Martial God - Book 2 - Fame Spreads - Chapter 17.1 - Frantic Blade Technique

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Even though Xie Grace had not arrived at the battle scene, he gave a loud shout.

He wished to let He Yiming know that he’d not escaped, so that the latter could preserve the confidence to continue the battle. At the same time, he also wished to tell the two spiritual beasts that there is another expert here, ‘Don’t you dare take advantage of your numbers.’

However, as his aura exploded, covering the heavens, and he appeared out of a big tree, he was immediately stumped. Of all the countless scenes he’d imagined in his mind, none even came close to the reality.

As he laid his eyes upon the scene before him, he was somewhat sent into a daze.

This section of the forest had already been destroyed. All the trees had been uprooted, leaving behind a huge patch of open land.

In this section of open land, three figures were circling around.

In Xie Grace’s perception, these three figures resembled huge boulders which were chasing after each other.

Among these, the biggest stone emanated an intense white radiance, enveloping the ground and issuing indistinct stormy sounds.

In the forest, the sunshine wouldn’t have been reflected so brightly before. However, currently, all the surrounding trees had been cleared, and thus, sunrays were falling straight down on the broadsword, dazzling the eyes of the spectator.

The two comparatively smaller, dark spheres were not rocks, but the long-armed raccoons that had no choice but to keep track with He Yiming’s broadsword. They wished to jump above, but the broadsword seemed to be completely seeing through every movement they made, keeping them strictly at ground. He Yiming had forced these two spiritual beasts to fumble about the ground in humiliation. Since the beginning, they never obtained a chance to exhibit their strong points.

Due to this situation, Xie Grace felt as if three rocks were rolling about the ground.

Although his strength was inferior to He Yiming’s, as soon as he saw the situation, he immediately understood that the upper hand had not been claimed by the two spiritual beasts, but this youngster he’d recently met.

The astonishment he felt this moment was indeed hard to explain in words.

If he couldn’t tell that He Yiming was the highest level, peak tenth layer, Houtian expert even at this moment, he would have lived his life in vain.

However, a tenth layer expert who is not even eighteen…

Pursing his lips, he speechlessly smiled inwardly, ‘Which rock’s crack has popped out such an expert?’

After closely observing the battle for while, Xie Grace’s complexion changed even more.

He Yiming is a tenth layer expert, fine. However, an ordinary tenth layer expert, even if he encounters only one long-armed raccoon, can only look to make his escape.

However, relying solely on his broadsword, He Yiming had been able to strictly restrict the movements of these two raccoons within the blade rays.

Slowly but surely, from He Yiming’s blade rays, Xie Grace could perceive a mysterious pressure. He suddenly realized that this was the essence of metal type.

The broadsword in He Yiming’s hand was not using any exquisite blade technique, but rather a kind of strength stemmed from the true essence. Only after grasping the fundamental essence of a certain technique would one be able to exhibit that technique to such level.

Although he’d not been able to recognize He Yiming’s modified Rolling Boulder Blade technique, he could sense the profound fist concept embedded in this blade technique.

Xie Grace’s complexion paled. Capable of exhibiting a battle skill to this level, ‘Where on earth has this guy learned from? Or is this technique actually invented by him…..’

As he was lost in his thoughts, two loud howls jolted him awake.

Xie Grace trembled inwardly. He couldn’t tell whether these raccoons were extremely furious or frightened. He took a deep breath and prepared to help He Yiming; the flexible sword in his hand jumping about like a viper.

While in battle, He Yiming had already taken notice of Xie Grace before the latter had arrived at the scene.

However, he couldn’t guess the latter’s true intentions and was still under the impression that latter was concerned for his safety. As such, he naturally saw Xie Grace in a slightly more favourable light.

These two long-armed beasts were indeed spiritual beasts who possessed great strength.

However, after fighting for so long, He Yiming could tell that they were quite inferior to that gold-crowned python. In terms of strength at least, these two might not be as powerful as the gold-crowned python even if taken into consideration combined.

The gold-crowned python could directly grasp the broadsword, forcing He Wude, who possessed innate divine strength, into retreat time and time again. Moreover, it had accomplished this feat under the influence of anaesthetic drug. Even He Yiming couldn’t help but admire that unaccountable strength.

However, these two long-armed racoons evidently paled in comparison. Their strength lied in their rock-solid body and bones, and nimble movements patterns.

Even if He Yiming landed the broadsword on their body, it would only leave behind a white scar at the point of contact.

However, since they couldn’t suppress He Yiming with strength, He Yiming was naturally able to employ the might of the broadsword to the extreme. The weapon weighing three hundred and sixty jins seemed weightless in his hand. It had formed a gigantic net of light, confining them within.

Only a broadsword could accomplish this feat. If the might of the weapon had been slightly less, these beasts could have escaped in return for some pain, and He Yiming wouldn’t have been able to do anything about it.

Of course, if He Yiming had not abruptly comprehended the fist concept of Rolling Boulder Fist and integrated it into his blade technique, accomplishing this feat would have been simply impossible for him.

However, what worried He Yiming was that although the battle seemed quite flashy, neither of the sides had sustained any substantial injury. Under his pressure, the two long-armed raccoons were obviously unable to injure him. However, he too could only suppress them. Injuring them relying on Houtian battle skills evidently seemed impossible.

Suddenly, he felt a strong aura. The flexible sword in Xie Grace’s hand gently swayed, seeming as if he could enter the fight at any moment.

He Yiming was slightly alarmed inwardly. Under these circumstances, an increase in numbers was not necessarily a good option. On the contrary, the lag that would occur during the formation of their mutual coordination might even allow the raccoons to escape the net.

“Mr. Xie, leave these two raccoons to me,” He Yiming’s clear voice sounded from the battlefield, “I will trouble you to hold the rear line and prevent these two from escaping.”

The flexible sword in Xie Grace’s hand slightly shook as he smilingly said, “All right. I will act as your rear guard brother He. However, be careful, these two spiritual beast have exceedingly endurant bodies. If you wish to fight them by tiring out each other, I’m afraid you will not have your wish fulfilled.”

He Yiming heartily laughed, “So this is the case. Many thanks for showing the correct direction.” Inwardly, he suddenly understood why despite fighting for so long and sustaining so many blade strikes, these raccoons had merely issued howls of pain, which had always seemed full of energy. Moreover, their movements hadn’t dulled in the slightest, seeming extremely smooth and capable of continuing forever.