to face each other, but through special abilities of True Qi, they could feel the other’s existence and also the dread.

The extent of destructive power possessed by a Xiantian cultivator lied far beyond the comprehension capabilities of an ordinary person.

The fifth floor was completely empty except for five mats arranged on the floor. There was no decorations, no furniture.

On one of the mats sat an old man with completely white hair and beard. Although his appearance seemed quite aged, making him look in his seventies or eighties, his eyes brimmed with a vigour that He Yiming never expected to see.

It seemed as if the individual sitting before him was not a old man, but a male in his thirties or forties.

However, the instant both saw each other, although He Yiming was quite surprised, Ting Liferay’s’ astonishment was such that the calmness he’d preserved for several decades was overrun by the billowing waves in his heart.

Although Ting Brightfire and Brightriver were incapable of determining He Yiming’s true age, Ting Liferay was already certain that this partially curious, partially excited, and partially eager Xiantian cultivator was not twenty yet.

His heart was suddenly pricked by trace of extremely bitter and agonizing feeling.

This youngster has already passed that most critical juncture and have become a true Xiantian cultivator…..

He was even more clearer of the underlying meaning behind this feat than Ting Brightfire and the rest. His original plans of persuasion immediately disappeared.

He already knew that he had no chance of convincing this youngster to be trapped within Fire Crow country.

The two looked at each other for a few moments before He Yiming eventually performed a deep bow and said, “Junior He Yiming, greets senior.”

Ting Liferay stood up and cupped his hands, “Brother He need not be too polite. Please have a seat.”

He Yiming sat down on the opposite mat, feeling quite strange inwardly. He couldn’t figure why would a Xiantian cultivator reside in such miserable conditions.

Liferay’s face revealed a calm and peaceful smile as he said, “Brother He, you have recently entered the Xiantian realm, so you might not know some Xiantian rules.”

He Yiming immediately shook his head and said, “This is indeed the case. Seeking guidance from Senior.”

Ting Liferay suddenly placed his hands on his legs. This motion suddenly exuded an extremely harmonious feeling. He Yiming vaguely felt that his interaction and connection with the Worldly Qi lacked far behind in comparison to the individual before him.

“The world is vast and cultivators innumerable. However, those who can step into the Xiantian realm are dragons and phoenixes above the mortal world,” Ting Liferay’s voice was not heavy but contained a strong air of arrogance, “Dragons and Phoenixes when fly, fly above nine heavens, when dive, dive deeper than nine hells, and so can extraordinary people.”

He Yiming faintly nodded, but inwardly, he was somewhat at a loss. Strangely, the old man’s words exuded a strong feeling of looking down and standing above all living things, as if he held no regard for the lives of ordinary people.

However, this feeling didn’t connect with He Yiming at all. The number of people he cared about was indeed too much.

Ting Liferay closed his mouth, as if having felt something from He Yiming’s eyes.

After a few moments, the old man bitterly laughed and said, “I am really an old fool. Why am I explaining these things to you now? After you live for hundred years, you will naturally understand this reasoning,” He paused for bit before continuing, “in simple terms, once you attain the Xiantian realm, your identity will no longer be similar to that of ordinary people. Henceforth, you are above the mortal world, and your age is no longer an issue. Your strength will be the only measure to judge you.”

He Yiming’s face revealed a sudden understanding. However, inwardly, he didn’t quite approve. Though he had no intentions to wrangle with this old man before him.

“Brother He, if you meet a Xiantian Master in the future, as long as you address the counterpart by their name or surname, it will be enough. You need not use or consider yourself with a junior’s identity.”

He Yiming hesitated for a bit, then faintly nodded. If these were the agreed rules among the Xiantian cultivators, he’d no problem abiding them.

Although Ting Liferay’s age was quite high, he was not lacking in the energy department. He chatted about anything and everything with He Yiming, telling him various sorts of interesting tales about northwestern countries.

He Yiming then came to know that this old man had apparently travelled the whole world. He’d basically travelled every country in the northwest, even once making a trip to the faraway Grand Extension country, which was called the country of ten thousand countries.

Due to this, the old man’s knowledge was profound, provoking extreme yearning in He Yiming.

The topic once again returned back to Fire Crow country. Ting Liferay suddenly sighed and said, “Unfortunate.”

He Yiming faintly started and said, “What’s unfortunate?”

“This old man previously thought that it was that child Xu Zhien from the Xu family who has cleared the bottleneck,” Ting Liferay said while incessantly sighing.

He Yiming’s eyes immediately opened wide and face twitched.

In this old man’s eyes, that white-haired Xie Zhien has actually become a child. As He Yiming recalled Xie Zhien’s appearance, he suddenly felt like laughing and crying at the same time.

This child would probably be one of its kind in the world.

Ting Liferay shook his head and said, “For brother to step into Xiantian realm is obviously a joyous occasion. However, as far as our Fire Crow country is concerned, Xie Zhien entering the Xiantian realm would have been quite fortunate.”

He Yiming, although somewhat dissatisfied inwardly, understood the meaning behind these words.

Ting Liferay suddenly changed the topic, “Brother He, since you’ve broken through in my Fire Crow country, you and this country have karma between you. I wish to offer you a present. Please, don’t decline.”

After saying these words, he pushed his hands into his robe and took out an old-looking, black stone.

He Yiming observed the stone, but was unable to guess its identity.

Ting Liferay looked at this stone. Momentarily, his eyes seemed as if he couldn’t bear to part with this stone. However, it was only for a moment before he directly presented the gift before He Yiming.

“This is my humble gift, please don’t decline.”

He Yiming didn’t know what this thing was, but even an idiot can tell that this stone was extremely precious. Otherwise, Ting Liferay wouldn’t have treasured it so much.

Hesitating a bit, He Yiming said, “Master Ting, it is said that don’t accept the reward you don’t deserve. I don’t dare accept this thing.”

Ting Liferay lightly laughed and said, “Brother He, this old man has no other intentions except for friendship. Is that not enough?” He slightly caressed the stone as he continued, “This is a chunk of Magnetic Steel Source I found in my former day while travelling the world. Although it’s not some extremely precious artifact, it is one of the metals that can sustain True Qi. Brother He, if you forge some weapon, you can merge the two without any worries at all.”

He Yiming cried out in surprise before asking, “Master Ting, could it be that ordinary weapons can’t sustain Xiantian’s True Qi?”

Ting Brightray coarsely laughed before saying, “How powerful is Xiantain’s True Qi? So, how can ordinary weapons sustain it?”

Cold sweat seeped out of He Yiming’s clothes. His heart only had one thought that he’d fortunately left the broadsword in the Xie Residence. Otherwise, if he’d infused it with True Qi, it would have been destroyed.

After thinking for a bit, He Yiming eventually picked up the stone and said, “I will no longer decline Master Ting’s kindness. If there’s something I can do for Master Ting, I will certainly spare no effort.”

Ting Liferay nodded while beaming with smiles. He was quite pleased with He Yiming’s attitude. Subsequently, he gravely explained the use of this stone and properties. What made He Yiming astonished was that this object’s use was quite simple. One only needed to melt it in liquid form, then place the weapon inside. The weapon will automatically absorb it.

He Yiming had never heard about such a wondrous metal before. However, looking at this fist-sized metal, he felt rather awkward inwardly.

Would this bit of Magnetic Steel Source be able to transform his entire broadsword?

As soon as he thought about the length of his broadsword, he didn’t feel positive in the slightest.