Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1806: The Counterattack of the Origin of Life!

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It wasn’t just the origin of darkness. Dark red auras also emerged in the depths of the River of Souls, as well as the origins of time and space!

The origins of metal, thunder, and ice, which had fled far away, shivered and even began to beg for forgiveness.

Nonetheless, more and more red auras gradually appeared in the three origins.

Ji Cang’s and the Divine Flame’s expressions both instantly changed.

Their origins hadn’t been involved when Nie Tian had attacked the origin of life.

This was because Nie Tian’s Life-origin Form hadn’t condensed bloodlines of stars and fire.

Without his bloodline as the medium, the power of the origins of stars and fire couldn\'t infiltrate the Sea of Life.

Moreover, the origins of stars and fire mainly focused on helping Nie Tian’s doppelgangers so that they would have the possibility of becoming paragons.

“Nie Tian!” Ji Cang shouted with fear. “You’d better get out now! You can’t stay in that blood sea for long!”

As an outsider, he had seen through everything.

He suddenly realized that when Nie Tian had entered the depths of the blood sea and wanted to use powers that were different from his life bloodline to attack the Sea of Life, the Sea of Life had actually been able to respond.

With the help of Nie Tian’s bloodline, the origins of souls, darkness, and thunder had infiltrated their powers and influence into the Sea of Life in a bid to help Nie Tian put pressure on the gigantic heart.

However, they had no idea that when they had done that, they had also put themselves in danger.

Since they had been able to infiltrate their own influence and power into the Sea of Life through Nie Tian, who had acted as a medium, the origin of life that had helped Nie Tian transcend and join the ranks of paragons could also erode them with its will and power through Nie Tian!

The dark red aura appearing in the darkness and the River of Souls was exactly the origin of life’s counterattack!

If Nie Tian hadn’t entered the blood sea and hadn’t used his dark bloodline and bloodlines of thunder, metal, and ice in his heart to channel the other origins, the Sea of Life couldn\'t have been able to infiltrate its own powers into any of the origins, no matter how mighty it was.

This was the rule in the chaos since ancient times: head-on, direct battles couldn’t break out between the origins.

Battles between the origins had to rely on external forces, such as paragons they had created, races they had created, and the Star Behemoths that had transformed from the Void Spirits they had separated from themselves.

Dong Li shouted loudly in the depths of the darkness to warn Nie Tian, “Nie Tian!”

She was able to communicate with the origin of darkness. At the moment, she sensed more and more fear and uneasiness in the origin of darkness, which made her realize that the origin of darkness was losing its confidence in fighting against the Sea of Life below.

The dark red aura turned crimson in the depths of darkness.

Crimson was flesh aura’s true color!


The heartbeat of the origin of life in the depths of the blood sea suddenly accelerated.

Holding the Spacetime Blade in his hand, Nie Tian looked at the gigantic beating heart with a solemn expression, and said, “Is it your plan or its to attack the other origins, using the newly-condensed bloodlines in my heart that correspond to them as the medium?”

Nie Tian had woken up to the truth.

Since he was able to use other origins to attack this blood sea, it could use him to fight back against them.

He even realized that it had been the origin of life’s intention to use him as a medium to attack or threaten these origins!

His life bloodline had been upgraded after he had become a paragon. Now, he was able to absorb and refine the unique bloodline of any race into his own bloodline with Life Drain.

This new, unusual ability was clearly designed to be used against the other origins.

At the thought of this, he charged upwards in an attempt to leave the Sea of Life.

However, from the beating heart came a cold, heartless will. “Don’t go...”

Countless drops of crystal-clear blood suddenly flew over from the edges of the blood sea before they instantly appeared above Nie Tian’s head and morphed into crimson crystal branches that blocked Nie Tian’s way like a wall of dense thorns.

The crimson crystal branches secretly contained the aura of the Tree of Life that had been destroyed, but the aura seemed to be different.

Before, the Tree of Life’s abundant power had been refined wood power.

At the moment, however, the power flowing in the crimson crystal branches was a mixture of flesh and wood power, which was the most direct embodiment of the power of the Sea of Life!


Nie Tian, who was rushing upward, hit the crimson crystal branches and was instantly pricked and badly mutilated, as if his heart were pierced by thousands of swords.

“Do you think you can stop me with this?” Nie Tian said and snorted, wielding the Spacetime Blade in his palm again.

The Spacetime Blade, which had been used to slash the Tree of Life and destroy the Blood Father of the Spirit World, made him believe that nothing in the world could be sharper than this blade.

However, his face suddenly changed after he wielded the Spacetime Blade.

He seemed to hear the origin of life’s sneer.

Drops of Blood Essence in his body and in his heart were burning, but streaks of gorgeous time light and space light didn’t join them and pour into the blade as he had expected...

The origins of time and space didn’t respond to him or give him sufficient support.

Then, even his connection with the origins of darkness and souls became fitful at this moment.


Crimson electric light shot from the crimson crystal branches to wander all over his body and affect his flesh aura circulation.

His face grew grave.

He realized that he had overlooked an important matter.

Because the Sea of Life had attacked the origins of time and space with Nie Tian as a medium, the origins of time and space were now subject to the influence of the blood sea.

The blood sea’s will distorted the origins of time and space so that these two origins couldn’t respond to him in time.

If the streaks of time and space power couldn’t pour uniformly into the Spacetime Blade, the peerless divine tool’s power couldn’t be displayed in full.

How could he possibly outmatch the blood sea with his life bloodline alone if he lost the Spacetime Blade, and his darkness bloodline and the River of Souls were suppressed?

He immediately realized that he was at an absolute disadvantage.

Now that he couldn\'t walk out of the Sea of Life, the bloodlines in his heart that connected to the other origins allowed the origin of life’s power and influence to continue to infiltrate them.

The power that the vast Sea of Life had accumulated over countless years was beyond imagination.

Now that all the other origins that had been repeatedly damaged, its timing to fight back couldn’t be better.

Above the blood sea, Ji Cang suddenly shouted with a cold face, “Nie Tian! Did you already know that the blood sea would fight back and kill the other origins by relying on the bloodlines that have condensed in your body?

“Did you deliberately work with it to set up a trap to kill the other origins?”

Even the Divine Flame had an incredulous look on her face.