Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1799: Assimilation Of The Origin Of Life

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Summoned by Nie Tian, the Tree of Life entered the chaos from the dark land in the blink of an eye!

For thousands of millennia, the Tree of Life had been trying to enter the chaos and return to that blood sea.

It had originally come from it.

However, that blood sea, which was the origin of life, had been resisting it the whole time.

It seemed to know that it had grown so powerful that it was no longer under its control, and that it had been yearning to assimilate it and replace its awareness with its own.

Therefore, it had denied it any chance to return.

The Tree of Life also knew that it was being resisted by the blood sea, which was why it had taken root in the dark land and secretly built a grand spell formation that contained the profound truths of life and could be used to intercept the flesh power that should flow to the blood sea.

It could have taken its time to carry out its grand plan.

However, it hadn’t expected that mishaps would happen to allow the Blood Father of the Spirit World to return to the chaos, reforge his life bloodline, and come back to shatter its grand plan with the highest battle prowess in this universe.

It had assumed that it was bound to suffer a sound defeat and have its roots severed by the Blood Father of the Spirit World this time...

Then, after Nie Tian had been summoned by the origin of darkness and returned to the chaos, he had managed to break the space barriers of the chaos with the help of the River of Souls and his own power as a paragon. To its astonishment, it had sensed the opening of a peculiar passage, and successfully returned to the birthplace it had been dreaming to revisit.

The Tree of Life was very excited.

Its widespread branches and leaves swayed as it floated above the Sea of Life.

The significant consumption of the battles it had fought had reduced its size several times.

However, at this moment, its thick roots suddenly pierced down into the blood sea.

Drop after drop of life essence was attracted by it and fused into those roots. Then, under the gazes of the many origins in the chaos, it started expanding and growing at an incredible rate.

Within moments, it returned to its original size!


Emerald divine light flowed through its every branch and leaf, containing enough life power to nourish and turn any realm in the three worlds into another main realm of the Floragrims.

Nie Tian’s pupils shrank slightly as he watched its roots turn the rich life essence in the blood sea into the purest possible wood power.

Its existence filled the entire area over the blood sea with emerald green.

Extremely refined wood power could be seen coursing gently through its branches and leaves like tiny streams.

However, such power could be transformed into rays of divine light to pierce through the hardest metal and rocks, and allow its branches to extend infinitely and be as sharp as swords.

“Many thanks...” Its leaves rustled.


Its every branch and leaf released dazzling emerald light.

Its soul will flashed through its roots like electric currents.

A shocked expression filled Nie Tian’s face!

He saw a wide beam of murky emerald light blasting out from the roots of the Tree of Life and into the colossal heart in the depths of the blood sea, the origin of life!

Like a passage, the beam of emerald light seemed to connect the roots of the Tree of Life and that colossal heart!

The heart thumped more violently than ever before.

Nie Tian sensed with great clarity that the origin of life was wailing, howling, and bellowing!

It seemed to be struggling to resist the emerald light that was fusing into it, as it was the awareness of the Tree of Life, the wisdom it had developed after standing towering in the Spirit World for eons, its desires, and its grand aspirations!

It was the most special existence, even throughout the history of this starry river and among the countless living beings in the three worlds.

Not only did it have a lengthy lifespan, but also unlike the Star Behemoths, it hadn’t fallen into prolonged dormancy after the Primal Era.

Rather, it had quietly dominated the Spirit World and observed the Void World and the Mortal World.

Through the eras, its awareness had never stopped changing. Its wisdom had been growing. Its enlightenment and experience had built up and become a permanent part of its soul.

Perhaps its battle prowess was surpassed by the Blood Father of the Spirit World now. However, its wisdom and experience were high above his!

Meanwhile, it was a wisp of awareness that had been separated from that colossal heart to begin with...

Therefore, its fusing into it seemed very well-based and natural!

What Nie Tian could not achieve, it seemed to be able to achieve effortlessly.

Now, it was trying to influence, change, and assimilate the origin of life!

Nie Tian observed in silence.

The same went for all the other origins in the chaos.

The colossal heart was originally crimson. Now, however, as the awareness of the Tree of Life continued to fuse into it, a shade of emerald green was added to it, and the green was increasing rapidly.

If the origin of life was a deep crimson sea, then the awareness of the Tree of Life would be an emerald river.

If enough water from the emerald river poured into the crimson sea, it would turn the crimson sea more and more emerald...

This was what the Tree of Life was doing.

By infusing the colossal heart with the emerald light, it was trying to assimilate the origin of life, alter its way of thinking, and bring heaven-shaking, earth-toppling changes to it.

A possible result of those changes was that the origin of life would still exist.

However, the awareness of the Tree of Life would gain control of it!

In front of the darkness, Ji Cang, who was from the First Star, said with a difficult tone after observing for a long while, “Nie Tian, you... you really think that you made the right move?”

Nie Tian was taken aback, then asked, “Is there a problem with it?”

Neither his awareness nor his soul had been separated from the origin of life.

For this reason, he couldn’t assimilate and replace it as the Tree of Life could.

If he couldn’t do it, why couldn’t he summon the Tree of Life, who had also set itself against the origin of life, to help him deal with it?

With a bitter smile, Ji Cang said, “The Tree of Life comes from it. If its awareness replaces it, then it’ll become the origin. If that happens, then the Blood Father of the Spirit World will naturally acknowledge allegiance to it. What other choices will he have once it gains control of the power of the origin of life?

“Do you think that you won’t become his enemy after it becomes the origin?

“Also, before it arrived, the origin of life didn’t have a form that was built to fight, so it couldn’t attack you. Instead, it could only instigate Grand Monarch Heaven Devil. However, once the Tree of Life succeeds, its colossal tree form will become a sharp weapon it can use to fight against you!

“With it inside the chaos and the Blood Father of the Spirit World outside, you’re actually creating more terrifying opponents for yourself by doing this to the origin of life!”

Nie Tian’s expression flickered.

In the next moment, numerous branches and leaves of the void-filling tree extended over at lightning speed, and wrapped Nie Tian’s Life-origin Form in many layers.