Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1812: Bloodlines Cut Off!

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Thick blood-colored clouds started to rise from the Sea of Life and spread in the chaos.

They were made of the flesh power in the blood sea.

This vast blood sea only existed as a condensation of flesh power because of the will of the origin of life.

Now that the will of the origin of life was on the verge of collapsing, it was only natural that the tremendous amount of flesh power it had gathered started dispersing into its surroundings.


Cluster after cluster of blood-colored clouds drifted away from the blood sea to different corners of the chaos.

Some origins that had been dormant the whole time suddenly came out of their slumber.

There was a cluster of brilliant light, a sea of azure water, and a dry yellow landmass...

They seemed to have smelled a great opportunity as they started flying across the void in an attempt to capture the clouds that had floated from the blood sea.

Meanwhile, the origins of souls, metal, thunder, stars, and fire were still giving that colossal heart pressure through Nie Tian.

Various types of power were still pouring into the heart through the river of glorious light shooting out of the Spacetime Blade.

Nie Tian, however, continued to shrink.

Tenth grade, ninth grade, eighth grade...

His life bloodline kept degrading as he grew smaller.

The other bloodlines that had recently formed in his heart were also degrading. However, his connection to those origins endured.

Shortly afterwards, his star and fire bloodlines suddenly vanished from his heart, putting him in shock.

However, immediately afterwards, he came to another shocking discovery.

He found that even though his star and fire bloodlines were gone, the star power spiritual core and flame power spiritual core in his spiritual sea burst forth with amazing power, which allowed him to communicate with the origins of stars and fire through them.

A new path was found!

“Even if I lose all my bloodlines, I can still resort to the human cultivation system to refine the spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth into my spiritual cores in order to maintain communication with the other origins!”

His eyes lit up as he grew more and more determined.

Even if he gave up his life bloodline and all the other bloodlines, he wouldn’t lose hope, as long as he still had his spiritual sea and spiritual cores.

Even if he couldn’t be a grand monarch anymore, he could still be a God domain cultivator!

He would still be able to secure part of his battle prowess!

However, he didn’t know what heaven-shaking, earth-toppling upheavals were taking place in the three worlds as this happened to him.

First, all of the ninth and tenth grade outsiders experienced anomalies with their hearts. Like him, their bloodline grades started to plummet as that colossal heart continued to sustain severe damage.

Then, after his life bloodline dropped to the eighth grade and started slipping towards the seventh grade, all of the outsiders, titans, dragons, and Ancientbeasts in the three worlds that carried bloodlines that had reached the eighth grade started slipping towards the seventh grade as well, even though they had no idea what was happening.

Some of the powerful outsiders that had been born with eighth grade bloodlines even lost their bloodlines directly!

Losing their bloodlines meant forever losing their unique bloodline talents and magics, and the opportunity to enter the chaos with their soul awareness to communicate with their origins.

All species that carried bloodlines trembled in fear and lived in a constant state of anxiety.

However, the changes continued until Nie Tian’s life bloodline finally vanished completely!

As soon as that happened, all of the other bloodlines that had condensed in his heart to fight against it vanished as well.

Everything seemed to return to peace and silence.

He seemed to hear the origin of life letting out a deep sigh of frustration and regret.

It seemed to regret failing to achieve what it had pursued wholeheartedly, and failing to carry out its grand plan before perishing itself...

Its old self had chosen and vested Nie Tian with a life bloodline, assuming that after he became a paragon and his life bloodline transformed, he would walk out of the chaos as the first Divinespirit, spread descendants that could absorb the bloodlines of the other species as he could, and eventually help it rule over the three worlds in a brand new manner.

All of the Divinespirits would carry life bloodlines and correspond to it directly.

Its new self had planned on using Nie Tian to nourish that seed into its fourth-generation form in the chaos. After it grew into an invincible force throughout the universe, it would be able to bring all of the other origins to heel.

They had devised different plans, but both of them had intended to achieve their goal through Nie Tian.

Now, however, all their planning had no meaning now, with its awareness vanishing.

The colossal heart stopped beating. Like a withered flower or a dead tree, it became extremely dry and shriveled.

Eventually, the impact from the wide glorious beam of light reduced it to a cluster of crimson smoke that dissipated as its awareness did.

Also, at that moment, all of the outsiders and Ancientspirits in the three worlds, and even the Rampage Behemoth, came to a shocking realization that their bloodlines were gone.

It was as if experts with mighty bloodlines no longer existed in this starry river.

Not a single outsider could communicate with their origins through their bloodlines, activate bloodline talents, or cast bloodline magics anymore.

Even though their bodies were still exceptionally robust, they lost their bloodlines, which they had relied on to make themselves strong, gain lengthy lifespans, and survive harsh environments.

In the dark land, the Rampage Behemoth, the black tortoise, the surviving evil gods, and all the hybrids shrank down because of this.

The evil gods became the same size as humans.

The Rampage Behemoth and the black tortoise also shrank hundreds of times over and become only several meters long.

All of the hybrids lost their bloodlines and became humans that had to rely on the spiritual Qi of heaven and earth to practice cultivation.

The outsider experts from the Void World and the Ancientspirits from the Spirit World lost their bloodlines as well. Eyes glazed, they looked at the area that connected to the chaos, and muttered soullessly.

“Why? Why were we deprived of our bloodlines?”

“Without our bloodlines, all we have left is our physical strength. How can we fight the humans from now on?”

“I can’t sense the existence of our origin anymore.”

“What in the world happened in the chaos?”

Nie Jin, Qin Yao, Yin Xingtian, and all the other human experts turned to fix their eyes on Zhao Shanling, hoping to get an answer from him.

“I suppose... Nie Tian succeeded,” Zhao Shanling said softly.

Mo Heng was taken aback. “Succeeded?”

Zhao Shanling cast his gaze down, and said, “The origin of life is the foundation of all bloodlines. Once it perishes, all beings that carry bloodlines will naturally lose their bloodlines. The reason why I chose to reincarnate as a human was because I knew that humans were the only species that didn’t carry any bloodlines, and could completely break free from its clutches.”


In the chaos, the boundless Sea of Life had dissipated into clusters of blood-colored smoke.

The wide beam of glorious light was already gone.

Nie Tian, who was holding the Spacetime Blade, could still sense Pei Qiqi’s existence.

However, he couldn’t summon time power or spatial power anymore.

Meanwhile, spiritual cores of time and spatial attributes didn’t form in his spiritual sea in his dantian region.

After all, they were unfamiliar grounds to him to begin with.


Clusters of blood-colored smoke that were bereft of the awareness of the origin of life drifted to different areas.

Seeing this, the other origins rapidly flew out and scrambled for the unclaimed power they contained.