Martial God - Book 2 - Fame Spreads - Chapter 25.1 - Xiantian True Qi

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Looking at his hands, an idea suddenly emerged in He Yiming’s mind.

He extended his hands flat out before clasping his palms and making a bizarre seal. This was precisely the Hidden Needle Imprint invented by him, which could also be considered a type of Xiantian battle skill.

As the True Qi inside his body circulated through the predetermined course, the center of his palms faintly swelled before shooting two streams of air at a lightning fast speed.

These two streams were no longer soundless and colorless. They carried a faint red glow and had been shot with a severe air-cleaving sound.

Their speed was such that even He Yiming merely saw a red glow flickering before him.

His jaw dropped in alarm as he looked ahead with a bewildered gaze.

Before him was the valley’s stone wall. At this moment, two fist-sized holes had mysteriously appeared on the wall. Furthermore, in the depths of the holes, a scorched black color could be seen, emitting white mist that was rising in spirals.

He Yiming gulped. Even he himself was not fully convinced whether he was responsible for this outcome.

He sucked in a deep breath before extending his arms out again. True Qi slowly circulated from his Dantian to his meridians before arriving in his arms.

A bit of True Qi slowly spread around from the center of his palms. Suddenly, a strange red-colored substance grew out from the center of his palms.

He Yiming’s face turned exceptionally grave. He focused his whole attention on this strange substance.

He was quite certain that this was precisely the True Qi. The particular True Qi of his body which had been aroused with the help of Blaze technique.

His figure flickered, disappearing from his original position. The next moment, he’d arrived before the stone wall. He lightly waved his hand. With a scattering sound, countless dust particles dropped down from the wall.

As He Yiming closely observed, a deep trench appeared on the wall’s surface.

This was the harm caused by the True Qi after leaving the body.

This was the biggest difference between a cultivator’s Internal Energy and True Qi. Regardless of how strong one’s Internal Energy can become, it can never leave one’s body as an offensive measure. Once Internal Energy left the body, regardless of how strong it might be, it would disappear without a trace even before it could travel an inch outside one’s body.

To injure somebody from a distance, Houtian cultivators only had two options. First- to cultivate a Xiantian battle skill similar to Hidden Needle Imprint, which could only be accomplished by a genius.

The other method was much simpler and also the method used by the majority of Houtian cultivators- the use of secret weapons. Be it a flying needle slenderly hidden within cattle fur, or bow and arrow, or flowers and leaves, anything could be used to injure somebody from a distance.

However, the prerequisite was that one’s Internal Energy must be able to sustain the flight of whatever object was being used. Apart from this, there was no way for Houtian cultivators to accomplish this feat.

However, Xiantian’s True Qi was evidently different. Even if this power were to venture outside the body, under the manipulation through the True Qi inside the body, it could interact with the Worldly Qi outside, thereby accomplishing the feat of injuring somebody from a distance.

He Yiming’s True Qi was quite shallow- far from the optimal state. However, by comparison, this was a qualitative leap, and it represented his formal entry into the Xiantian realm.

He sucked in a deep breath. As the True Qi inside his body unceasingly circulated, his figure moved about at a lightning fast speed. His two hands relentlessly waved, and his two palms seemed to have grown two and a half meters long with red-colored light-swords on them.

These two light-swords seemed substantial, transforming everything they touched into ashes.

The True Qi produced due to the Blaze technique was strong- strong to an extent that it filled He Yiming’s heart with an unshakable confidence.

The difference between the Xiantian and Houtian was too big- so much so that even a tenth layer expert wouldn’t have a chance against the current him.

Before attaining the Xiantian realm, one would never be able to understand the true disparity between the two realms.

Suddenly, He Yiming, who had been jumping about like a monkey, stopped before his brows slightly creased. The light-swords on his palms had already disappeared.

The light-swords stretching out from his hands although looked quite majestic and yielded quite good results, the rate of their True Qi consumption was beyond horrifying. For He Yiming, who had recently entered this realm, this was simply a burden that he couldn’t sustain for long intervals of time.

Although after attaining the Xiantian realm, he could absorb certain energies from the external world, thereby replenishing the lost True Qi at a fast rate, this rate had a limit. If the consumption of True Qi far outstripped the replenishment, he wouldn’t be able to use this technique.

He Yiming stayed one complete day in the valley, training all his learned battle skills once.

He could eventually ascertain that even in the hands of a Xiantian cultivator, Houtian battle skills couldn’t exhibit a might equivalent to that of Xiantian battle skills.

As for the Xiantian battle skills- Hidden Needle Imprint was a technique he’d created by stealthily studying another Xiantian technique. Thus, there was no need to mention it. However, he could now cultivate four new forms of [Splitting Mountain Thirty-Six Forms] in one swoop after attaining the Xiantian realm.

He wished to continue for more, but was stumped at the seventeenth form.

This seventeenth form’s diagram was quite comical, demonstrating an individual like a windborne kite, and its requirement of True Qi could only be described as horrifying- simply impossible to fulfil for the current He Yiming.

He tried to force it once, and it resulted in his True Qi surging backwards, almost destroying his meridians.

He Yiming was finally convinced that from the beginning of the seventeenth form, the current him was incapable of cultivating this technique.

Although there were only four new forms, He Yiming was completely satisfied. The might of any of these four forms was far above what any Houtian battle skill could hope to attain. Furthermore, each of these four forms could slightly arouse the Worldly Qi, thereby gaining an increase in the power of the battle skill.

He had complete confidence if he encountered a gold-crowned python again, he wouldn’t be forced into wasting all of his Internal Energy and employing a move that would injure both sides.

As long as he used any of these four forms, he could easily kill that spiritual beast on the spot.

After a day’s experimentation, He Yiming had gained a basic understanding of Xiantian realm. Of course, it was all conjecture based on his understanding. To gain a true understanding, he still had a long road to cover.

His figure flickered before he left the valley and advanced towards the Downwind city.

Meanwhile, he decided that as soon as the manufacturing of that inner-wear made of long-armed raccoons skin was finished, he would leave.

Currently, Xie family was surrounded by their distinguished friends.

The only individuals qualified to be present at this occasion were the core members of Xie family and the high ranking members of the other three influential families that existed in Fire Crow country alongside the Xie family.

After the royal family’s prince, Ting Brightriver arrived, the other two families also decided to make an appearance.

They were also like Ting Brightriver, believing that Xie family’s Xie Zhien had crossed the bottleneck to Xiantian realm. After they learned the truth of the matter, they all were exceedingly astonished.

Subsequently, they all tacitly decided to temporarily take shelter in Xie Mansion, and Xie family naturally didn’t decline.