Martial God - Book 1 - What Is A Genius - Chapter 15 - Seventh Layer

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As he silently observed the state of his Internal Energy, he accidentally made an observation, of which he could not convince himself.

Two days ago, his Internal Energy was at the peak of the sixth layer and was touching the bottleneck. Generally speaking, before attaining the next layer, his Internal Energy would strictly remain within this realm, and regardless of how he cultivated, it will not increase a single bit.

However, He Yiming discovered that his Internal Energy had slightly increased compared to when he cultivated yesterday. But, he didn’t sense any of the two of his cultivation techniques attaining the seventh layer.

He Yiming bitterly smiled. He wasn’t even sure if this truly was the case. Perhaps this was just his sweet expectation, when in truth, his Internal Energy had not increased at all.

After a bit of thinking, his eyes suddenly shined. The Internal Energy inside his body once again surged and began to circulate according to the course of Primordial Energy; the technique he was most familiar with.

Just after a short while, a scorching hot portion of his Internal Energy had already completed circulating through the familiar course of the sixth layer. This was the result of his recent six months of hard work.

Previously, at this point, He Yiming would stop on his own accord. He knew that after this was the unfamiliar course of the seventh layer. Even when he’d tried to attack the bottleneck two days ago, it seemed akin to a lofty mountain. He’d absolutely no chance of the breakthrough.

However, what about this time?

He Yiming, without the slightest hesitation, concentrated this portion of Internal Energy and rushed it fearlessly, as if looking calmly at the death, towards the bottleneck of the sixth layer

The Internal energy stopped at the entrance of the bottleneck. The bottleneck still seemed impenetrable like an iron wall. However, He Yiming was not discouraged. He could tell that the exhaustion of his Internal Energy’s power after reaching up to this point differed in comparison with the previous times. To his surprise, he felt as though he still had some energy left.

(Tl: This energy is not Internal Energy. This is general energy. Basically, he felt like he still had, energy/power/strength, remaining to perform some other task.)

Immediately, all the Internal Energy in his body berserkly rushed towards this location, while the coming Internal Energy was being accumulated at the same time.

When all the Internal Energy in his body was concentrated at a single point, that towering sixth layer’s wall eventually loosened. Especially, after the last bit of the Internal Energy entered within, seeming as though the last straw pressing down the camel’s back, this bottleneck, that had frustrated him to no extent, completely fell apart

Along with an apparent echo of a tinkling sound in his ears, the powerful Internal Energy, like a water rushing out of a broken dam, flooded through and began circulating through the course of Primordial Energy’s seventh layer like a hot knife cutting through butter.

After one complete circulation through the seventh layer’s course, He Yiming restrained his Internal Energy and slowly withdrew it back into his Dantian.

He slowly opened his eyes, which had an ecstatic expression that couldn’t be put into words.

He truly had advanced to the seventh layer. Furthermore, the process of breakthrough had given him a surprise. Since he could advance two layers by cultivating two new Internal Energy technique, what about the next ranks?

At this instant, He Yiming was looking at a smooth road ahead him. His future path was, unconditionally, a huge road that was being illuminated in a golden radiance.

He took in a deep breath and forced down the ecstasy in his heart.

Half an hour later, he once again circulated his Internal Energy and began to attack the Ripple technique’s seventh layer. This time’s result caused him to be unable to contain his joy.

When his Internal Energy had arrived at the course of Ripple technique’s seventh layer, it had split opened the bottleneck with almost no effort and had automatically entered the course of Ripple technique’s seventh layer.

He’d to exert so much effort while attacking Primordial Energy’s seventh layer. He had to accumulate his entire Internal Energy before attacking the bottleneck. However, when one of his primary technique advanced, apparently, the advancement in the other technique became natural and just.

However, He Yiming knew that this was not natural and just in any way.

Not to mention Primordial Energy and Ripple technique were two differently attributed techniques, such a phenomenon was absolutely impossible to occur even among two techniques of same attributes.

Eventually, he discarded all the questions out of his mind.

As long as he could advance, he didn’t need to care much about these things. For these matters which were far beyond his comprehension, He Yiming decided to ignore them. From his perspective, this bizarre transformation had nothing but numerous advantages.

Applying a slight pressure on the ground through his feet, his entire figure jumped like a spring, and with the passage of a thought, he arrived at the corner of the training room, specialized for testing strength.

This surface’s wall, in addition to being flexible, could also be used to test the might of the battle skills by the members of the third generation who were above the sixth layer

At this moment, the surface already had ten depressions, caused by He Yiming with the help of Rolling Boulder Fist and Silk Palm. Although he reached the peak of these battle skills at the very beginning, along with the constant progression of his Internal Energy, the depth of these depressions had correspondingly increased; lasting until two days ago, when he made the two depressions that displayed the maximum might of these two battle skills’ sixth layer.

He Yiming hesitatingly looked at the two deepest depressions for a moment, before he concentrated his Internal Energy and resolutely punched the wall.

Along with a loud sound, another depression, which was much deeper than the previous two deepest depressions, appeared on the wall. He Yiming’s face immediately revealed a pleasantly surprised expression. He had not used either of the battle skills; it was merely an attack that made use of the basic properties of Primordial Energy’s seventh layer.

However, from the result, the destructive power of a casual attack of the seventh layer was far above than that of a sixth layer battle skill’s extreme.

Of course, this was because the battle skills used by He Yiming were ordinary ones. Reportedly, the might of some battle skills could even exceed ten times that of another battle skill at the same level. However, these were just things of legends; at least, none of such exaggerated battle skills were present in He family’s Book Pavilion.

He Yiming was ecstatic. Just a basic attack contained such a might, then after learning the seventh layer’s movements of Rolling Boulder Fist and Silk palm?

As soon as he thought up to this point, he suddenly became as impatient as if he was on fire. He turned around, dashed ahead, and arrived at the entrance of his yard, before suddenly stopping.

He suddenly thought of an issue. He’d just come back from the Book Pavilion, so if he immediately went back, that would only evoke his eldest uncle’s suspicion, and if the latter managed to get something out of him, that would not be good for him at all.

He looked at the dim color of the sky and dragged his body back to his apartment, before forcing himself to lie on the bed and trying to moderate his thoughts with deep breaths. Slowly, he entered the dreamland.

At the dawn of the next morning, when He Yiming woke up, he was satisfied by his yesterday’s display. He once again restrained himself from directly going to the Book Pavilion. Instead, he first went to have an early breakfast, following which, he unhurriedly went to the Book Pavilion, where his eldest uncle kept watch.

This time, his display was hundred percent ordinary as he entered the courtyard, unlike the yesterday’s anxious movements. But he still faintly perceived his eldest uncle’s two sharp eyes briefly glancing at him from the side hall.

Still, He Yiming’s self-control was pretty good. He entered the main hall in large strides as if hadn’t noticed his eldest uncle’s gaze at all .His today’s conduct allowed He Quanxin to verify his yesterday’s theory as well. The latter was not able to sense He Yiming’s super strong perception.

After entering the hall, He Yiming, by experience, easily found the scriptures of both Rolling Boulder Fist and Silk Palm.

Subsequently, he copied down all the content of both the scriptures’ seventh layer. This all didn’t require much of his time. Due to the sudden boost in his Internal Energy, his movements were naturally much quicker than before.

He Yiming placed the original stuff back to its position and stuck the copied contents close to his body, before leaving the courtyard in slow steps.

He was both glad and surprised at his eldest uncle’s lack of presence.

He’d prepared himself for his eldest uncle’s possible interrogation. Since his eldest uncle had not shown himself, he would naturally not go and ask for trouble.

Upon returning back to his training room, he brought out his copied stuff and began the customary process of word-by-word contemplation.

After a good while, he lifted his head up, seeming like he’d some understanding of these contents.

In reality, comprehending by looking at the scriptures of these so called battle skills was not challenging. However, following the instructions and meeting the conditions mentioned in the book was a different matter.

By looking at a painter’s painting, the absolute majority could make out its perfect resemblance to the actual thing. They could shout words of praises, however, if asked to imitate the same, that would be as difficult as ascending the heavens.

Same applies for the cultivators concerning any technique. Cultivating a battle skill to seventh layer’s peak would be much more difficult than the sixth layer’s.

Though, this determined rule, when placed on He Yiming, completely lost its effect.

Half a day. Half a day was all it took for him to completely comprehend the seventh layers of Rolling Boulder Fist and Silk Palm, both, and attain their respective peaks. A small matter was that he couldn’t bring forth their complete might since he’d just attained the seventh layer.

Looking at the two profound depressions on the flexible wall, He Yiming had a clear understanding of his capabilities.

In the younger generation, his capability was hardly any different than his eldest brother already.