Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1811: From A God to A Man

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In the depths of the blood sea at the center of the chaos.

A wide, glorious beam of light connected Nie Tian and the origin of life like a dazzling bridge.

It started from Nie Tian’s Spacetime Blade and stretched all the way to that colossal heart in the blood sea.

It flowed with time and spatial power.

Through it, sparks of starlight, bolts of lightning, ice crystals, sparks of golden light, and clusters of fire poured deep into the heart, along with power that belonged to Nie Tian.

Upon a closer look at the crimson heart that represented the origin of life, one would be able to see that the infusion of various types of power had caused fissures to appear on it, with tiny blood-colored chains snapping everywhere.

Apparently, the heart was suffering damage, which was expanding and gradually causing it to beat in an extremely strange manner.

At this moment, the originally-surging blood sea had suddenly gone tranquil, so much so that it made those who were observing uneasy.

It was as if time had stopped.

The other origins that were in the vicinity were enveloped in silence as well.

Floating motionlessly under the cluster of utter darkness, Dong Li, Ji Cang, and the Divine Flame were all at a loss, not knowing what to do.

The only thing that was changing was Nie Tian’s Life-origin Form.

It, which was originally vast enough to prop up heaven and earth, was somehow shrinking down bit by bit.

Within moments, it shrank from being a hundred thousand meters tall to only being ten thousand meters tall, and the shrinking didn’t stop.

It was as if he was being weakened as the various types of power that corresponded to his lightning, metal, flame, and star bloodlines continued to pour into that colossal heart through that brilliant ‘’bridge,’ and his declining flesh aura could no longer maintain his enormous divine form.

The crimson flesh aura sea that had been protecting his body like a shield vanished.

His awareness gradually grew blurred.

A surprised look appeared on his face as he looked down at this chest and felt a subtle pain...

He had a feeling that he was losing something that was very important to him.

It was something that had accompanied him since he had been born.

It had helped him grow and acquire all that he had today. It was like his strongest, most cherished, and most reliable partner.

However, for some reason, it was leaving him now.

Suddenly, he felt sad and wanted to keep it from leaving.

Subconsciously, he started loosening his hand that was gripping the Spacetime Blade.

All of a sudden, he sensed the cries coming from the other origins.




They woke him from his daze.

At this moment, he finally realized what had just happened and what was happening now. “My life bloodline!”

His life bloodline was leaving him!

He was losing it because that colossal heart was suffering from the joint attack of him and the other origins!

This boundless blood sea, the origin of life, was the reason why he had been able to transcend and become a paragon.

Now, as it sustained damage, he, as its paragon, was the first to be affected.

It was only being damaged now, and he was being deprived of his life bloodline and his status as a paragon.

What if it was destroyed...?

He was well-aware that his life bloodline had helped him make countless incredible achievements. Without it, he couldn’t have survived so many tribulations. In fact, he might have died long ago.

However, this very thing that had helped him climb to the top of the Mortal World and become a paragon in the chaos was leaving him now because of what he was doing...

A voice seemed to echo in his head and his vanishing life bloodline. “Is this really what you want?”

He examined his heart with his soul awareness.

He saw that within the crimson bloodline aura, numerous tiny, interweaving Bloodline Crystal Chains were snapping and collapsing like lofty mansions.

Some of his memories and knowledge about life power that he had gone to great lengths to derive and had long since imprinted in his heart started to grow blurry.

He couldn’t even remember them anymore.

He knew that this was because the Bloodline Crystal Chains that bore them had snapped and vanished.

However, unlike the ninth and tenth grade grand patriarchs and grand monarchs in the three worlds, he wasn’t in great pain. All he felt was sorrow and reluctance.

“I...” he whispered, looking blankly at the colossal beating heart that represented the origin of life.

He felt himself weakening.

The power with different attributes that was pouring into the heart was part of the reason why he had been exceedingly powerful.

Now, it was attacking the origin of life, which had played a crucial role in his transcendence and was key to the wonders of his life bloodline.

It seemed what he was doing now was attacking and hurting himself.

If this battle continued, his body, strength, and flesh aura would grow weaker and weaker... Perhaps he could even lose his life bloodline, along with everything that came with it, and be reduced to a mortal human being.

“Is that... really what you want?” The soul voice of the origin of life was somewhat vague and exhausted as it came from his crimson bloodline aura with vanishing Bloodline Crystal Chains.

This made him realize that it was just as weak as he was.

He didn’t know what would happen to it if this didn’t stop, nor did anyone in this universe.

All he knew was that he had already fallen from being a paragon to being a grand monarch...

As the Bloodline Crystal Chains in the crimson bloodline aura continued to snap and vanish, he could no longer use the bloodline talents and magics he had previously derived and been able to use skillfully before.

Then, he started falling from the tenth grade towards the ninth grade...

Meanwhile, changes were happening to the tiny dark, metal, thunder, ice, star, and flame bloodlines in his heart as well.

They were becoming tinier and tinier, and illusory like flowers in a mirror and moon in water.

“My life bloodline is the foundation. If it disappears, all of my other bloodlines will perish as well.”

He suddenly realized what was happening inside of him.

All of his bloodlines were melting!

First, his life bloodline would degrade gradually until it vanished.

Then, his other bloodlines that had condensed in his heart for the purpose of fighting the origin of life would fade as well.

After that, he would become a pure human that was bereft of any bloodline.

He would finish the transformation from a godlike existence to a mortal human being.

“Being a human...” he muttered, a smile of mixed feelings appearing at the corner of his mouth. “Ah, might as well.”

He didn’t stop the changes.

Hence, his Life-origin Form continued to shrink as his aura suffered a drastic decline, and all of his bloodlines slowly melted away.