Martial God - Book 1 - What Is A Genius - Chapter 22 - Splitting Mountains Thirty Six Forms

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The great courtyard of He family was the oldest courtyard in the estate. Starting from this courtyard, and going through decades, He Wude established the He family estate in Tai Cang county, ultimately obtaining the status of one of the three most influential families in the county.

Therefore, this courtyard held a special position in the hearts of estate’s members.

After entering the courtyard and dismissing the servants, He Wude said in a low voice:

“Yiming, recount your experience with Hubin in detail.”

After a bit of thinking, He Yiming recounted his experiences and the course of the battle. However, the entire time, he asserted that he only used the sixth level Rolling Boulder Fist. He didn’t mention the seventh layer of Internal Energy and didn’t even mention the sixth layer of Silk Palm. Of course, he didn’t conceal the strange technique employed by Hubin and took out the Splitting Mountain Thirty-Six Forms’ scripture.

He Wude accepted the book and opened it. He looked at it for a long time, while He Quanxin and He Yiming helplessly stood at the side, not daring to disturb He Wude’s thoughts.

After quite a while, He Wude closed the book. His eyes were faintly closed as he contemplated. Eventually, he let out a deep sigh and said:

“Sure enough, it’s what I expected. When this old man heard the news of that traitor injuring two sixth-layer children of Xu family, I had already guessed that this traitor must have learned a Xiantian battle skill scripture. And this is precisely one of the Xiantian battle skill scriptures.”

He Yiming, being somewhat astonished, asked:

“Grandfather, what is a Xiantian scripture?”

He Wude couldn’t help but laugh before he said:

“Yiming, you need not involve yourself with this stuff. After your Internal Energy attains the tenth layer, I will naturally let you know.”

He Yiming made a seemingly miserable sound of agreement. The tenth layer of Internal Energy was easier said than done. His eyes glanced at the scripture, and his lips parted. But he didn’t say anything in the end.

However, how could his Lord Father miss the small movements made by him. The former loudly laughed and said:

“Yiming, since this scripture was obtained by you, you naturally have the qualifications to cultivate it.”

He Yiming’s whole face was suddenly covered in smiles. The might of this skill, he only knew it too well. By employing this skill, Hubin was able to prevail over his battle skill corresponding to the sixth layer’s peak. Such an experience, which thoroughly toppled his previous knowledge, had allowed him to know the worth of such a battle skill with absolute clarity.

He Wude restrained his smiling expression and said earnestly:

“Yiming, just now, I saw that this scripture is a record of a metal-type technique known as Mountain Splitting Thirty-Six forms, three forms short. In our family, it only suits your cultivation.”

He Yiming looked at the scripture in astonishment and asked:

“Grandfather, this technique is missing three forms?”

“Correct. For some reason, the last three forms are not present.” He Wude regretfully sighed and continued:

“But you should not look down on this technique. In our Book Pavilion, this is unconditionally the best technique in terms of might. If it wasn’t a metal-type technique, I would have made all the suitable people to switch to this scripture.”

He Yiming was extremely glad in his mind. He promptly nodded while his eyes gleamed with joy and many other emotions.

He Wude’s tone suddenly turned strict as he said:

“Yiming, you may learn this technique. However, going by your current strength, you can only learn the first four forms.”

He Yiming started, before earnestly nodding:

“Grandfather, your grandson will keep it in mind.”

He Wude returned the scripture to He Yiming and said:

“It has been a long day for you. First, have some rest, and keep this scripture with you. After you’ve copied it down, hand it over to Quanxin.”

“Yes.” He Yiming respectfully took the scripture.

He Wude again spoke:

“In addition, the fact that you have obtained this scripture cannot be divulged outside. Aside from me or your first uncle, don’t let anybody else know about it.”

After a brief hesitation, He Yiming asked:

“In that case, what about father and third uncle?”

“They will naturally know..ah…I will also inform Tian-er. The rest don’t need to know about it for the time being.”

He Yiming said ‘yes’ and left upon receiving an indication from He Wude.

After he left the great courtyard, He Wude heartily laughed and said:

“Quanxin, Yiming’s luck was truly good this time. Not only was he able to temper himself, but even obtained a Xiantian battle skill scripture. Riches are to be sought in dangers; this saying is indeed true.”

Quanxin forced out a laugh and said:

“Father, seeking riches from such a danger was too dangerous. If He Yiming had not been a match for Hubin, I’m afraid….”

He Wude’s face tensed. He’d lingering fears of such a possibility as well. After a bit of thought, he said:

“It was truly dangerous this time. Fortunately, this Hubin’s Internal Energy was only at the fifth layer. Even though he’d cultivated a Xiantian technique, after successively injuring the two children from Xu family, he must have been quite exhausted. Therefore, when he faced He Yiming, he had the spirit but not the strength. Otherwise, this time, He Yiming might not have been able to kill him so easily.”

He Quanxin faintly nodded and said:

“Yes. He Yiming’s luck was truly good this time.”

The father and son exchanged a glance and sighed inwardly. They didn’t know that Hubin which He Yiming confronted was not just an arrow that was at the end of its flight, but was the Hubin, who’d already rested after escaping and had basically recovered his strength. If they had known this, their thoughts would be starkly different.

After returning to his room, He Yiming opened the scripture which was in his hand.

Although his grandfather had warned him to be cautious while cultivating this technique, He Yiming was confident in his affairs. His Internal Energy was not at the sixth layer, rather it had already attained the realm of the seventh layer. Therefore, even if he cultivated six forms, it wouldn’t be an issue.

He silently flipped through the contents in the scripture. After a long time, he straightened out the main threads.

This scripture called Splitting Mountain Thirty Six Forms was indeed missing the final three forms. This fact caused him to be extremely regretful. All cultivators knew that a technique’s final few forms were often the strongest ones. Due to the missing final three forms, this scripture’s worth was much less than the original.

However, since his grandfather had said that this scripture’s might was already the strongest among all the scriptures possessed by He family, he would naturally not miss such an opportunity.

However, after going through the scripture once, He Yiming discovered a strange thing.

This scripture mentioned that one could only start cultivating it after attaining the fifth layer of metal-type Internal Energy, and after that, one would be able to cultivate the next two forms at every respective layer from fifth to tenth.

In other words, even if He Yiming’s metal-type Internal Energy attained the tenth layer’s peak, he would only be able to cultivate twelve forms out of the total thirty-six forms.

After realizing this fact, He Yiming’s brows tightly creased. He recalled the unfamiliar words his grandfather had said:

This is one of the Xiantian scriptures.

‘Could it be…there are higher realms above the tenth layer?’

As soon as he thought this, his mind suddenly turned restless. However, after a short while, he immediately moderated his frame of mind. His current cultivation was merely the seventh layer of Internal Energy. Not to mention the realm above the tenth layer, even the tenth layer was quite far away from him. Currently thinking of these things was truly biting off more than he can chew.

The result of numerous years of his elder’s teaching, which said that one should have his feet firmly planted on the ground, could be seen at this moment. He took out a brush and paper, and slowly began to copy the book.

This book had a plenty of content. It was much bigger than the Rolling Boulder Fist or Silk Palm.

It took the entire day for He Yiming to finish copying.

Subsequently, he unhesitatingly started the cultivation. He immediately discovered that cultivating this technique was indeed much harder than cultivating Rolling Boulder Fist and Silk Palm.

Just the two forms corresponding to the fifth layer caused He Yiming quite a headache. The circulation course of this technique was quite diverse, and the primary requirement to cultivate this technique was to accomplish everything in a single stretch. If there was any hindrance mid-way, all the previous efforts would be completely wasted.

Therefore, even He Yiming was unable to succeed right away. He’d to attempt several times before he could meet the technique’s requirements. But the strange thing was that the first time He Yiming succeeded, his body seemed to have engraved that feeling. He didn’t require much effort when he employed the technique for the second time. He was as smooth and as skilled as if he’d trained millions of times.

He Yiming sighed inwardly. This technique was truly incomparable to the Rolling Boulder Fist or the Silk Palm. He’d spent several hours, but could only learn the first form.

However, he was completely clueless that the original master of this technique, Hubin, after obtaining this technique at the fifth layer, had to bitterly cultivate this technique for no less than ten years before he could completely master its first form. In order to cultivate this one form, he even procrastinated the cultivation of his Internal Energy, and hence, couldn’t make the breakthrough to the sixth layer.

On the other hand, He Yiming completely grasped the first within a few hours. And his proficiency also didn’t seem any less than that of Hubin’s ten years.

If Hubin was reborn and saw this scene, he would certainly die on the spot again.

Three days later, He Yiming carried the scripture to the Book Pavilion. However, later, he discovered that this scripture was not being showcased alongside the metal-type scriptures in the Book Pavilion. He vaguely guessed some possibilities. Perhaps, this scripture was too important, and thus, had been specially stored.

But after going through the life-and-death battle with Hubin, his mind had subtly changed. Even though he’d discovered this matter, he feigned ignorance, neither mentioned it to others.

The matter of He Yiming killing off Hubin birthed a huge commotion among his few siblings. Especially, when they discovered that Hubin had injured Xu family’s two sixth layer experts in succession previously, they began to see He Yiming in even more of a new light.

Not to mention the third generation’s few siblings, even the three members of the second generation were all the same. He Yiming’s status in the family suddenly rose and could even rival that of his eldest brother He Yitian.