Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1807: A Helping Hand

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Nie Tian had channeled the other origins in an attempt to destroy the origin of life after sinking into the Sea of Life.

However, as the result, the blood sea remained safe and sound, while all of the origins that had joined him in attacking the blood sea suffered from the counterattacks of the blood sea.

At this moment, all of those origins were being madly attacked by the Sea of blood due to the fact that Nie Tian was currently in the blood sea and they shared bloodline connections with him.

Even the strongest among them, the River of Souls and that cluster of darkness, were being weakened continuously.

Surrounded by darkness, Dong Li seemed to hear the wails of the origin of darkness.

Also, floating in the void, Ji Cang and the Divine Flame saw crimson auras emerging and gradually spreading in the depths of the darkness...

Dong Li suddenly flew out from the depths of the darkness and shot towards the Sea of Life like a black lightning bolt, exclaiming, “Nie Tian!”

Both Ji Cang and the Divine Flame were flabbergasted, and hastily yelled in an attempt to stop her.

Dong Li hadn’t joined the ranks of paragons yet. Perhaps the origin of life couldn’t really hurt her as long as she didn’t enter the blood sea.

However, once she did, she would most likely suffer storms of attacks from it immediately.

It was also a possibility that this new origin of life would use her to deal with Nie Tian.

“Don’t come close!” Nie Tian, who was impaled by the crimson crystal branches and stranded in depths of the blood sea, shouted upon seeing her plunging towards him.

Deep down, he also deemed that it wouldn’t be helpful if she entered the blood sea.

After all, he was well-aware of how terrifyingly mighty this blood sea was.

If she entered the blood sea as he had, it would only end even more badly for her.

His core bloodline came from the Sea of Life. It was the reason why he had been able to transcend and become a paragon. It was also because of this that it had to go through great trouble if it wanted to destroy him.

That wasn’t the case with Dong Li.

It wouldn’t be difficult at all for it to kill Dong Li, who had yet to finish her transcendence.

“Darkness: Eversilence!”

As she let out a melodious cry, the Dark Aureole that had been floating over her head the whole time plunged into the blood sea first, like a black sun.

The impact created thousands of waves.

As soon as the Dark Aureole entered the crimson blood sea, the rich dark aura it emanated rapidly spread in the sea like a black mist.

At the same time, Dong Li suddenly vanished into thin air.

Darkness gradually pervaded the blood sea.


Nie Tian let out a soft exclamation as he was shocked to find that the sparks of dark power that her Dark Aureole emanated seemed to find their way into that colossal heart!

They seemed to make the awareness of the origin of life somewhat confused.

Suddenly, Nie Tian was able to sense the existence of the origins of time and space again.


Glorious streaks of light that contained time and spatial power poured into his Spacetime Blade without meeting any resistance.

The wondrous blade burst forth with dazzling light in the depths of the blood sea!

Then, numerous drops of his Blood Essence burned out in an instant as he swung the brilliant blade with full force.

Dazzling light shot straight up from the mightiest divine tool in the universe to the end of the chaos like a brilliant river.

All of the crimson crystal branches that were in its way exploded in a breath’s time.

Nie Tian’s flesh aura seemed to morph into heavenly dragons that tore up and devoured the crimson sparks from the shattered branches, and used them to strengthen his body.


Within a short time, he expanded to be as tall as the Blood Father of the Spirit World had been.

His head penetrated the ward created by the crimson crystal branches and rose from the surface of the blood sea.

At the same time, a long tunnel rose from the blood sea and extended deep into the distance.

It was a tunnel made by the brilliant light from the Spacetime Blade.

Nie Tian wove his empty hand around in a casual manner, and the remaining fragments of the crimson crystal branches exploded one after another.

All of the sparks created by the explosions vanishing into his palm. Not a single one escaped.

Every time a broken branch exploded and vanished, he grew a bit taller.

Given this growth rate, he might soon be able to match the size of the first-generation Tree of Life.

All of a sudden, a brilliant star manifested, along with a cluster of raging fire.

They were the First Star and the origin of fire.

The star that had existed since the grand explosion had created this universe floated right above his shoulder, while the origin of fire floated behind his back.

The River of Souls flowed over his head, and established communication with his sea of awareness once again.

As for the Sea of Life, it only reached his waist now, giving him the look of a lofty divine mountain peak that towered over the blood sea.

Most surprising of all, the Spacetime Blade in his hand had grown with him, and was incredibly large now.


Streaks of crimson light flew from the blood sea, wrapped around his waist like lightning bolts, and attempted to pierce into his chest.

He shrewdly sensed that since his chest was above the surface of the blood sea now, its awareness and power couldn’t affect him anymore, nor could they infuse into the other origins.

Those streaks of crimson light were like the tentacles of the Sea of Life.

If they pierced into his chest and entered his heart, bridges would be rebuilt, and the power of the Sea of Life would be able to reach those origins again.

A cold smile appeared on Nie Tian’s face.

He suddenly grabbed them with his empty hand.

Like black lightning bolts, devil light burst forth from his fingers, causing the streaks of crimson light to explode one after another.

Then, cyan soul seals manifested in the depths of his pupils, glinting like stars.

Tiny tree shadows existed in the exploding crimson light, representing the awareness of the origin of life.

However, as soon as the cyan soul seals emerged in Nie Tian’s eyes, the tree shadows seemed to be vaporized.

As that happened, Nie Tian heard a clear bellow from the origin of life.


Nie Tian’s Life-origin Form grew even taller, with the blood sea reaching only his knees now.

At this moment, Dong Li showed herself. Floating over Nie Tian’s left shoulder with Ji Cang and the Divine Flame, she exclaimed, “My Dark Aureole!”

She hadn’t really entered the blood sea.

Nie Tian looked down, and instantly found that the black mist was being quickly gnawed away by the crimson light in the blood sea.

There was almost none of it left in the blood sea now.

It wouldn’t be long before the black spot transformed from the Dark Aureole was engulfed and had any signs of its existence erased by the Sea of Life.

“Leave it to me.”

With these words, Nie Tian bent down like a giant unparalleled god trying to scoop something from a shallow blood-colored swamp.

He tried to keep his chest as far away from the blood sea as possible while his hand groped in the blood sea.

At the same time, his pupils turned black.

His dark bloodline was activated to help him locate the Dark Aureole.

Before long, he cried, “Got it!”

In his gigantic palm, the Dark Aureole looked like a grain of black rice.

With a casual flick of his hand, the Dark Aureole flew towards Dong Li.