Martial God - Book 2 - Fame Spreads - Chapter 15.2 - Long-Armed Raccoon

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His voice brimmed with fright. Evidently, he knew the terror of this spiritual beast.

The six attendants immediately rushed ahead and placed themselves in front of the father and son. One of them severely said, “Second lord, young master, quickly leave!”

His voice didn’t seem loud but brimmed with determination. His five companions simultaneously drew their blades out, and the six men arranged themselves in a small, strange formation. Not a single one among them thought of escaping.

“Impossible. They can’t come out in this season.” Xie Mingjin’s voice brimmed with panic, which surprised He Yiming a lot, ‘Could the strength of these two spiritual beasts be that far above gold-crowned python’s?’

Xie Grace’s complexion changed a few times before he grabbed his son with one hand while saying, “Brother He, quickly leave with us.”

He Yiming skeptically glanced at him and said, “Why leave?”

Xie Grace hurriedly said, “These two Long-armed racoons have always been together. Since one has appeared, the other will certainly be nearby as well. Without three tenth layer experts, we wouldn’t be able to fend them off. If you stay here, it will only lead to death.”

His words clearly indicated that he’d given up on the attendants, and all of them, be it father and son or the attendants themselves, deeply felt that this was the proper action.

However, He Yiming faintly shook his head and said, “Mr. Xie, you people are powerless against these two spiritual beast, right?”


“How about I take on one. It shouldn’t be problem then, right?” He Yiming said with a faint smile.

“What are you saying……” Xie Grace’s eyes suddenly constricted, because he’d already seen He Yiming’s movements.

He’d picked up the sword before he opened the long package on the ground. Inside the package were two long rods, which were even more exaggerated than the blade itself. He flicked his foot, and the two rods flew into his hand before almost magically transforming into a almost four meter long gigantic broadsword.

The father and son’s eyes momentarily lost all color. The sudden appearance of this gigantic blade sent even them into a daze.

Of course, what surprised them was that He Yiming had not tried to use this opportunity to make his escape, but to make his preparation to battle the spiritual beasts.

After recovering, they couldn’t help but bitterly smile. A naive, country bumpkin. If the two spiritual beasts could be killed just by relying on a massive weapon, why would the three tenth layer experts of Xie family feel such trepidation while facing these beasts?

Xie Grace took in a deep breath. At this point, his desire to recruit He Yiming had also lessened a lot. Such an idiot who overestimated his capabilities, regardless of how talented he might be, he would only die in the end due to his own idiocy, and during the moment of life-and-death, he would even drag down those nearby.

After all, he could never believe that He Yiming could kill two long-armed racoons which required three peak Houtian experts to confront them.

Truly a pity, heaven has bestowed such talent upon such an idiot.

“Brother He, since you have decided to stay, we will not bother you. Hope to see you again,” He faintly cupped his hand, grabbed his son, and turned around while adding another line inwardly, ‘In the next life.’

However, he’d barely took a step forward when a huge steel rod appeared before him.

Xie Grace’s eyes sharpened. Delaying at this moment would only lead to death. He even felt a bit killing intent at this moment.

“Brother He, what’s the meaning of this?”

“Mr. Xie, did you not say that there were two long-armed racoons?” He Yiming said without turning his head, “There is only one ahead.”

Xie Grace reacted extremely quick and realized his misunderstanding before trembling inwardly.

Calming and focusing his mind, he looked far in the opposite direction.

There a myriad of trees stood and all sorts of grasses ran rampant in the mountain forest. Nobody could see any disturbance. However, at the end of the eye’s reach lay a patch of darkness. As a tenth layer expert, his vision was extremely sharp, and he could distinctly see something inside this patch.

With a wave of hand, Xie Mingjin brought out a long sword and asked, “Ah…Mr. He, are you saying one long-armed racoon is behind us?”

He’d first thought of addressing He Yiming as brother. However, as he thought how his father had addressed the latter as brother himself, he thought better of it. However, looking at the exceedingly young features of He Yiming, he simply couldn’t force the word ‘uncle’ out of his throat and settled for Mr. in the end.

He Yiming faintly nodded and withdrew the sword, gently sweeping its steel body above a big rock on the ground.

This rock had previously been used as a seat by He Yiming. Swept by the blade at this moment, it issued a whoosh sound as it soared in the opposite direction like lightning.

A trace of astonishment and envy appeared in Xie Grace’s eyes.

The rock’s weight would be around forty or fifty jins. For a tenth layer expert like him, this didn’t amount to anything. However, to make it soar this effortlessly using a sword and with such a speed that it resembled a hidden weapon, this was not so easy to perform.

Not only did this feat require formidable Internal Energy, even the body’s strength must have attained a frightening degree.

So this youngster also possesses innate divine strength?

The rock streaked past the trees and leaves. However, when it entered the dense canopy of a certain gargantuan tree, a fierce roar echoed. Following which, an intense colliding sound echoed, and countless stone fragments rained down from the tree.

The complexions of father and son immediately transformed before they both threw a quick glance at He Yiming. They suddenly discovered that the more they saw this youngster, the more he seemed unfathomable, ‘Have I really judged him wrong?’

Perhaps because their whereabouts had been revealed, from the front and the back, two coarse roars echoed. Following which, two almost identical looking strange beasts nimbly jumped down from the trees.

Looking at their appearance, He Yiming faintly started.

These were obviously horse and monkey like creatures. Only, their arms were two meters long. It truly felt quite strange. He couldn’t understand why they were named raccoons though.

Their arms were extremely long. Thus, they looked extremely nimble when they operated in the forest- grabbing the trunk of a tree with a casual stretch of their hands. Even an Internal Energy expert might not have been able to match their lightning fast jump of just now.

Holding the huge blade, He Yiming said, “Mr. Xie, how about we equally divide these two guys among our two sides?”

Xie Grace faintly trembled and said, “All right, but please be extremely careful brother He.”

This moment, he held no contempt for He Yiming and wished with all his heart for He Yiming to take down one of the two spiritual beasts. Otherwise, under the pincer ambush of these two long-armed raccoons, even if he somehow managed to escape, Xie Mingjin and the attendants would die for certain.

He Yiming smilingly nodded. His hand shined as the sword in his hand emitted a buzzing sound, which was the sound of Internal Energy being imbued on the body of the blade, exuding a feeling of resonance.

With but a flicker, his body disappeared.