Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1813: The Upheaval of the Landscape of the Three Worlds

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As the awareness of the origin of life vanished, the boundless blood sea couldn’t stay in its condensed state anymore.

The blood sea scattered into clusters of blood-colored smoke that drifted about in the chaos.

This was the result of Nie Tian sacrificing himself and abandoning his status as a paragon and his life bloodline.

With him as the medium, the other origins in the chaos had been able to deal the origin of life, which had been the one and only overlord for countless years, a destructive blow.

Now, the origin of life finally perished.

However, the other origins in the chaos seemed to be driven mad by greed, and started chasing after the drifting blood-colored smoke and devouring the power it contained.

Meanwhile, Nie Tian had returned to his human form.

He no longer had his exceptional size.

In his hand, he was still holding the Spacetime Blade, which had shrunk as he had. Now, it was only the length of his arm, flowing with brilliant sparkling light.

However, now that his life bloodline was gone, he had a sense of unfamiliarity holding it.

He realized that he couldn’t communicate with the origins of time and space anymore.

Nor could his human body bear the infusion of time and spatial power anymore.

Even his connection to Pei Qiqi seemed to have become somewhat illusory...

Because he had lost his life bloodline and become a pure human, this mightiest divine tool in the history of this universe couldn’t manifest its terrifying might anymore.

Then, he discovered that he no longer had blood connections to the evil gods, the black tortoise, or Master Blood Spirit.

All of this was because he had lost his life bloodline.

He examined his heart with his soul awareness. He couldn’t find a single drop of Blood Essence or that bloodline aura that contained countless Bloodline Crystal Chains.

The dark, thunder, ice, and metal bloodlines couldn’t be found either.

However, this body of his, which had been tempered a thousand times over, was still strong and sturdy.

It was just that he couldn’t cast his various bloodline talents and divine magics anymore.

Also, he couldn’t turn into a giant that was ten thousand meters tall in the blink of an eye, or unleash a surging flesh aura sea anymore.

A bitter smile appeared on his face as a sense of frustration filled his heart.

With the time freeze broken, Dong Li fell from the void above him, yelling, “Nie Tian! Why aren’t you trying to absorb the dispersing clusters of rich life power?”

Floating high in the void, Ji Cang and the Divine Flame also fixed him with confused looks.

Ji Cang looked the same as before.

However, the Divine Flame...

The delicate fleshly form it had spent plenty of thought forging for itself was gone.

Instead, it had resumed its non-physical form as a cluster of orange-red fire.

Nie Tian looked up at the Divine Flame, and realized that its fleshly form had come from the Blood Essence he had given it.

Now that his life bloodline no longer existed, its newly-acquired fleshly form had perished as well.

“Sorry,” he said in a soft voice.

“It’s not your fault. Actually, you made the right choice. You were willing to make such great sacrifices. How could I find fault with you?” The soul message from the Divine Flame was exceptionally clear.

“Nie Tian!” Dong Li called out again, looking somewhat anxious. “Don’t you want that scattering power?”

“Without my life bloodline, I can’t absorb that unclaimed flesh power anymore,” Nie Tian said with a bitter expression. “I was able to absorb and refine flesh power into myself because of my Life Drain bloodline talent. Now, no matter what I do, I won’t be able to make use of that flesh power.”

“He’s right,” Ji Cang chimed in. “Only beings with powerful bloodlines can refine that power into themselves and put it to use.

“However, not a single bloodline can be found in the three worlds now, not to mention in the chaos.”

Dong Li went blank for a moment before suddenly asking, “Then why are those origins scrambling for those clusters of flesh power?”

Ji Cang pondered in silence for a while before answering with a suspecting tone, “Perhaps they hope to save it up and have Void Spirits like us create new species that correspond to them in the three worlds in the future. If they succeed, perhaps those new species will be born with unique bloodlines, or perhaps not.”

His eyebrows were knitted, as if he didn’t really have an answer either.

“With the origin of life gone, everything is unknown now. Even if they can procure those clusters of flesh power, no one can tell whether they will be able to make brand new species of living beings with them.”

After a short pause, he turned to Nie Tian.

His expression became somewhat complicated as he fixed his eyes on Nie Tian, as if he admired him, but at the same time, found him foolish. “I really didn’t expect you to be able to make such a decision... I didn’t think you’d give up your life bloodline and your status as a paragon. By destroying the origin of life with your own hands, you practically gave up all that you had.

“I was skeptical about you before. I’m sorry about that.

“Also, please allow me to thank you on behalf of the First Star.

“Without your sacrifice, all of the other origins would have become its slaves. If you ruled over the three worlds as its paragon, while it dominated the chaos... if an era like that started, there would be only one voice left throughout this universe: its voice.

“All of the other origins would slowly decline and lose the ability to contend against it.

“You prevented that from happening.”

Solemn respect gradually filled Ji Cang’s eyes as he spoke.

Taken aback, Nie Tian asked, “Are you saying that all outsiders have lost their bloodlines?”

“That’s right,” Ji Cang said. “The titans, the Star Behemoths, the various outsider races from the Void World and the Spirit World... all of them have lost their bloodlines. Now, compared to humans, they’re only larger and stronger physically. But once human cultivators summon spiritual power from their spiritual seas, they’ll become lambs waiting to be slaughtered.

“Their time has come to an end. You’ve helped humanity become the ruler of the three worlds.”

A violent shudder ran through Nie Tian. “Humanity? Ruler of the three worlds?”

“Yes,” Ji Cang said. “Humanity is the only species that hasn’t been affected by this upheaval. Their Saint and God domain experts endure. As far as humans are concerned, with their bloodlines gone, all of the experts of the other species are nothing but physically-strong beasts with developed intelligence now. Now, under such circumstances, don’t you think that humanity will rule the three worlds?”

“This is unbelievable...” Nie Tian bowed his head, absorbed in thought.

At this moment, the other origins in the chaos were still tirelessly scrambling for the drifting clusters of blood-colored smoke.

The area below Nie Tian was empty now.

The crimson blood sea that had once stretched as far as the eye could see was gone.

However, a cluster of crimson light slowly emerged in the flitting darkness.

A cluster of crimson light appeared inside the dazzling First Star as well.

Life power could also be seen gathering in the depths of the blazing origin of fire.

Unlike before, the crimson light emerging in the origins was under control. They didn’t willfully attack them or make them suffer.

“Humanity will rule the starry river?!” Dong Li said in high spirits.

Nie Tian, however, remained expressionless.