Martial God - Book 2 - Fame Spreads - Chapter 21.2

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Xie Mingjin waved his hand and said, “It’s fine. In any case, these recipes are merely being wasted here.You can make copies and help promote them to new glories.”

He Yiming blankly stared before saying, “How can they be wasted here?”

“Of course, they are being wasted. This time in the forest, you also saw how ferocious spiritual beasts are. Would you imagine how many people are killing spiritual beasts and obtaining inner cores like you?” Xie Mingjin sighed and said, “Our Xie family toiled hard for thousands of years and collected so many books, containing more than a hundred ways to refine the cores of spiritual beasts. However, we may not be able to perform a single refining throughout several decades. In your hands, these techniques would have much more chance to be used.”

He Yiming thought for a few moments, eventually admitting that the former’s words were quite reasonable.

However, copying the classified arts of the counterpart’s own family in front of him…..He Yiming had encountered such an affair for the first time and felt quite apologetic inwardly.

If Xie Mingjin had not been so benevolent and had made He Yiming note down the recipes later, relying on his memory, He Yiming wouldn’t have felt any burden in his mind at all. However, stealthily bringing pen and paper constituted a whole different story.

Lightly sighing, He Yiming eventually made his decision. He profoundly glanced at Xie Mingjin before extending his hand and saying, “All right, I will accept your kindness.”

Xie Mingjin put the brush and papers on the table and left. Distantly, he saw Xie Grace outside the courtyard. He nodded at his father with a faint smile. The latter turned around and left.

Although Xie Mingjin’s guts were quite big, how could he have brought pen and papers for He Yiming without the consent from clan elders?

Even though he’d spoken the truth and these recipes seemed to be quite precious, under a severe lack of supplies of inner cores, they didn’t hold much practical value. However, even if they were like chicken ribs, he couldn’t distribute them out at his will.

However, since these were his father’s orders, he was happy to oblige. He understood that this was his father enabling him to do a favour. That way, the recipient of the return-favour would not be the clan, but he himself.

Despite his character not suited to become the clan leader, he was no fool. He could clearly see through these matters.

After two days, He Yiming eventually left the ‘Gold Core’ chamber.

He carefully examined the books Xie Mingjin had selected and copied down more than a hundred gold core refining techniques. He discovered that all these techniques required inner cores of spiritual beasts, some of which had extremely harsh requirements of spiritual beasts’ age and species.

However, the uses of these gold cores was beyond the reach of Houtian realm cultivators. These gold cores could only be consumed by Xiantian realm cultivators. If a Houtian realm cultivator were to consume them, what awaited him wouldn’t be a boost in Internal Energy, but death due to body exploding.

He Yiming was quite confident in himself. Since he believed he would surely step into Xiantian realm, he copied down these recipes as well.

Subsequently, he casually flipped through other books in the bookcases and discovered that although their content differed somewhat, the majority of it was covered by the few books Xie Mingjin had selected for him.

As far as gold core recipes were concerned, one could safely assume that these few books were the most valuable books in the whole chamber.

At this point, his gratitude for Xie Mingjin further increased.

In these two days, nobody brought him food. This was because everybody knew that he was a tenth layer expert. Not to mention two days, even if he were to not eat and drink for several days, he wouldn’t have any trouble.

When he left the chamber, a servant immediately notified Xie Mingjin.

“Brother He, you have finished?” Xie Mingjin deliberately asked in an emphasized tone.

“Yes,” He Yiming faintly nodded, showing an understanding smile.

The two walked out of the courtyard alongside each other when Xie Mingjin lightly sighed and said, “Brother He, I didn’t expect you would be this quick. If I had known earlier, I would have selected a few more books for you.”

He Yiming waved his hand and grimly said, “Brother Xie, I appreciate your kindness but I’m actually very satisfied with my gains.”

“That’s fine too.” Xie Mingjin brought him to his own courtyard and asked servants to bring some food and drinks, “Rest today. Tomorrow, I will take you to the Clothing Hall, then we will go to the Alchemic Chamber. All the ingredients have been prepared, and seventh uncle has opened the furnace. Three days later is the auspicious day, we will be able to go and watch the refining process.”

He Yiming’s was quite moved. He already had the recipes in his hands. If he could examine the process as well, he would be able to make the attempt himself. Of course, he understood that alchemy was an art- one that was extremely hard to learn by imitating at that. However, observing with his own eyes was, after all, different than indulging in baseless imaginations.

His thoughts turned in another direction before he asked, “What is the Clothing Hall?”

“The region where our clan’s special tanning leather clothes are produced. You shouldn’t look down on it. Every cloth that comes out of our Clothing Hall is a priceless treasure that couldn’t be bought with just gold,” Xie Mingjin complacently said.

He Yiming astoundedly asked, “Could your manufactured clothes serve some special purpose?”

“Correct, not only our leather clothes are made through tanning, they also contain many medicinal textures. If wore frequently, they offer enormous benefits to the body. However, I am taking you there due to that long-armed raccoon. That guy’s skin is extremely tough. It’s impenetrable and also possesses strong contraction property. I have already asked for an underfitting leather armor in your place. Not only would it serve well in defensive purposes, it would also allow you to keep warm in the cold.”

He Yiming was slightly moved, “Such a wonderful application, can’t you make a few more of these?”

Xie Mingjin helplessly said, “Brother He, how big is a long-armed racoon? Peeling of the entire skin of one long-armed raccoon is barely enough to make one set. If you manage to hunt a few more of these guys, I can make you a few more.”

He Yiming blankly stared, then let out a laugh. Merely for two long-armed raccoons, he spent several months in the forest. Where would he find a few more? The former was just messing around with him.

The next day, they went to the Clothing Hall. He Yiming saw the already stripped off inner-wear, stretched perfectly straight and immersed in an unknown liquid.

According to Xie Mingjin, its complete manufacturing would require a month’s time. This was also the reason Xie Grace had asked for one month before.

After the third day, holding the golden token, they entered the most heavily guarded location in the Xie Mansion, situated in the center.

Xie family’s Alchemic Chamber was a courtyard established in a gigantic area of two thousand square meters. Inside, there were several tens of chambers. However, the one that seemed the most important was the chamber at the very front.

As they entered this chamber, there were already two youngsters about the same age as them in taoists robes, sorting out the chamber.

Seeing them enter, these two remained indifferent, not trying to fawn over them due to Xie Mingjin’s identity at all.

Xie Mingjin led He Yiming in and pulled out two chairs, arranging them before a giant furnace. The furnace’s body seemed quite dull. There were no engravings nor any decorations. However, this dull and mediocre furnace exuded a feeling of having gone through many tests and trials, allowing He Yiming to feel that it must have had quite a history.

Long after, an old man with white hair and a white beard entered the chamber. The two attendants immediately welcomed him while paying their respects.

Xie Mingjin also jumped up as if his buttocks had caught fire and said, “Grandfather, you have finally come.”

The old man faintly nodded. Shifting his vision over to He Yiming, he said, “This ought to be Mr. He- a fine young lad, as expected. Pardon this old man Xie Zhien, for having you wait.”

He Yiming immediately stood up, bowed, and said a few courteous lines in return.

Xie Zhien chuckled and said, “A youngster showing interest in alchemy is good. However, for us cultivators, there is a prerequisite to obtain some accomplishments in alchemy.”

He Yiming’s brows slightly raised as he said, “Please advise.”

“Refining an ordinary golden core could be accomplished by anybody. The more precious and rare a core is, the requirements to refine it is equally higher. For instance, if your gold core refining process were to be given to an ordinary man, the success rate wouldn’t be above fifty percent. However, at this old man’s hands, it will be eighty percent.”

He Yiming’s eyes slightly brightened as he respectfully asked, “May I ask the reason?”

“Very simple, because this old man is a fire and wood, dual attributed cultivator.”