Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1818: All Power Deprived

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Pulled by some power, wisp after wisp of flame power and starlight flew away from his body.

He could see the fire power core and star power core flickering in the depths of his spiritual sea, their light fading.

This was the chaos, and he had no opponents in front of him.

Technically speaking, the flames and starlight wouldn’t leave him as long as he didn’t mobilize them with his awareness.


He realized that the origins of fire and stars must be behind this.

He sneered, feeling that this was very ridiculous.

Back when the Sea of Life had been around, the origins of stars and fire had desperately called to him and expressed their intention to help him become a paragon in the chaos.

They had imprinted him with marvelous profound principles of stars and fire.

However, it turned out that these were all false, or that they all had ulterior motives.

They had only wanted to use him against the origin of life.

As soon as the origin of life was destroyed, he was useless to the other origins in the chaos. Moreover, because he had been created by the origin of life, there was some possibility that his bloodline would reform, which would become a great trouble to them.

Any trouble and hidden threat must be dealt with.


Fire and starlight that looked like countless fireflies flew from his dantian and spiritual sea and drifted towards the distant places where the origins of fire and stars were.


His solidified true soul quietly became illusory.

This meant that his soul power was leaving him as well.

All the origins in the chaos seemed to have made a tacit agreement to deprive him of all the powers that he had now, leaving him with an empty God domain cultivation base without any powers available.

Now, after his wood power core had withered, the same thing was happening to his star and fire power cores.

The soul power inside his sea of soul awareness, which could refine and strengthen his true soul, was also being channeled away by the River of Souls.

He was weakening on all sides.

First, the two most important women in his life were pulled away from him. Then, his power was channeled away by the origins.

He floated alone in the void of the chaos, face up and motionless.

Tremendous emptiness and sadness began to overwhelm him.

He found that there was nothing he could do to prevent those origins from depriving him of his flame power and star power, or prevent his soul power from disappearing.

He seemed completely numb and confused, not even knowing who he was anymore.

Deep inside, there seemed to be another him who kept asking whether he had done the right thing.

He had given up and sacrificed so much, but what did he get?

Outside, the human race was launching attacks against the outsider races and killing them brutally.

Inside, the origins were attacking him, depriving him of all his powers.

Was this the result he had worked so hard for?

He was utterly disheartened and disappointed with this world and the so-called origins in the chaos.


In the dark land.

Qin Yao, the lord of the Doomed Star Sea, still hadn’t made up his mind. He had waited for a long time, but still couldn’t see Nie Tian come out of the chaos.

The outside world was so turbulent that he chose to leave for now.

Nie Jin insisted on staying and waiting.

The minutes ticked away.

Seeing that their possibility of becoming paragons no longer existed, the human experts of various sects who had chosen to stay didn’t want to wait anymore, so they left one by one.

Responding to Fan Tianze’s call, they went to attack the Devils of the Void World in a reckless way.

The Devils became their primary target.

At the moment, most of the powerful titans, Ancientbeasts and dragons in the Silent Star Sea had been killed, while the other races like the Fiends and Blackscales had almost been exterminated.

In the face of the humans who were being driven by a crazed bloodlust, the remaining outsider races of the Spirit World no longer had the power to fight. They wandered along the borders between the three worlds on their starships, as they dared not stay in any place for a long time.

The Devils and the Netherspirits of the Void World were ruthlessly slaughtered. Those powerful human experts didn’t show mercy for Zhao Shanling’s sake.

In a desolate territory of the Bonebrutes.

Several Bonebrute experts as well as the Netherspirits and the Devils were waiting nervously, ready to fight.

The Bonebrutes were the only race in the three worlds that hadn’t lost their bloodlines due to the dissipation of the Sea of Life.

However, they had suffered heavy blows repeatedly, and lost almost all of their experts.

Nonetheless, because their bloodlines hadn’t disappeared, and they still had many ninth-grade grand monarchs who could fight, they became the last outsider race in the three worlds that could fight against the humans.

Space suddenly split open, and Zhao Shanling jumped out.

At the sight of him, all the Devils almost burst into tears and called out emotionally, their voices full of anger, sadness, irritability, and helplessness.

“Grand Monarch Lurking Devil!”

“Your Excellency, please lead your people out of this calamity!”

“Your Excellency, do you still regard us as your clansmen?”

The surviving experts of the Netherspirits and the Bonebrutes also looked eagerly at him.

After losing many late grand monarchs, such as Grand Monarch Bone Piercer, Grand Monarch Heaven Devil, and Grand Monarch Soul Capturer, Zhao Shanling, who had claimed to be the mysterious Grand Monarch Lurking Devil, had obviously become their last hope.

The three outsider races of the Void World had been monolithic for ages.

At this critical moment, they were naturally united again.

Zhao Shanling looked deeply at them, his eyes gloomy.

“How are things now?” he asked.

“The humans are concentrating on transferring their experts who have swept across the Silent Star Sea and the Doomed Star Sea to the Void World,” a Devil replied. “From the look of it, their main target is us.”

Another devil chimed in, “That’s right. The outsider races of the Spirit World are unable to resist. Most of their ninth-grade and tenth-grade experts have been killed.

“Many Demons and Phantasms who have a deep connection with us have been imprisoned or killed.

“The human race originally kept them for Nie Tian to decide their fate, but he has entered the chaos, and hasn’t returned for a long time. It’s likely he’s dead, so the four great ancient sects didn’t want to keep them anymore.”

Zhao Shanling frowned. “Have you comprehended the new cultivation method of circulating Devil Qi that I’ve taught you?”

“Your Excellency, it takes time,” a third Devil replied with a bitter face, “The cultivation method you’ve taught us is feasible, but it isn’t easy to channel devil power into our bodies and condense devil power cores. Even though we’re trying very hard, we won’t be able to fight the human race head-on without having decades or even centuries to practice.”

All the outsiders sighed.

In the current Void World, the humans’ ancient starships were wandering about, while small races like the Seaspirits and Moonspirits had nearly been wiped out.

The Devils and Netherspirits had also suffered heavy casualties.

Because the Bonebrutes still had some battle prowess, all of the other races had moved their important clansmen into their territory, hoping that the barriers the Bonebrutes had set up with death power would ward off the humans.

However, they all knew that when the humans assembled, they would eventually break their defenses, and it wouldn’t take long.