Martial God - Book 2 - Fame Spreads - Chapter 12 - Leaving Home

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The world has spiritual beasts which live for five hundred years. Kill one to obtain its inner pellet, refine it into a golden pellet, consume the golden pellet, and break through the extreme bottleneck to comprehend the Xiantian Qi dao.

In a few lines, the method to break through the tenth layer and attain the Xiantian realm had been clearly illustrated.

However, knowing this method wasn’t much different from not knowing it. All it did was add another concern for the mind to work on.

Although spiritual beasts were not humans, the wisdom they possessed did not pale much in comparison to humans.

The gold-crowned python that their He family had killed was merely a hundred-year-old spiritual beast.

A hundred-year-old spiritual beast possessed such formidable abilities. If they had not been fortunate, the entire elite layer of the He manor could have been wiped out in that fight.

If that gold-crowned python had lived for five hundred years…

He Yiming indeed felt himself incapable to imagine the might required to kill such a beast.

He Wude didn’t pay attention to the change in his complexion and frankly told him that when he’d advanced to the tenth layer’s peak, he also harbored similar thoughts. However, after the one time he’d gone to hunt a spirit beast, he dispelled all such thoughts from his mind.

First of all, he wouldn’t be able to find a five-hundred- year-old spiritual beast, but even if he did, he wouldn’t be able to kill it. Thus, he completely abandoned this idea.

Moreover, his age was too high. Even if he swallowed a golden pellet from a five-hundred-year-old spiritual beast, he might not be able to break through.

For an eighty-year-old Houtian expert to consume such a golden pellet, him dying due to his body bursting seemed more probable than him making the breakthrough.

The reason he’d handed over this page to He Yiming was that he wished to re-ignite the fighting spirit in his genius grandson.

After sorting out the things he’d brought, He Wude gave a slight nod, turned around, and left.

As the entrance of the room closed, the lighting suddenly dropped down, leaving behind two fire torches on the wall, gradually burning with a flaming sound.

He Yiming’s mind schemed at a lightning fast speed. Although he’d not personally witnessed a five-hundred-year-old beast’s might, it probably wouldn’t be too shabby.

The current He Yiming was vastly different than the one a few years before.

Especially after cultivating the two Xiantian battle skills, his self-confidence had vastly increased. With his current strength, if he mounted a sneak attack with Hidden Needle Imprint, or used the [Splitting Mountain Thirty-Six Forms] with his grandfather’s blade to produce that one frightening strike, he felt he had a chance.

As soon as he thought till here, his heart blazed.

Since that senior could accomplish this feat, why couldn’t he? His confidence slowly increased, completely overshadowing his previous concerns.

His body once again began to emanate that intense aura of confidence.

Profoundly reading the additional page in his hand, his yearning for Xiantian realm increasingly thickened.

Those who could resist a Xiantian realm cultivator were only the cultivators of Xiantian realm themselves.

These people absorbed the Worldly Qi and strengthened their body to an extent that simply couldn’t be compared with that of Houtian realm cultivators. On one side was Internal Energy, and on the other side was the true Qi extracted from the heavens and earth itself. The difference was simply poles apart.

Moreover, this Qi contained endless mysteries, and these mysterious could be brought out using some strange techniques. You could say that if a family had a Xiantian overseer, they would basically not be provoked, at least not before the death of this overseer.

Furthermore, by absorbing the Worldly Qi, cultivators could reap enormous benefits regarding their bodies, thereby prolonging their life.

Of course, prolong by how much- that would rely on the age of cultivator when he entered the Xiantian realm.

The earlier one could enter the Xiantian realm, the more one’s body could be transformed and life prolonged. Similarly, as far as an eighty year old individual like He Wude was concerned, not only the probability of entering the Xiantian realm would be exceedingly low, even if he managed to succeed by a fluke, he wouldn’t be able to extend his life by more than fifty or sixty years.

If one could attain the Xiantian realm at about the age of fifty, generally, one would be able to live for two hundred years.

As for before twenty years….

It wasn’t mentioned. He Yiming reckoned that even the author of this book didn’t think it was possible.

After reading the book, He Yiming carefully pasted this page at the book’s end.

Sitting in silence, he contemplated for a long time. Eventually, he arrived at a decision.

He suddenly stood up while throwing a glance at that book with his electric-sharp eyes. Subsequently, walking in big steps, he arrived before the room’s entrance before slowly knocking a few times.

After a few moments, the gate opened, and he saw He Wude looking at him with a slight surprise.

The time of one day had not been completed. He Wude didn’t expect that He Yiming would come out before the allocated time, ‘Could it be…he didn’t find anything worthwhile here?’

However, as he saw He Yiming’s appearance, he immediately understood and his concerns completely disappeared.

He could see that currently, He Yiming no longer looked listless and seemed full of energy once again- his eyes in particular, which again shined with an unquestionable confidence.

Sensing the change in his grandson’s mood, He Wude felt quite pleased. He suddenly recalled another matter before he asked with a faint smile, “Yiming, the golden pellet is still with me. Do you want to use it?”

After saying these words, he took out a small jade bottle from his bosom and placed it on the table.

He Yiming faintly started before his brows rose up and a slightly annoyed expression emerged on his face.

He Wude waved his hand, “Yiming, I understand your thoughts. I only want to let you know that using a golden pellet to breakthrough is not something to be embarrassed about. You should have also seen that that senior also broke through the limits of Houtian realm by consuming a golden pellet refined from the inner pellet of a five-hundred-year-old spiritual beast.”

He Yiming bitterly smiled inwardly. If this golden pellet had truly been refined from the inner pellet of a five-hundred-year-old spiritual beast, he probably wouldn’t have been able to resist.

A hundred-year-old gold-crowned python held no use for him. It would only be wasted if he consumed it.

He faintly shook his head, then faintly smiled, “Grandfather, the three year agreement has not concluded yet.”

He Wude deeply sighed, feeling quite helpless about his grandson’s stubbornness. However, subsequently, he heartily laughed and said, “Fine. Since you are so confident, I will not make things difficult for you. I hope to see you ascending the tenth layer soon.”

He Yiming heavily nodded before suddenly saying, “Grandfather, I have been cultivating behind closed-doors in the clan for quite some time now. Nowadays, I feel like making a trip outside.”

When he said these words, although his tone seemed permissive, it still contained a hint of determination, seeming as if even his grandfather didn’t agree, he wouldn’t hesitate to execute his plans.

He Wude faintly started. He hesitated for a bit. However, he also knew that although He Yiming was only fifteen years old, the latter’s strength was not below his.

Although ninth layer was no match for tenth layer, with the support of Xiantian battle skills, even he would have to back down.

However, travelling alone at an age of fifteen still seemed quite premature.

Seeing the hesitation in his grandfather’s eyes, He Yiming said, “An unpolished jade is worthless. Grandfather, you yourself said that this grandson’s ambitions doesn’t lie here.”

He Wude’s eyes slightly rose, but he eventually nodded and said, “Fine. You can go out. However, you still have to uphold our three year agreement.”

He Yiming retreated a step, bowed, then turned around and left.

After a short while, he’d already completed his preparations. This time, he was also carrying the huge broadsword, which was no longer a burden to him, in its three-part form at his side.

Carrying a huge, meter-long package, He Yiming left the home without conversing with anybody.

Currently, the sun was ascending.

Outside the manor’s entrance, He Wude’s eyes followed the grandson he felt most prideful about, shining with unspeakable arrogance and emotion.

He had a feeling that when his grandson would come back, he would have certainly attained the tenth layer- becoming the youngest peak, tenth layer Houtian cultivator in the history of Tai Cang county.

And relying on him, He family would become the number one family of the Tai Cang county.

Silently and wordlessly, a person arrived beside him. This person was precisely his childhood friend, He Laibao.

“Sixth young master left.”

“Yes, he left.”

“Old master, we are already old. Today belongs to these young masters.” He Laibao unhurriedly said.

He Wude turned his head. For the past two years, the appearance of his old friend had increasingly waned. Perhaps, they both knew that they didn’t have much time left. Therefore, they shared a sentiment that others couldn’t comprehend.

“Laibao, in this life, I have only one wish apart from the establishment and development of the He manor. If that wish can be fulfilled, I can happily close my eyes.”

Laibao lifted his head. His originally pale face seemed to be possessing a bizarre luster, “Old master, that wish will certainly be fulfilled. Sixth young master will not let you down.”

He Wude faintly smiled and said, “Yes. I believe he will certainly accomplish it for me,” He profoundly glanced at the former before continuing, “So, what about you? Did you forget, this is the desire we created for ourselves together?”

He Laibo’s both eyes gradually brightened with a golden luster, as if he’d recalled something extremely emotional to him.

“Old master, be at ease. I will not die so easily. Before seeing sixth master grow and you returning back to the Heng mountain, this old man’s voice wouldn’t be so easily stifled.”

Seeing He Laibao momentarily brimming with vitality, He Wude heartily laughed- the sound of his laughter was so loud that it covered the entire He manor and also entered He Yiming’s ears.

The latter turned his head and distantly waved towards He manor before following after the ascending sun.