Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1803: Kill The Blood Father!

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In the chaos, the origins were watching Nie Tian closely.

The origins of time and space had flown away quietly.

They couldn’t be seen around the blood sea anymore; it seemed that they had hidden at the edges of the chaos.

Some powerful origins such as the River of Souls and the origin of darkness sensed that the origins of time and space had become weak somehow.

The two mysterious origins seemed to have consumed a tremendous amount of energies to create the Spacetime Blade.

However, after the Spacetime Blade was formed, no origins dared to underestimate the origins of time and space anymore.

The might of the Spacetime Blade was simply incredible!

The Tree of Life’s body had been destroyed by the Spacetime Blade and couldn’t be revived with the blood sea’s power.

What in the world could stop this blade?

Pei Qiqi’s soul murmur sounded in Nie Tian’s sea of soul awareness, quietly comforting him. “Nie Tian...”

Hearing her voice, Nie Tian who was still sad, gradually calmed down.

He was dazed, understanding another form of companionship that Pei Qiqi had mentioned...

She would keep him company in the form of a divine tool forever.


Suddenly, streaks of gorgeous light flashed across the surface of the Spacetime Blade.

Then a very clear image showed up.

In the image, the Blood Father of the Spirit World was roaring and swinging his giant golden axe at the place where Zhao Shanling, Qin Yao, and Master Blood Spirit were in the dark land.

Nie Tian jerked his head down to fix the blood sea below with a cold look.

The blood sea was calm, and the gigantic heart was beating at a normal rate.

Perceiving it with his bloodline, Nie Tian knew that the movements of the Blood Father of the Spirit World in the dark land weren’t inspired by the blood sea.

He carefully checked the fluctuations in the blood sea and gazed at the heart before he suddenly realized that the Tree of Life that had lost its body had called the Blood Father of the Spirit World to fight in the chaos at the first moment.

After becoming the new origin, the Tree of Life had been able to restrict the Blood Father of the Spirit World.

It could cut off the Blood Father of the Spirit World’s flesh power supply, and stop him from gaining unlimited flesh power when he was outside the chaos.

Besides, the Blood Father of the Spirit World had been used to obeying the blood sea.

However, this time...

The Blood Father of the Spirit World didn’t answer the summons of the blood sea to go into the chaos to help it kill Nie Tian.

Instead, the Blood Father of the Spirit World started killing in the dark land once again. Brilliant golden light showered the lands as flashes of lightning and thunderbolts penetrated the earth.

They infiltrated the vines and branches buried in the dark land that had been left by the Tree of Life.

The vines and branches, which were full of green vitality and as strong as steel bars, were preventing the central area of the dark land from breaking, so that paragons could still return from the chaos.

The Blood Father of the Spirit World seemed to be attacking Zhao Shanling, Qin Yao, Yin Xingtian, and the others, but most of his power was in fact focused on attacking the depths of the earth.

He wanted to destroy all that the Tree of Life had left and crush the dark land!

Once the dark land broke apart, no creatures would be able to step into the chaos.

If Nie Tian lost the dark land, which was a ladder, returning to the three worlds would be very difficult.

The Blood Father of the Spirit World was doing this because he wanted Nie Tian to stay in the chaos.

As for the tremendous changes or conflicts that would occur between Nie Tian and the origin of life in the chaos, he didn’t care.

By doing this, he was clearly going against the new origin’s will.


Earth-shattering sounds came from the depths of the earth, as if a dragon was turning over.

Streaks of green electric light, thin long branches, and numerous leaves shot out from the deep rifts in the ground.

As soon as these unusual things flew out, the Blood Father of the Spirit World wielded his giant axe to destroy them with the powers of ice, thunder, and metal.

He was well-aware that the current origin of life bore the will of the Tree of Life.

The Tree of Life, which had gained control of the origin, could infuse power into each branch. If he attacked the tree with only his flesh aura, it wouldn’t be effective. Therefore, he might as well rely on the other origins’ powers.


Zhao Shanling, Qin Yao, and the others frowned and kept dodging the Blood Father of the Spirit World’s attacks.

They also came to realize that they weren’t his real target.

He seemed to be trying to destroy the dark land and make it explode.

They were confused. “Why is he doing this?”

After Wu Ji returned into the River of Time, they could no longer learn of the changes in the chaos, so they didn’t know about Nie Tian’s current situation.

They wondered what they should do with the Blood Father of the Spirit World.

The Rampage Behemoth suddenly roared, enveloped in thick darkness.

Master Blood Spirit and the remaining evil gods shuddered.

All at once, the experts who still stayed in the dark land looked at one place where countless brilliant spatial blades seemed to condense into a heavenly gate.


In the next moment, Nie Tian squeezed his way into the dark land.

All those who knew him screamed, howled, and screeched, “Nie Tian!”

At this moment, Nie Tian was still shorter than the Blood Father of the Spirit World, but the aura he exuded gave people a feeling that he outmatched the Blood Father of the Spirit World.

More surprisingly, the Blood Father of the Spirit World was clearly in awe of Nie Tian when the latter appeared.

It was the first time that apprehension had emerged on the Blood Father of the Spirit World’s face.

Everyone still firmly remembered his unstoppable momentum when he had badly injured the Rampage Behemoth, suppressed the Tree of Life, and killed many God domain experts and grand monarchs of different species.

In their hearts, he was the strongest in the three worlds.

However, now that Nie Tian came back, he unexpectedly showed fear of him.

“You’ve been loyal to your origin the whole time. You were before, and you are now,” Nie Tian said suddenly. “You know that the new origin is no longer itself. That’s why you resisted it. You want to break away from it and live freely in the three worlds as the most special Star Behemoth since ancient times...”

Looking deeply at the Blood Father of the Spirit World, Nie Tian paused, and then added, “But I don’t agree.”

He swung the Spacetime Blade.

No one could describe how gorgeous and magnificent the streak of light was as the Spacetime Blade was slashed at the Blood Father of the Spirit World.

Everyone only knew that as Nie Tian wielded the Spacetime Blade, all the spatial blades in the dark land converged and fused into one gorgeous, magnificent streak of light.

Then, everyone suddenly felt that time and space were confused. They felt as if they were wandering in the past in one moment, but saw their vague future selves in the next.

The world seemed to be spinning. Space and time seemed to be collapsing. The earth seemed to be shattering. The stars seemed to be perishing.

The gorgeous streak of light shot toward the Blood Father of the Spirit World with an unstoppable momentum.

The Blood Father of the Spirit World, who was holding the giant golden axe, opened his mouth. It seemed like he wanted to say something, but in the end, no sound came out of his mouth.

His towering giant body was engulfed in the gorgeous streak of light and soon dissolved into countless tiny light spots that fell into the numerous gaping ravines in the dark land.