Martial God - Book 2 - Fame Spreads - Chapter 24.1

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Looking at the Xie family members who were respectful and fawning over him, He Yiming sighed inwardly.

Before he’d entered the Xiantian realm, although they were still polite to him, it was nowhere near this exaggerated. After ascending to the Xiantian realm and further promising to help the old daoist, Xie Zhien, they had become respectful to the extreme.

Xie Zhien, this hundred year old man in particular- he even displayed courtesy that somewhat resembled that of a disciple.

Suddenly, his heart faintly trembled before he asked, “Senior Xie, under the protection of a Xiantian realm cultivator, can all the Houtian realm, tenth layer cultivators breakthrough?”

Xie Zhien bitterly smiled and said, “Mr. He, this is simply impossible,” He faintly shook his head and sighed, “A Xiantian ream cultivator could only helping in increasing the endurance of meridians, making so that a cultivator wouldn’t go as far as to die due to body exploding while making the breakthrough. To truly breakthrough, one has to rely on his own efforts. Either cultivate two engendering, top-level techniques, or get a gold core refined from the inner core of a five hundred year or above spiritual beast. And even if these circumstances were to be fulfilled, one only has a chance to breakthrough. As for whether if one really makes the breakthrough…..”

Looking at the old man’s expression, which suggested that he wished to say something but was hesitating, He Yiming immediately understood.

He inwardly sighed, knowing that although he’d made the breakthrough, but his plan of helping the old man doing the same was completely fruitless.

“So it means, even if I help, elder wouldn’t necessarily advance?”

Xie Zhien’s complexion darkened before he said, “It’s precisely as such. However, this will be the last opportunity this dying, old man would get. I would have to rely on Mr. He to fulfil it.”

Afraid that He Yiming would take back his words, he immediately bowed to the ground once again; his eyes’ sincerity enough to move anybody.

He Yiming immediately helped him up and said, “Senor, please be at ease. Since I’ve already agreed, I’ll not back out.” His voice calm, carrying a force to convince anyone involuntarily.

The big rocks on the hearts’ of Xie Zhien and the rest were immediately lifted. Although obtaining help from He Yiming didn’t ensure success, a hope was much better than having no chance.

For this hope, Xie family would be willing to pay any cost.

An old servant hurriedly rushed in, holding a gold-stamped card in his hand. His face looked excited as he shouted from the entrance before even approaching, “Lord, his majesty, Prince Ting Brightriver, is visiting.”

Xie Nuanhang and the rest’s expression slightly changed. They exchanged glances before Xie Grace respectfully said, “Mr. He, Prince Ting Brightriver must have come because of you. Would you like to meet him?”

He Yiming astoundedly asked, “Who is Ting Brightriver?”

Xie Grace thought for a bit before saying, “In Fire Crow country, there are four big influential families thriving. Among these, the Ting family is the royal family and also the only family to have a Xiantian realm cultivator. Ting Brightriver is one of the Ting family’s three great experts. Although in your eyes, he might not seem like anything, but in Fire Crow country, he is quite an illustrious expert.”

He Yiming faintly nodded, then thought for a bit and said, “This surnamed He has just entered the Xiantian realm and wishes to go in seclusion for a few days. I will not receive any outside guest, pardon me Mr. Xie.”

Xie Grace deeply bowed; a delighted glint flickering in his eyes. Subsequently, he said, “Since this is Mr. He’s wish, this surnamed Xie will certainly pass it on as it is.”

Xie Nuanhang and the rest also inwardly let out a sigh of relief. From their standpoint, they naturally didn’t want to see He Yiming becoming intertwined with any other influential family of Fire Crow country except for Xie family.

Looking at the color of the sky, He Yiming faintly cupped his hands and said, “This surnamed He wishes to make a trip outside. Within three days at most, one day at minimum, I will certainly be back.”

After speaking these words, he faintly nodded at Xie Mingjin. His figure flickered, turning into faint mist, having already disappeared.

The Xie family members exchanged a glance. After a few moments, Xie Nuanhang stepped forward and softly said, “Mingjin, I can see that Mr. He sees you in a very favourable light. You should know what you have to do, right?”

Although He Yiming had not spoken a word to Xie Mingjin in their presence, these old foxes had attained an extremely high level in measuring someone from their actions and expressions. While leaving, He Yiming’s action of specifically nodding at Xie Mingjin had not gone unchecked past them.

Xie Mingjin faintly started, then silently nodded and said, “Yes, elder uncle.”

His eyes brimmed with emotions. Although he was certain that He Yiming would have sooner or later advanced to the Xiantian realm, he never expected it would be so soon.

As he thought about their ages being similar but their strengths being so far apart, even though his temperament was straightforward, he couldn’t help but feel a loss inside him.

He Yiming’s figure moved towards the Xie Mansion’s main entrance like lightning. His speed was simply beyond an ordinary person.

Entering the Xiantian realm not only meant a qualitative improvement in his Internal Energy, turning it into Xiantian True Qi, which could communicate with the energies in the external world, even his physical body had also gained an unimaginable improvement in every aspect, at its essence.

Although he seemed to be leisurely walking in a garden, his speed was as such that even if people saw him, they only felt their eyes blurring.

In a few moments, he’d already arrived at the Xie family’s main entrance. Currently, the main entrance was already opened, and about two hundred armored men were standing outside. Their figures stood as straight as a mountain; their whole body exuding a grave, dangerous aura.

He Yiming could tell at a glance that they were all cultivators of sixth layer or above.

He didn’t need to ask anyone to ascertain that these men were protectors of that prince, Ting Brightriver.

His heart slightly trembled. In speaking, fifth layer and sixth layer only had a difference of one layer. However, the absolute majority of cultivators remained stuck on this junction for their entire lives.

Although with the prince’s strength, he wouldn’t be lacking in attendants and spongers of seventh layer or eighth layer, but even his guards were all sixth layer cultivators. This was simply too much of an exaggeration.

He pondered for a bit before slowing down, stopping beside the troops.

The two guards before him were standing perfectly straight. A person suddenly appeared before them out of nowhere. Even with their ability, they had not been able to discover a clue about this person’s appearance.

Under the many years of arduous training, they involuntarily reacted by taking out their swords while shouting, “Who?”

Their reaction immediately startled the entire troops, immediately attracting several tens of sharp, ferocious gazes.

He Yiming proudly laughed. Without paying any attention, he made a big motion of flicking his sleeves and left. However, this time, he didn’t leave quickly. Instead, he left at a pace of an ordinary person, under the vision of the troops.

The complexions of those guards transformed. Although they didn’t run amok in Downwind city, they had never been ignored so thoroughly by anybody.

However, for better or worse, they remembered that they were in front of the entrance of Xie Mansion. Although they felt quite furious inwardly, they didn’t dare create a scene.

In the middle was a palanquin sustained by sixteen big men. Every one of these men were tall and sturdy, seeming like iron towers. Even under the current situation, they didn’t even budge and stood upright before the palanquin.

Suddenly, the door of the palanquin opened, and a man wearing a fancy gown walked out.

As soon as this man walked out, all the surrounding people showed exceedingly respectful expressions.

He asked in a relaxed voice, “What’s the fuss about?”