Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1804: Everything Is Unknown

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Light rain fell from the cracking sky.

Crimson blood light wandered in the depths of the earth, binding together the central part of the dark land that was about to explode.

Looking at the bright light spots all over the sky, all the experts who were gathered here seemed to hear the Blood Father of the Spirit World’s begrudging wail.

Naturally, their eyes turned to fix on Nie Tian.

In their eyes and their hearts, the current Nie Tian, who was obviously shorter than earlier and a little dispirited, looked like a giant god who could break heaven and earth when he wielded the Spacetime Blade.

It was hard to believe that the Blood Father of the Spirit World had vanished completely after Nie Tian had slashed his blade at him!


Soul imprints flew out of Nie Tian’s pupils one after another.

The cyan soul imprints flitted about in the broken dark land. As soon as they captured a little dim light that was invisible to the naked eye, they engulfed and refined it.

The dim light was the Blood Father of the Spirit World’s remaining soul will.

If he didn’t swallow and refine it, his soul awareness would be able to regather and reemerge.


The invisible dim light was quickly captured and annihilated by the many soul imprints.

Soon, those who stayed in the dark land found that they could no longer feel the begrudging wailing of the Blood Father of the Spirit World.

All traces of his existence seemed to have been erased mercilessly.

“Nie Tian...” Zhao Shanling, who had taken his human form, exclaimed softly as he looked at the Spacetime Blade in Nie Tian’s hand with mixed feelings. “Where’s Pei?”

He had sensed Pei Qiqi’s aura from the Spacetime Blade.

Nie Tian, who didn’t know how to answer, remained silent.

Squinting and sensing for a while, Zhao Shanling suddenly said, “I see.”

Then, the evil gods, Master Blood Spirit, Mo Heng, and the others shouted with different expressions.


“Young Master!”

“Nie Tian!”

“Little Tian...” Nie Jin called Nie Tian in a soft, timid manner, her face filled with guilt. It seemed that she wanted to explain herself.

Nie Tian, who appeared in his Life-origin Form, looked down upon everyone like a god, his eyes scanning through them.

As soon as he saw Nie Jin, his expression grew much softer as he nodded slightly at her and gave her a gentle and comforting look.

In an instant, Nie Jin knew what he was thinking, and what he wanted to express.

Nie Jin’s shoulders trembled slightly. Her eyes were filled with tears, but a reassuring smile played on her lips.

She knew that Nie Tian had understood the guilt and hardships she had suffered over the years...

In the crowd, Qin Yao’s eyes were shining brightly. His face was calm, but his heart was full of pride.

Holding Nie Jin’s hand tightly, he said nothing.

At that moment, Nie Tian said, “You should leave the dark land now.”

“What’s going on inside the chaos?” Mo Heng asked.

All the menaces in the dark land no longer existed after the Blood Father of the Spirit World disappeared.

However, what about the chaos?

“The Tree of Life’s awareness is one with the origin of life, but its body has perished,” Nie Tian replied.

Then he raised his hand to slap it towards the ground.

Turbulent devil power surged and thick devil clouds seemed to come out of his palm to cover the entire earth.


Thousands of streaks of electric light filled with devil power destroyed the branches and green leaves in the depths of the earth.

They were replaced by the crimson blood light that had fallen when the Blood Father of the Spirit World had exploded.

The branches and leaves were still connected to the Tree of Life. As long as abundant flesh power was infused into them, they might start growing again.

In that case, its main awareness, which now existed in the origin of life, would be able to separate wisps of awareness to make the branches grow into a whole new generation of the Tree of Life, which could be even more powerful than the old one.

What Nie Tian had to do now was to eradicate this hidden threat.


The many branches and leaves were wiped out by the electric light that contained destruction power.

After the Blood Father of the Spirit World exploded, the scattered crimson blood light had filled the dark land, keeping this special land from shattering.

After this was done, Nie Tian pondered for a moment before saying, “The upheaval in the dark land is mostly over.”

Hearing this, some asked in amazement.

“Where’s Ji Cang?”

“Where’s Pei from our sect?”

Nie Tian gave Zhao Shanling a look.

In an instant, Zhao Shanling sensed that a message in the ancient devil language had reached the depths of his soul.

After thinking about it for a moment, Zhao Shanling knew what had happened, and what Nie Tian wanted to do next.

He hesitated for a moment. Seeing that Nie Tian was gradually growing vague and was about to return to the chaos, he hurried to speak, “You have to think about it carefully. No one in the world knows what disaster will occur if something happens to the origin, especially when it’s the cornerstone of all the living beings’ bloodlines and the main reason why all living beings were born!

“If it’s destroyed...” Zhao Shanling didn’t continue.

Nie Tian disappeared once again.

All the people who didn’t know what was going on gathered around Zhao Shanling to ask loudly for information.

Taking a deep aura, Zhao Shanling said, “Nie Tian wants to go to the blood sea in the chaos to fight the origin of life. The origin of life is the foundation upon which all living beings are formed. In particular, it is vital to all the outsiders who have bloodlines. Also, Nie Tian became a paragon with its help. If something happens to it, no one can predict the consequences.”

“Then why does Nie Tian want to fight the origin of life?” someone asked.

“Because the origin of life controls everything. Now, the will of the origin of life is the will of the Tree of Life, the culprit that has brought disaster to the three worlds!” Zhao Shanling replied.

Everyone couldn’t help but scream, “What?!”

Hearing Zhao Shanling’s explanation, some grand monarchs of the Void World panicked even more.

“Grand Monarch Lurking Devil, will anything happen to our bloodlines if he attacks the origin of life?” a devil grand monarch asked loudly.

Zhao Shanling thought for a while before shaking his head and answering, “Everything is unknown.”

Hearing his words, all the outsider experts who had bloodlines in their bodies became more uneasy and fearful.

However, they couldn’t rush into the chaos to stop Nie Tian.

Even if they could enter it, who would be able to stop the current Nie Tian?


Nie Tian reappeared in the chaos.

As long as the origins of darkness, souls, space, or time called upon him, he could return to the chaos without the origin of life’s help.

Ji Cang and the Divine Flame shouted together. “Nie Tian!”

Dong Li watched him quietly from the dark.

The three of them had already known the fact that he had returned to the dark land and slain the Blood Father of the Spirit World with the Spacetime Blade.

Nie Tian slowly sank into the depths of the blood sea as he looked up at Dong Li and said, “I think you should leave now.”

He couldn’t predict the consequences of what he was going to do.

Now that all threats had been removed, Dong Li was strong enough to dominate the three worlds with her current strength even if she didn’t become a paragon.

Hence, to be safe, he wanted her to leave.

“I’m not leaving,” she said with determination.