Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1816: Turn Your Back On Me?

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According to Dong Li, the outsiders, who had lost their bloodlines in the three worlds, had been abandoned.

Regardless of whether the origins in the chaos would be able to create new races of life, they were the past.

The titans, the Ancientbeasts, the dragons, the Floragrims, and even the Star Behemoths would all come to an end.

So would all the outsider races of the Void World.

“I never expected the situation in the three worlds to be like this,” Nie Tian murmured in a trance.

His brow knitted. The thought of the brutal killings being shown to him in the Spacetime Blade made him uncomfortable.

He wanted to stop it.

He examined the spiritual sea in his dantian region with his soul awareness, and saw that his star power core, flame power core, and spiritual cores without attributes were all extremely refined.

All of a sudden, he softly exclaimed, “Eeeh!”

Another spiritual core in his vast spiritual sea caught his attention.

That was his wood power core!

The wood power core was shriveled and shrunken like a small walnut without wood power flowing in it. The withered Godspirit Tree and the seventy-two branches, which were as slender as strands of hair, could be seen in it.

Like the Godspirit Tree, those branches seemed to have long withered.

At this moment, Nie Tian couldn’t sense any power from the wood power core or make it morph into the exuberant land that was his wood domain.

However, the fact that that spiritual core still existed was a big surprise to him.

He had long since understood that his wood power core had been condensed in the way of human cultivation with the Tree of Life’s wood power that had fused into him.

Both the Godspirit Tree and the seventy-two branches were closely related to the Tree of Life.

Now, the Tree of Life had vanished together with its origin.

All of the Floragrims, which had been born because of the Tree of Life, and whose bloodlines had been condensed from the various types of wood power in heaven and earth, had lost their bloodlines. However, why hadn’t the spiritual core inside his body that had practically condensed because of the Tree of Life vanished?

While thinking deeply, he made another startling discovery.

He didn’t carry a Netherspirit bloodline, but the soul awareness and soul power flowing in his true soul were imprinted with numerous mysterious soul characters and soul imprints.

Strands of meridian-like soul awareness could be seen flowing in his true soul like the River of Souls, only tens of millions of times smaller.

Nie Tian understood instantly. “There is still a close connection between my true soul and the River of Souls!”

He found that Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit’s soul magics that he had comprehended and mastered, along with the River of Souls’ mysteries that he had understood, were still imprinted in his true soul; they hadn’t been eliminated.

What he had lost was his life bloodline and all that had come with it.

The powers from the origins of metal, thunder, and ice had also left him, along with the profound meanings of time and space.

However, it wasn’t any bloodline that the true meaning of souls had merged into. Instead, it had merged perfectly with his true soul, and could never be separated.

This lifted his spirits slightly. “It seems that I’ve lost only part of it! Not all of it!”

As he examined his spiritual sea again, he found a Heavenly Stars Flower rooted in the gorgeous interior of his star power core.

The Heavenly Stars Flower was still there!

A thought entered his mind.


His star domain suddenly spread out. His star power core materialized, morphing into a glittering starry river above his head and a curtain of starlight behind his back.

The gigantic Heavenly Stars Flower also manifested. The mysterious star patterns on the leaves were studded with diamond-like spots of light.

“Manifest!” he shouted.

Similarly, his flame domain manifested from his flame power core, with the complex wonderful giant flame array corresponding to the Flame Land distinctly visible in it.

It vaguely interacted with the origin of fire.

“The River of Souls, the origin of stars and the origin of fire...” he murmured.

After stimulating his power, he suddenly felt connections to the three origins, which were far away from him at the moment.

The three origins were all competing for and devouring the blood-colored smoke.

“Apart from the Sea of Life, these three origins have offered me olive branches after I entered the chaos as well,” Nie Tian murmured. “Now, while they still approve of me and want to maintain communication with me, the blood sea that actually made me succeed and helped me temporarily become a paragon is gone...”

All of a sudden, his attention was attracted by the wood power core that was now the size of a walnut.

No matter how hard he tried, this spiritual core was unresponsive. It couldn’t morph into a wood domain or absorb the wood power in the chaos to regain its vitality.

“I need to become a paragon again!” he roared with his soul.

His roar was passed on to the River of Souls, the origin of stars, and the origin of fire.

All three of them had tried to help him become a paragon.

He wanted to become a paragon again, so he could step out of the chaos and end the turmoil outside.

At the very least, he could tell the human race that the outsider races of the Void World and the Spirit World had lost their bloodlines permanently and weren’t threats to them anymore, so they didn’t have to exterminate them.

In the dark land.

Qin Yao, Mo Heng, Yin Xingtian, and the other experts were clamoring.

The humans were having a dispute.

“I advocate taking the opportunity to exterminate those outsider races, especially the Devils of the Void World!” Fan Tianze of the Heaven Span Pavilion said with a solemn expression. “You just heard that Zhao Shanling wants to protect the Devils. As Grand Monarch Lurking Devil of the Devils, he has clearly mastered a method of condensing devil power cores that allow Devils to refine devil power without relying on bloodlines!

“The other outsider races may not pose a threat to us anymore, but under his protection, as long as the Devils master his cultivation method, they will rise again! In the future, they will become our greatest threat!”

Many experts of the four great ancient sects agreed.

They all thought that there was no hurry to kill the titans, Ancientbeasts, and dragons of the Spirit World, but they had to make a quick decision and exterminate the Devils of the Void World first.

“But Zhao Shanling has always taken our side before, trying hard to help us,” Nie Jin said with a troubled look on her face. “Besides, we don’t know whether Little Tian is dead in the chaos or not. He and Zhao Shanling are close. Why don’t we take a bit more time to think? Perhaps there’s another way.”

“This is very important. We must decide as soon as possible!” shouted Fan Tianze.

Some humans turned to look at the evil gods, the Rampage Behemoth, and the black tortoise that had lost their bloodlines, but they didn’t have the fear and awe that had been present in their eyes before.

“What do you think?” Mo Heng asked softly.

He was asking Qin Yao for his opinion.

Many people fixed their eyes on Qin Yao in an instant, their expressions complicated.

The power of the Doomed Star Sea that Qin Yao ruled had become almost decisive now that many late God domain human experts from the Mortal World had died in the Void World.

Moreover, Qin Yao could also indirectly influence Yin Xingtian, Yu Suying, Mo Qianfan and the others who attached themselves to Nie Tian.

No one mentioned Qin Yao’s past feud with the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace anymore.

Nor did anyone call him the head of the crooked forces anymore.

Many experts like Grand Monarch Serene Fiend, who had attached themselves to Qin Yao and had lost their outsider bloodlines, cried softly, “Your Excellency!”