Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1801: The Spacetime Blade!

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The dark land broke piece by piece.

However, countless rays of emerald wood power suddenly burst forth from the depths of the earth in its central area.

As this happened, the area somehow became as solid as a large piece of divine metal, and didn’t shatter as the other parts of the dark land did.

This central area was the key to entering and exiting the chaos.

“This is the power of the Tree of Life.” Zhao Shanling looked down with a deep look in his eyes, and saw roots that the Tree of Life had left in the depths of the cracking earth.

At this moment, all of those roots were emanating brilliant emerald light, as if they were brimming with refined divine power.

These very roots were what were binding this central area of the dark land like celestial chains while heaven rent and the earth exploded in the other areas.

At this point, very few were still bold enough to remain here.

Clutching his gigantic golden axe, the Blood Father of the Spirit World stood in the void that was riddled with spatial rifts, with spatial blades flashing across from time to time, as if he was still pondering and trying to untie a knot in his mind.

No one dared to provoke him at this moment.

“I can’t peek into the chaos anymore,” Wu Ji said weakly. “All you can do now is wait for things between him, Nie Tian, and the Tree of Life to take a new turn.”

With these words, he lifted his chin.

“Mister Wu!” Nie Jin exclaimed in shock.

“Senior Wu!” Everyone present was surprised to find Wu Ji’s eyes spiritless, empty, and bereft of any brilliance, as if they were fake.

Slender cuts could be seen on his eyelids, from which he was bleeding not blood, but something that seemed like the sands of time.

“I can’t see Nie Tian or what’s happening in the chaos anymore. I’m afraid I won’t be helpful in your future battles.”

With these words, he seemed to be wrapped around and pulled into the River of Time by time power.


Suddenly, he exploded into thousands of glorious sparks like a disintegrated cluster of awareness, and dispersed into the River of Time.

Zhao Shanling let out a deep sigh. “He returned to the River of Time. Perhaps we’ll have to wait hundreds or even thousands of millennia before another being emerges in the three worlds with the ability to communicate with the River of Time, light up its imprints, pick up the lost memories, and manifest its wonders in our worlds again.”

The fact that he said these words meant that Wu Ji had passed away.

Even though the crowd didn’t really understand the relationship between him and the River of Time, his words made them realize that Wu Ji, who had guided and helped them repeatedly and practically raised Nie Tian to his current heights, no longer existed.

Perhaps he hadn’t perished in a real sense. However, who knew how many millennia it would be before he was awakened again.


In the chaos.


From her Space Boundaries Crystal, Pei Qiqi pulled out spatial blades that were even fiercer than the ones in the dark land, and slashed them at the branches and leaves of the Tree of Life that were wrapped around Nie Tian.


One enormous branch after another was severed by her erupting spatial power.

However, the power of the Tree of Life had already become immeasurable now that it had returned to the chaos and replaced the origin of life.

Infused with rich life power, its branches and leaves would reform and recover their original state immediately after being severed and shattered.

No matter how hard Pei Qiqi tried, she could only cut through the outermost layers of branches. Her power couldn’t reach the innermost layers at all.

Even Ji Cang, who had plotted against Nie Tian on many occasions, suddenly bellowed, “Let’s kill it together!”


Nine streaks of starlight flew out of Ji Cang’s star domain one after another like nine brilliant dragons. Carrying the wonders of the myriad stars in the universe, they bombarded the branches of the Tree of Life that bound Nie Tian.

The Divine Flame didn’t just sit back and look either. It conjured clusters of fire that could easily incinerate realms and cast them towards the Tree of Life.

Each and every one of them was carved with ultimate fire spell formations that connected to the origin of fire.

Pei Qiqi, Ji Cang, and the Divine Flame made a joint effort to free Nie Tian from the Tree of Life.

However, rich emerald and crimson auras rose from the innumerable leaves of the Tree of Life. The mysterious markings on them seemed to be bloodline patterns that contained the bloodline secrets and wonders of all of the species in the three worlds.

Within seconds, the auras formed what looked like thousands of giant umbrellas.

Ji Cang, Pei Qiqi, and the Divine Flame’s attacks were all intercepted by them and reduced to tiny sparks of light that flew in different directions.


At the same time, thick, emerald branches extended from the main body of the colossal tree like all-conquering divine spears.

They shot towards the First Star, the origin of fire, and that large prismatic crystal.

The expressions of Ji Cang, Pei Qiqi, and the Divine Flame flickered drastically as they hastily ceased their attacks and charged towards their respective origins in an attempt to get them out of this area of trouble.

The origins couldn’t fight each other directly in the chaos.

They had to rely on mediums.

The Void Spirits they separated from themselves, the species they had created in the three worlds, and the brilliant grand monarchs they summoned into the chaos could all be viewed as their mediums.

To fight for them, the mediums had to be in material form and able to carry their power.

Under such rules, no matter how mighty the origin of life was, it couldn’t annihilate the other origins without a suitable medium in the chaos.

It could only weaken them by wiping out the Void Spirits they had sent out and the species they had created in the three worlds.

However, things were different now.

The awareness of the Tree of Life had replaced that of the origin of life, while it also had a material body that could carry its endless power.

Naturally, it could lay its murderous hand on the other origins.

Ji Cang, Pei Qiqi, and the Divine Flame belonged to the origins of stars, space, and fire. If they had the audacity to attack it, of course it would teach them a lesson... by attacking their origins!

The origins of stars and fire still had Nie Tian’s two doppelgängers in them. These two origins, which had been consumed with the idea of making paragons out of Nie Tian’s doppelgängers, were at their weakest moments.

If they suffered heavy blows now, would they vanish?

How could Ji Cang and the Divine Flame not be nervous?


Just as Ji Cang, the Divine Flame, and Pei Qiqi left in a hurry, more branches extended from the main body of the Tree of Life and thrust towards the cluster of darkness.

Each and every one of them was thousands of kilometers long and exuded cold auras, their tips as sharp as awls!

These branches were vested with the most terrifying power of the Tree of Life.

They were its mightiest weapon, not the previous ones.

Apparently, that cluster of darkness was its primary target!


The branches seemed to rip through numerous dark shields and pierce towards the heart of the darkness.


Dong Li’s shrill cry echoed out from the heart of the darkness.

Immediately afterwards, the Dark Aureole flew out to spin in the area above the darkness, severing the terrifying branches one after another.

At this moment, a violent shudder ran through Nie Tian, who was bound and enveloped in the branches and leaves of the Tree of Life.

He was surprised to find that streams of mysterious, glorious light seemed to suddenly pour into his eight extraordinary meridians.

Those streams of light contained time power!

A few seconds later, another wondrous power poured into him as well: spatial power!

Time power and spatial power coursed through his eight extraordinary meridians before gathering to his left and right palm.

Under the miraculous effect of time power, his body that was impaled by the branches healed as his drained flesh power was replenished.

His hands regained their mobility.

Inside his heart, two extremely fine wisps of light manifested out of nowhere, seemingly corresponding to time and space.

Then, as he slowly brought his hands together, time and spatial power condensed into a brilliant blade in his hands.

It was a blade that was vested with the profound truths of time and space, a blade that never should have been made: the Spacetime Blade!

He assumed a tight grip of the blade and made a casual swing with it. As soon as he did, he felt all of the Blood Essence inside of him burning out in a split second.

The blade light created by the slash easily cut through the branches and leaves wrapping around him and reduced them to emerald sparks that fell into the blood sea like rain.

Flabbergasted, Nie Tian quickly activated Life Drain to channel life power from the blood sea to condense Blood Essence.

Afterwards, he swung the wondrous Spacetime Blade once again, but this time with full force.

Then, under his gaze, the colossal Tree of Life, which had dominated the three worlds and made all lives tremble in fear, was slashed and exploded into countless fragmentary emerald sparks over the blood sea.

Even though its awareness still existed in the origin of life, its material body was obliterated by the Spacetime Blade!