Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1815: Genocide Plan

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While turbulence took over the three worlds, Nie Tian and Dong Li, who were still in the chaos, started to have a feeling of being stranded.

All of the other origins were greedily chasing after the drifting blood-colored smoke.

Having separated herself from the origin of darkness, Dong Li stood by Nie Tian’s side. Fixing her pitch-black pupils in the darkness, she whispered, “It’s consumed with the desire for those clusters of power from the blood sea.”

Nie Tian nodded slowly.

He was well-aware that the origins in the chaos were only scrambling for those clusters of blood-colored smoke because they hoped to have their Void Spirits create brand new species in the three worlds with them.

If they could do that, those new species would correspond to them, and only them.

If those species thrived, they would thrive. If those species withered, they would wither.

The origin of life would be out of the picture.

In contrast, they hadn’t been the only ones to benefit from the prosperity of the outsider species from before.

For instance, the creation of the Devils had relied on life power and life imprints from the origin of life.

In return, the prosperity of the Devils would not only reward the origin of darkness, but it would also allow that boundless blood sea to expand further.

All of the outsider species from before had close connections to the origin of life, which was the reason why that blood sea had grown to be the colossus and the greatest power in the chaos.

Now, with the blood sea dissipated, the other origins finally saw the opportunities they had been waiting for. It was only natural that they would fight for those clusters of blood-colored smoke.

In his human form, Ji Cang watched the madness of the origins. After a moment of hesitation, he said, “It seems about time you thought about how to walk out of the chaos and return to your world.”

With these words, he morphed into a streak of starlight and shot towards the First Star.

By returning to the First Star, he could help the origin of stars seize more clusters of blood-colored smoke.

After all, he had drifted about in the outside world for many years. His intelligence and horizons outmatched that of the First Star.

After briefly communicating with Nie Tian, the Divine Flame flew off as well.

It decided to go to aid the origin of fire.

All of a sudden, Nie Tian and Dong Li were the only ones left in this vast area.

All of the origins had chased the clusters of life power into distant areas.

Frowning, Nie Tian said, “We would have to be either Void Spirits or paragons if we want to walk out of the chaos.”

A hint of bitterness appeared on Dong Li’s gorgeous face as she said, “So we’re trapped here...”

“Unless we break the cultivation barriers and transcend again,” Nie Tian said.

Dong Li suddenly beamed as she flew lightly over to put her arm around his. Tilting her chin up to look at him, she said, “I guess it won’t be the worst thing if we’re trapped here. You’ve eliminated the greatest threat in the chaos anyway. If the two of us can be together in this boundless void, so what if we can’t get out?”

For a long time after she had met and fallen for Nie Tian, the two of them had been less together than apart.

Nie Tian had spent most of his time away, fighting battles, while she had stayed behind in their headquarters, managing the Domain of the Falling Stars, the Domain of Heaven Python, and the Domain of Heaven’s Boundaries for him.

Also, she had not only been worried about Nie Tian’s safety, but also his relationship with Pei Qiqi.

They had had far too little time for just themselves.

If they could spend day and night in this place that had come into existence before everything else in this universe, wouldn’t it be something to look forward to as well?

With these thoughts, she put her head against Nie Tian’s shoulder and said in a low, sweet voice, “Even if we’re facing a heaven-rending flood, I won’t be afraid as long as you’re by my side.”


The shrunken Spacetime Blade in Nie Tian’s hand suddenly flickered with glorious light.

Dong Li’s face instantly dropped. She let out a snort and said, “Pei Qiqi, you voluntarily fused into this blade as its soul. What right do you have to be discontented with us?”

An awkward expression appeared on Nie Tian’s face.

Holding the Spacetime Blade, he sensed Pei Qiqi’s discontent as soon as it flickered.

Immediately afterwards, images quietly emerged on its blade, as if this was intended to ruin the moment for him and Dong Li.

The images kept switching between scenes in the Void World, the Mortal World, and the Spirit World.

However, each and every one of them was filled with killing... or slaughter.

The humans were madly oppressing and slaughtering the races in the Spirit World and the Void World!

Even the titans, dragons, and Ancientbeasts that were hiding in the Silent Star Sea were ferreted out by Qi warriors from the major human sects and clans.

The images showed dragons having their horns cut off and their meridians yanked out, along with Ancientbeasts having their skin flayed and their flesh carved out.

Bereft of their bloodlines, those Ancientspirits couldn’t even last a minute facing the bombardment of Saint and Void domain human Qi warriors with their various spiritual tools.

Blood flowed like rivers in many realms in the depths of the Silent Star Sea.

The same thing could be seen in the territory of the Seaspirits, the Moonspirits, and the Lightspirits in the Void World.

Some weak races in the Void World were wiped out like bugs.

The way many Qi warriors from the secondary sects and clans in the Mortal World treated those outsiders was shockingly brutal and barbaric, perhaps even more so than how the outsiders had treated humans back in the day.

Even though Nie Tian and Dong Li couldn’t hear any sounds from the images, they could tell what those Qi warriors were saying to a large part by reading their lips.

They learned that they had swarmed into the outsiders’ territory and slaughtered them so ruthlessly because they didn’t know if they would regain their bloodlines at some point.

They were worried that the loss of their bloodlines was only temporary.

If that were the case, of course they would have to take this golden opportunity to slaughter as many outsider experts as they could. That way, the outsiders wouldn’t have a chance to fight back even if the survivors regained their bloodlines, and humanity would get to keep its transcendent position.

Even the four great sects had given tacit consent to their actions.

Nie Tian’s expression gradually grew ice-cold. “Who would have thought that they’d reveal such hideous features as soon as the tables were turned.”

It was one thing to kill the outsiders from the Void World, but they were even slaughtering the titans, dragons, Ancientbeasts, and Floragrims who had fought alongside them in the Mortal World not long ago.

He had persuaded those foreign races to join forces with the humans to fight off the invading Demons, Phantasms, and Fiends together.

How could the humans turn against their former allies so fast?

Even if they felt the need to suppress them, they didn’t have to be so ruthless, did they?

If this was their attitude towards those who used to have bloodlines, weren’t they going to kill the Rampage Behemoth, the evil gods, Agaz the flame dragon, and the black tortoise as well?

Having reached this point in his train of thought, he felt even more upset.

After a while, he took a deep breath. Gazing off at the origins that were still scrambling for the clusters of blood-colored smoke, he said, “It appears that we’ll have to find a way to leave the chaos.

“What do those species mean to them now that they’ve lost their bloodlines? Have they given up on the beings they created with the imprints from the origin of life?

“Are they doing this in preparation for the creation of new species?”

“If they can’t have new species created, they’ll enter a competition for worshipers among the humans,” Dong Li said. “At least, that’s what the origin of darkness planned to do. If it can’t have a new dark species created, it’ll do everything in its power to spread the profound truths of dark power among humans. And I will be its enforcer, or preacher.

“However, that’s if I can get out of here.”