Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1814: Reshuffle

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All outsiders were plunged into panic by the loss of their bloodlines.

They lived in such a cruel world. How could they survive without their bloodlines?

Back in the day, humans had suffered the fate of being enslaved by the outsider races in the Spirit World before deriving their cultivation method of channeling the spiritual Qi of heaven and earth into the spiritual sea in their dantian region.

Now, the outsiders had lost their bloodlines. Would they follow the humans’ footsteps?

The Doomed Star Sea was the place where rogue forces from different corners of the starry river were gathered.

Large numbers of outsiders, hybrids, humans, and Ancientbeasts lived under the same roof there, and took Qin Yao as their leader.

After the upheaval, they were the first to sense the anomalies.

Disciples of the Heavenly Corpse Sect and the Death Curse Sect discovered that their outsider companions, who they had fought countless battles with, had suddenly lost their bloodlines.

This made them wonder if the same thing had happened to the outsiders in the Void World.

If the three powerful races in the Void World had lost their bloodlines as well, wouldn’t it be a great opportunity for them to sack the Void World?

As soon as this thought came to them, they communicated with their informants in the Void World in secret.

Soon, they received reports.

Other than the Bonedrudes, all of the Netherspirits, Devils, Moonspirits, Lightspirits, Seaspirits, and even the devilish beasts and insects had lost the bloodlines that they had relied on to be powerful!

Upon receiving such information, those in the Doomed Star Sea made a move.

All of their powerful experts that hadn’t followed Qin Yao into the dark land started their ancient starships and marched into the Void World in formidable arrays.

They didn’t know that experts of different species had once joined hands and fought the Blood Father of the Spirit World and the Tree of Life together in the dark land.

There was longstanding hatred and enmity between the Void World and the Doomed Star Sea. Now that they had seen an opportunity to have their revenge, how could they give it up?

Soon, fierce battles broke out.


In the Mortal World.

The humans were holding a considerable number of Demons, Phantasms, and Fiends in captivity for Nie Tian to deal with after he returned.

Now, as outsiders everywhere lost their bloodlines, they suffered the same fate.

After the Doomed Star Sea, the Mortal World soon realized that major changes had happened as well.

Then, powerful sects like the Ice Soul Divine Sect, the Streamcloud Sword Sect, and the Profound Purity Palace started discussing exploring the Spirit World.

Some even proposed that they should march into the Void World through the Seven Stars Realm Sea.

Now that the outsiders were bereft of their bloodlines, what did they have to be afraid of?

Hence, humans that had suffered early in their history gathered Saint and Void domain experts from various sects and clans, and headed out to the Spirit World and the Void World.

As soon as they arrived in the Void World through the Seven Stars Realm Sea and discovered that the outsiders in the Void World had actually lost their bloodlines, they were overtaken by excitement.

Rumor had it that the Void World held countless wondrous treasures like the Soul-cleansing Origin Elixir, along with secrets to advance to the God domain and enter the ultimate level.

Before, they had been afraid of the three powerful races in the Void World. Now, the Bonedrudes were the only race left that still had their bloodlines. Even they had suffered heavy blows in the dark land and lost many grand monarchs. What did they have to be afraid of now?

Major changes and turbulence quickly took over the three worlds!

As the outsiders were bereft of their bloodlines, the balance between the three worlds was broken.

The various races in the Void World and the Ancientspirits, Demons, and Phantasms that had fled back to the Spirit World suddenly lost the ability to fight. Now, facing the humans’ attacks, they were like lambs waiting to be slaughtered.

The humans started sweeping across the three worlds.


In the dark land.

Many of the top experts from the three worlds were still gathered here.

It was just that now that the grand monarchs from the Void World and the Spirit World had lost their bloodlines, they found themselves in a very unfavorable situation, like pieces of meat sitting on a carving board.

What chance was there of them surviving the attacks of experts like Qin Yao, Yin Xingtian, and Mo Heng?

At the same time, without their bloodlines, even leaving through the gaping spatial rifts had become extremely risky.

“Umm...” Yin Xingtian said, looking at the shrunken Rampage Behemoth, the black tortoise, and the evil god of bloodlust. “Your bloodlines...”

“Our connection with the master ceased to exist the moment our bloodlines disappeared,” the evil god of bloodlust said in deep frustration. “Great changes must have taken place in the chaos. Not only us; all beings that carried bloodlines were deprived of their bloodlines.”

“Lord Lurking Devil!” a Devil expert called out in the distance.

It was an early tenth grade Devil grand monarch. However, now that he had lost his bloodline, he seemed very insecure and uneasy. Since he didn’t know how to leave the dark land, seeing that Zhao Shanling was respected by the humans despite his identity, he decided to ask if he would help them get out of here.

Zhao Shanling lifted his chin and looked in his direction, a complicated look appearing in his eyes.

He was a human in this life.

In fact, he had lived many lives as a human now. The reason why he had done this was because he had wanted to free himself from the clutches of the origin of life and seek a direct path to the origin of darkness by relying on the humans’ cultivation system.

He had made tremendous efforts for this goal, without expecting that all outsiders would lose their bloodlines one day.

After many reincarnations, he had indeed found a way to channel rich devil power from that devil well in the Devils’ holy land without relying on his devil bloodline, use the power to refine his body, and condense a dark power spiritual core in his spiritual sea.

A wry smile appeared on his lips as he muttered to himself, “Who would have thought that this would actually happen? After traveling the three worlds with a human form and a devil soul for many lives, I’ve long since found a way to channel devil Qi and practice cultivation without relying on my devil bloodline, but they...”

He suddenly raised his voice. “Time for you to get out of here.”

Then, he turned to Qin Yao, Mo Heng, Yin Xingtian, and the other human experts, and said, “I’m afraid the recent changes have already thrown the three worlds into turmoil. Now, we don’t know if Nie Tian is still alive, nor have Dong Li or Ji Cang come out of the chaos. But we can’t just stay here and wait forever. If we do, I fear that humans will be the only race left in the three worlds when we walk out of here.”


Cluster after cluster of blackish-violet Devil Qi flew out of his sleeves.

They found each and every Devil expert with great precision.


Holding the Void Mirror high, Zhao Shanling forcibly widened a gaping spatial rift.

Then, under his control, the cluster of Devil Qi enveloped the Devil experts and took them away to the Domain of Shadow Devil.

After escaping the dangerous environment, they suddenly discovered that the clusters of Devil Qi wrapping around them started fusing into every corner of their bodies, and gradually showed them a method to mobilize Devil Qi through their meridians.

“This is a brand new method to navigate Devil Qi!” the one who had asked for Zhao Shanling’s help earlier screamed in ecstasy, realizing that Grand Monarch Lurking Devil, the most mysterious grand monarch in the history of their race, had long since mastered a method that allowed them to navigate and channel Devil Qi without relying on their bloodlines.

This was a brand new cultivation system similar to that of the humans, but it was cut out for the Devils.

As long as the Devil race could ride out this tribulation, and put this new cultivation system into practice, they would still have a place in this starry river even though they had lost their bloodlines.

Their race would have a chance to continue.