Martial God - Book 1 - What Is A Genius - Chapter 26 - Water And Metal Techniques

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“Ha…” He Yihai ferociously roared, which seemed like a thunderclap jolting the spectators.

Along with the roar, his movements suddenly quickened a lot. His whole being seemed berserk as his vehemence rose to the peak. The sky and earth suddenly seemed to have covered with countless pairs of palms, surrounding and attacking his opponent.

However, his opponent, He Yixuan, still remained unfazed. He Yiming could even feel that the latter’s surroundings had turned into a vortex; regardless of enormity of He Yihai’s strength, it could only enter but not leave.

As expected, after a few minutes, He Yihai couldn’t sustain such an intense consumption. He Yihai pulled back and the countless pair of palms, which seemed to be covering the skies, immediately disappeared.

After Yihai pulled back, He Yixuan didn’t press his advantage, instead stood at his position with rapt attention. Though his eyes had a trace of smugness.

He Yihai let out long sigh and said:

“Third brother, dueling with you is really too boring.”

An ordinary person obviously couldn’t make out much sense in his words, but He Yiming and the clan elders were well-aware in their hearts. A fire attributed cultivator running into a water attributed cultivator and the true strength of both sides being hardly any different, under such conditions, He Yihai would obviously be very gloomy.

He Yixuan laughed and said:

“Second brother, if you switch to wood-type cultivation technique, could you not excel your younger brother?”

He Yihai’s eyebrows jumped as he glared at his younger brother, but subsequently, he laughed nevertheless. He Wude and the rest also had faint smiles on their faces. He Yixaun’s words were obviously just for fun. How could switching to a different type of cultivation technique be so easy. Only an idiot or someone trapped on a single layer’s peak for a long time, like He Yiming, would try to cultivate a different technique.

However, this situation only corresponded up to about the fifth or sixth layer. After cultivating to the seventh layer, basically, no one would choose to give up on his/her choice.

Of course, in a certain legend, even peak level masters chose to change their primary cultivation technique. That was a case of being as lucky as you could get and somehow get your hands on an exceedingly powerful primary cultivation technique. However, such lucky bastards were as rare as feathers of phoenix and horns of unicorn, basically non-existent.

He Quanyi faintly shook his head and said:

“Yihai, you lost, just come down. He Yiming, you are next.”

He Yiming bitterly laughed in his mind; his turn had finally come. He took a deep breath as he stood up before he advanced forward in steady steps.

However, at this instant, He Wude’s voice sounded:

“Yixuan, you come down. Let Yiming and Yihai compete.”

Old man’s words immediately garnered people’s curiosity. Especially, the family’s second generation and the third generation who’d attained the sixth layer revealed expressions of astonishment as they looked towards the old man with slightly puzzled gazes.

Although He Yihai lost to He Yixaun, it was not because former’s strength was inferior, but because latter’s technique restrained his. Everybody knew that He Yiming cultivated a metal-type primary technique. Thus, if matched against He Yixuan, both would truly compete in terms of strength. However, if matched against He Yihai, would it not be actually restraining him?

For the time being, they couldn’t grasp the reason behind the swap of positions.

However, since these words had been spoken by the Lord Master, no one dared to object.

He Yixuan walked down in puzzlement and winked towards He Yiming as he said:

“Take care.”

He Yiming deeply nodded and made a ‘don’t worry’ hand gesture towards the former. In truth, with his current cultivation, which had already attained the eighth layer, how could he truly care about such a competition. His only concern was that what portion of his true strength should he actually exhibit.

Upon setting his foot on the stage, he suddenly felt extremely unwell. He’d previously participated in the fist techniques exhibition, but that was alongside hundreds of other people. However, at this moment, he and He Yixuan were the attention of countless people’s heated gazes. Being a fourteen year old youngster, such a feeling was extremely new, but at the same time, also pressuring.

With a slightly red face, he slowly circulated his Internal Energy and calmed down his heart which had been jumping like a small deer. He arrived next to He Yihai, cupped his hands, and said:

“Second brother, please start off leniently.”

He Yihai laughed as he said:

“Little sixth, I can’t be lenient.”

He Yiming slightly started and astoundedly looked at He Yihai, only to see the latter rubbing his hands while saying:

“In these two years, I’d been firmly restrained by Yixuan both the times, and both of us hadn’t been able to hold against the eldest brother either. I’ve really lost more than enough times. This time, against you, I cannot lose.”

He Yiming bitterly smiled as he faintly shook his head. Such a fiery and direct temperament, no wonder his second brother chose to cultivate fire-type techniques.

Along with a command from He Quanyi, He Yiming and He Yihai posed themselves.

He Yihai roared as both of his palms, which seemed to flutter in the air, slapped towards He Yiming accompanied by an air-piercing sound.

In an inter-clan skill competition, battles were naturally not life threatening. Although He Yihai and his younger brother had fought for a long time previously, their Internal Energy consumption was actually not that much. Thus, former’s strikes contained formidable might and even a faint red color could be seen on his palms.

With a grave expression, He Yiming raised his fists; immediately exhibiting the peak of the sixth layer, he employed the Rolling Boulder Fist. Momentarily, both the figures intertwined together and relentlessly struck against each other.

Under He Yiming’s careful attention, his Internal Energy never exceeded the sixth layer. Likewise, the might of his Rolling Boulder Fist also remained corresponding to that of the sixth layer. However, the next moment, the expressions of He Wude and the rest slightly changed.

As He Yiming’s fists flew in the air, everybody felt that it actually carried a sort of profoundness. Furthermore, as the might behind his fists erupted, in the eyes of the cultivators who’d attained the sixth layer and had trained in battle skills, he increasingly resembled a gigantic boulder.

This gigantic boulder was spinning and slowly rolling forward. Although its speed was not much, it didn’t felt sluggish at all.

He Quanxin and the rest two brothers exchanged a quick glance, none lacking a jubilant expression.

They understood that He Yiming’s fist techniques gave off such a feeling only because he’d thoroughly understood the true essence of the Rolling Boulder Fist.

As imposing as a boulder and spinning as fast as lightning; these are the most important key points of Rolling Boulder Fist.

Although almost everybody knew the true essence of this fist technique, among the metal-type cultivators, rarely anyone could actually grasp it. According to the experience and knowledge of He Quanxin and the rest two, people who could exhibit Rolling Boulder Fist to such a level could be counted on fingers.

They subsequently recalled He Yiming’s fight with Hubin six months ago. Now, He Yiming’s victory didn’t seem a mere stroke of luck.

The more He Yihai fought, the more gloomy he became. He Yiming clearly cultivated in metal-type techniques, logically, the latter should have been restrained by his fire type techniques. Furthermore, only six months had passed since the latter advanced to the sixth layer. However, in the current exchange of blows, somehow, he once again found himself in a disadvantageous position.

He Yihai’s complexion was faintly red. Losing to his second brother was related to the mutual-restraint of their techniques, but if he again lost to his sixth brother, he would truly lose too much face.

As his thoughts reached this point, his expression became extremely grave. His fist-moves changed. His every fist now carried a fiery gale, and even the skin on his body began to turn faintly red.

He Yiming suddenly felt the pressure increasing many folds. Unfortunately, he didn’t have enough experience to know the technique the technique his second brother had used. As this technique was employed, he actually felt sort of choked. From this he could ascertain that this was his second brother’s trump card.

At this point, he actually felt as if his Rolling Boulder Fist was going to be split opened. He immediately realized that this was because the strength behind it was not enough.

Instantaneously, several thoughts flashed through his mind, and he abruptly went along with an extremely strange notion.

Instead of promoting his Rolling Boulder Fist to the seventh layer or employing Splitting Mountain Thirty Six Forms, his circulating Internal Energy, which was the metal-type Primordial Energy, transformed into that of the Ripple technique.

Next moment, He Yiming’s movements seemed to have relaxed. His fist technique had not changed and was still that seemed like a surging boulder sort of metal-type fist technique, however, it actually gave off a boundless and continuous feeling like that of flowing water.

He Wude and the rest first started, then opened their eyes wide with astonished expressions.

For them, He Yiming’s fist technique had actually transformed into something they couldn’t grasp. His technique was clearly metal-type Rolling Boulder Fist, however, when it unfolded, it gave off an unceasing feeling like that of flowing water.

This was absolutely inconceivable. Since when metal-type techniques could feel like water-type techniques. They looked at each other’s faces while thinking….this world is too bizarre…

On the other hand, currently focused He Yihai had already suffered enough. The fist technique, that he’d dashed out with all his effort, had apparently sunk down in a mud puddle and couldn’t break free. He roared before shouting:


He Yiming immediately restrained his fist. He’d just conformed water-type Internal Energy to metal-type battle skill, but actually obtained unimaginable results. However, upon seeing his second brother flipping out, he promptly retreated a few steps.

He Yihai was gasping and looking at He Yiming as his countenance turned increasingly depressed.

“Sixth brother… impressive. I lost.”

Apart from He Wude and a few other individuals, rest all immediately went in an uproar. No one expected, He Yihai, who had been majestic and awe-inspiring just a moment ago, would actually admit defeat on his own accord.

As the crowd was murmuring in low voices, a youngster in white clothes arrived on the stage and said in a clear voice:

“Sixth brother, how about we try for a bit.”

Suddenly, the entire backyard turned completely silent. The individual who’d posed the challenge was unexpectedly the number one figure in the third generation, He Yitian.