Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1809: My Heart Is the Battleground!

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Drop after drop of Nie Tian’s Blood Essence burned in his heart to release thick flesh power.

However, this flesh power, which was intended to stimulate the power of the Spacetime Blade, suddenly went out of control.

Like wisps of brilliant blood-colored light, they fused into the seed of the fourth-generation Tree of Life instead!

Like a super-powerful magnet, the seed was attracting every single wisp of flesh power that Nie Tian generated in his heart by burning his Blood Essence.

The tiny seed started to expand rapidly like a cluster of light.

It started changing quietly.


Time and spatial power were separated from each other like two parallel rivers in the Spacetime Blade even though Nie Tian had swung it with full force.

Their fusion in the blade seemed to be broken!

Failing to send a dazzling, all-conquering blade light into the depths of the blood sea, Nie Tian didn’t manifest even the slightest might of the Spacetime Blade.

At the same time, Nie Tian’s incredibly large Life-origin Form somehow started to shrink down bit by bit.

Ji Cang, Dong Li, and the Divine Flame all realized that something had gone wrong with Nie Tian.


Clutching the Spacetime Blade, Nie Tian was just about to say something when Pei Qiqi’s soul voice suddenly echoed in his mind.

He instantly realized that he had to use his flesh power to fuse the time power and spatial power in order to bring out the transcendent might of this wondrous weapon.

However, the refined flesh power he had exerted just now to launch this attack against the origin of life had been intercepted by the Tree of Life.

As a result, the fusion of time power and spatial power hadn’t been achieved.

A heaven-shaking, earth-shattering strike had been stifled.

“Watch out for that tree!”

Pei Qiqi’s soul voice burst out in Nie Tian’s sea of awareness like a thunderclap.

Nie Tian was instantly pulled out of his thoughts.

He examined himself with his soul awareness, and discovered that the seed was nourishing itself with his flesh power and growing rapidly in his heart.

“Every generation of the Tree of Life will form a seed when it perishes in order to be reborn? From the look of it, I made a huge mistake by letting those sparks fall into the blood sea after I destroyed your physical form with a slash of the blade. I should have snuffed them out, every single one of them...”

Sensing his rapid flesh power loss, Nie Tian broke himself away from the blood sea.

No part of him was in the blood sea anymore.

However, floating above the blood sea, his body continued to be drained of its power...

The tiny seed in his heart was like a bottomless hole that madly harvested the flesh power that belonged to him.

He seemed to have become its food.

“This is interesting.”

As soon as a thought entered his mind, the metal, thunder, ice, and dark bloodlines in his heart answered his call and burst forth with power simultaneously.


Streaks of power that were of a variety of colors shot towards the seed together, the black ones being the fiercest.


Streaks of dark, thunder, ice, and metal power exploded and vanished upon hitting the seed.

However, the tiny seed only shook slightly before moving on to devour even more of his flesh power to replenish its consumption and repair its damage.

It started its transformation into a tree sapling.

At this moment, Nie Tian had a feeling that if he let it transform into a sapling and take root in his heart, all that he had now would be taken away by it.

Then, when it grew into the fourth-generation Tree of Life, he would be reduced to ashes and perish for good.

All signs of his existence would be erased, while the fourth-generation Tree of Life would become the strongest being this universe had ever seen!

It would surpass the Blood Father of the Spirit World, its third-generation self, and all of the Star Behemoths and paragons that had lived!

It would be number one in this universe in a real sense!

“You think you can reanimate through me? Wishful thinking!”

With these words, he pierced his left index finger towards his chest like a narrow sword.


Blazing light rapidly gathered at the tip of the finger.

The light was a mixture of dark, metal, thunder, ice, and soul power.

This was the Titan’s Wrath he had inherited from the Blood Father of the Spirit World!

As soon as a beam of light blasted through his flesh and entered his chest, the dark, ice, and thunder bloodlines in his heart infused it with their power.

Beams of their power shot into it one after another with great precision.


Fissures suddenly appeared on the tiny seed, the furious roars of the Tree of Life rumbling out from within.

The blood sea seemed to start seething as this happened!


At this very moment, Nie Tian’s star and flame doppelgängers flew out of the First Star and the origin of fire.

They morphed into streaks of ethereal light that instantly fused into his Life-origin Form.

In the next moment, two tiny bloodlines came to form in his heart, a star bloodline and a fire bloodline.

Bloodline connections were instantly established between him and the origins of stars and fire.

Hence, countless sparks of starlight and fire emerged in every part of his Life-origin Form, and swooped towards the slowly-splitting seed in his heart like myriad moths.

Then, he saw even more sparks emerging and converging on his heart from different parts of his body.

Upon a closer look, he could see that there were tiny sparks of darkness, rays of golden light, ice shards, lightning bolts, and spatial blades.

This body of his seemed to have become the battleground where the origins fought each other.

The origins that had established connections to him saw the splitting seed as something they had to eliminate!

Therefore, after he had broken away from the blood sea, they had thought up every possible method to fuse their power into his body in order to attack that seed.

At this moment, the tiny seed had to contend against the power of many origins with his flesh power.

This made him look like he had fallen into a state of Qi deviation. His face grew distorted as he kept howling and shaking in the chaos.

Deeply anxious, Dong Li didn’t know what to do other than call out to him, “Nie Tian!”

It seemed to her that Nie Tian’s aura was a mess, while wisps of power that corresponded to different origins kept flying from his pores.

Even the wisps of power seemed to be fighting each other.

A ward of blood-colored aura would form around Nie Tian, only to burst in the next moment.

In Nie Tian’s widened eyes, she could also see the shadows of the Tree of Life every once in a while. However, they would only exist for a moment before being devoured by thousands of soul seals.

Moments later, Nie Tian threw his head back and roared, “Break!”


Endless dazzling light erupted from within his chest.


Sounds like walnuts cracking echoed out.

Nie Tian assumed a tight grip of the Spacetime Blade and swung it once again. As soon as he did, rivers of spatial and time power fused within the blade and blasted forth in a beam of divine light that seemed to run through heaven and earth as it pierced into the depths of the blood sea.

The wide beam of light bombarded the colossal beating heart that represented the origin of life.

Time seemed to freeze at this moment.

All of the powerful beings felt lost.