Martial God - Book 2 - Fame Spreads - Chapter 2 - Xiantian Face Off

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As Xu Yinjie’s words echoed, the faces of each and every one of those who understood the meaning of these words completely transformed.

Lin family indeed belonged to one of the few major clans of the Jadeting region. Even the rare Xiantian techniques did not lie out of their reach. Xu Right could tell that the moment this move made its appearance, within the same rank, the cultivator would be unrivaled.

He Quanming and other He family members’ faces trembled several times before the former loudly shouted, “Yiming, quickly retreat!”

“Yiming, be careful!” He Quanyi warned as well.

Although his voice was extremely loud, he didn’t dare enter the arena. He knew the might of a Xiantian battle skill.

When He Yiming was at the seventh layer, he’d already sent He Quanming flying as if the latter was made of rubber. As such, in the hands of a ninth layer cultivator, one could only imagine the might of a Xiantian battle skill.

Although, he knew He Yiming also had a Xiantian skill in his hands, at this moment, he didn’t wish to see He Yiming in a direct confrontation against the Lin Taoli- he didn’t wish for it at all.

Furthermore, he’d one more misgiving. If He Yiming were to suddenly burst forth with that heaven-shattering strike which he’d used against the gold-crowned python, nobody could say for sure that Lin Taoli would be able to withstand it, and if the latter were to be killed as a result, the entire He family would have to pay the price.

This moment, He Yiming’s eyes slightly sharpened as his mind entered an exceedingly subtle state.

His opponent’s imprint didn’t seem to have undergone much of a change, but he felt as if he had no chance of withstanding this strike. Furthermore, he discovered that he wouldn’t likely be able to dodge it either. He felt as if his opponent’s imprint itself had formed a perimeter around him, completely cutting off all of his escape routes.

Perhaps, only his opponent’s words, which were to retreat backwards, was his only alternative.

He heard his father and uncle’s anxious shouts.

He didn’t hear it too clearly since his entire focus was on the imprint. He felt as if his eyes could see through any transformation.

At this moment, he seemed to have seen through the Internal Energy circulation flow of the Rain Cloud imprint. He seemed to have understood a little about the cause of Rain Cloud imprint’s inconceivably mystical might.

In his eyes, the surroundings of his opponent’s body seemed to contain traces of Internal Energy flow.

When this Xiantian battle skill erupted with full power, it produced a frightening might but also gave him an opportunity to understand it more clearly.

As a result, at this moment, his mind had immersed in this state- unable to revert back.

Suddenly, a deafening roar sounded, dragging him out of this mystical realm a little bit.

Amidst indistinctness, he decided this ought to be his father’s voice, ‘But what is father saying? Why is his voice so urgent and anxious?’

He faintly started. As he was about to turn his head and take a look, his vision suddenly fell on Lin Taoli’s two hands.

Subsequently, he heard his uncle’s shout,

“Yiming, be careful.”

Ah…they were actually warning me!

As a warm feeling spread in his insides, the desire of victory which he’d been suppressing all along exploded out.

Determination permeated He Yiming’s vision. Since father and uncle are this concerned, I can’t let them despair….

He Yiming, who was about to retreat, suddenly changed his mind.

He stepped forward. This step seemed like a provocation to Lin Taoli’s world-shattering aura that approached him.

Subsequently, his two hands rose up in air.

[Splitting Mountain Thirty Six Forms] tenth form.

An immensely powerful aura, as if an erupting volcano, exploded out from his body.

At this moment, as his body erupted with power, his figure, which looked somewhat petite, seemed to have enlarged. From his body, crackling of bones echoed as if beans popping in fire.

He Yiming, having cultivated the Bone Transformation technique, seemed to have already attained a profound level regarding the bones of his body. He’d discovered that while employing [Splitting Mountain Thirty Six Forms], enlarging his body brought additional benefits to this particular form.

Therefore when he decided to bring glory to his clan, he didn’t hesitate to add this move as well.

In any case, the might of [Splitting Mountain Thirty Six Forms] was already so strong that even if people discovered this change, they would only think that it was related to the Xiantian battle skill. They wouldn’t be able to think in any another direction at all.

Under the sunlight, his two raised hands seemed to be shining with a metal like luster. The ebullating aura- permeated with a heroic yet savage, barbaric flavour- emanating from his body seemed as if his body contained a might that could kill gods and devour buddhas. Facing Lin Taoli’s imprint, it didn’t seem one bit inferior.

At this moment, not a sound escaped in the main hall.

It seemed as if only two individuals resided under the heavens.

Two different Xiantian battle skills had appeared in Tai Cang county, and these two skills were actually about to collide against each other under so many watchful eyes.

Nobody could have even imagined such an affair.

As if tacitly, the two auras gradually climbed and simultaneously reached their respective extremes.

With a sudden roar, which nobody could tell whom of the two issued or was issued by both simultaneously, both figures disappeared.

A gigantic explosion rang, rattling the eardrums of everybody present. The servants further lost all the color from their faces and fell down- their hands on their ears.

The arena made up of wood and stone was cleaved apart like a thin paper.

From the two individuals as the centre, the entire arena crumbled into pieces. However, everybody could still see the gigantic line running through the arena from where the destruction had begun.

Every single individual who had still managed to preserve his consciousness thought of a question, “Are these two humans?”

With a hearty laugh, a figure jumped over the perimeter of arena and stepped into the main hall. This person was Lin Taoli. However, the clothes covering his body seemed in tatters- not one bit better compared to Xu Right a little while ago.

Everybody in the main hall let out a sigh of relief.

Just now, when these two exchanged the final blows, everybody had been repressed into silence by the immense aura shrouding the arena. However, inwardly, they all had cold sweat running down their backs.

Jadeting city’s Lin family- if such a guest were to encounter an accident in Tai Cang county, the conclusion would be something they didn’t dare even imagine, nor could have sustained.

Even Xu family, who had no connection with this whatsoever, might not have been able to escape without losing a chunk.

The few experts glanced at the unscathed fence, wondering when did this guy jump out.

As soon as Lin Taoli entered the main hall, Cheng Yanjuan immediately stepped forward and anxiously took his hand. Lin Taoli faintly smiled and exerted a little force in his hand, which caused the latter’s expression to ease a little.

Raising his head, Lin Taoli loudly said, “Brother He, this was battle was extremely refreshing. This Lin can’t express his joy in words. Are you fine over there?”

His words had barely echoed when He Yiming entered from the other side. The latter was completely naked above the waist- flesh and muscle exploding with strength. Although his height seemed a little low, nobody dared to think of him as a youngster anymore.

Under the vision of everybody’s stares, He Yiming bashfully smiled and said, “Uncle Cheng, can you please lend me some clothes?”

Cheng Shine then jolted awake and promptly made arrangements for the two to go to back room and change.

After the two returned to their seats, the members of Cheng family underwent a huge transformation regarding their attitudes towards He Yiming. Even He Quanming and He Quanxin had never received such a zealous reception.

Not a single individual inquired the result of their battle. It seemed as if this battle never happened. However, every individual whom He Yiming met gazes with, would faintly bend down while displaying completely unconcealed reveration.

If He Yiming’s Internal Energy was at the eighth layer, these people perhaps would have thought in a different way. However, as soon as they discovered that this youngster was actually at the ninth layer and had even grasped such an powerful Xiantian battle skill, all thoughts of malice disappeared in thin air like smoke.

He Yiming and Lin Taoli exchanged a glance. Although the two were ten years apart from each other, after going through this battle, they seemed to have bonded in an indescribable companionship and felt as if they had known each other since way back.

In reality, during the final exchange, He Yiming held slight advantage. However, at the deciding moment, he held back. Although Lin Taoli was sent flying, he didn’t suffer any injuries. Moreover, He Yiming also flew out in the opposite direction at the same time before he ripped apart the clothes on his upper body himself.

Although he didn’t feel fond of making a bare-chested entry, this seemed reasonable enough. All of these changes had been accomplished instantly. Even Lin Taoli had not been completely clear on what happened. However, he could faintly perceive that He Yiming’s strength should be slightly above his. Of course, he wouldn’t point it out. Lin family couldn’t afford to lose this person.

In the main hall, only a single individual could see through everything that happened, Xu Yinjie. However, like the rest, he couldn’t guage He Yiming’s true strength either.

Because he was simply incapable of imagining that He Yiming’s strength had actually attained the tenth layer.

However, looking at He Yiming and Lin Taoli being the center of the main hall as everybody showered them with praises, his heart gradually sank.

New generation surpasses the old, could it be…I have really turned old….