Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1798: A Paragon’s Summons

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Nie Tian’s consumed flesh power was replenished within a very short time.

He returned to his peak state!

The colossal heart in the depths of the blood sea thumped violently.

Every origin in the chaos could sense its rage.

The origins of metal, ice, and thunder felt uneasy, and quietly flew away from it...

The cluster of darkness, however, continued to float over the blood sea like a vast pitch-black cloud.

Even though the cluster of darkness was still much smaller than the blood sea, it was significantly vaster than the other origins. It took up a major area and quietly faced the blood sea.

In the depths of the darkness, dark power surged unceasingly around Dong Li, who looked like a rising black sun.

With layers of utter darkness wrapped around her like devilish veils, no one could see her appearance anymore.

This gave her a look that was more and more similar to the Dark King in the history of the Devils.

Ji Cang hadn’t returned to the dark land after flying out of the First Star. Instead, he and the Divine Flame had been paying close attention to the darkness.

The origin of fire, the origin of stars, and the River of Souls quietly spread out around the darkness, as if they had formed an alliance with it.

If one examined them with rapt attention, they would be able to see that there was a Nie Tian in the origin of fire and the origin of stars.

Meanwhile, in the wondrous river that held the ultimate wonders of souls, Nie Tian’s true soul quietly dispersed into countless tiny currents.

It seemed to have merged with the river completely.

“Nie Tian...” the gorgeous, enchanting figure in the orange-red Divine Flame called softly.

Nie Tian, who had recovered his flesh power loss in the blood sea, jerked his head towards her, a surprised look appearing on his face.

With a single glance at her, he realized that she was the fleshly form the Divine Flame had forged for itself with the Blood Essence he had given it as a gift, which was similar to how the Star Behemoths had forged their fleshly forms.

A profound blood connection existed between him and her.

The moment he locked his eyes on her, he parsed out a large amount of new information from her.

It was beyond the power of the origin of fire to help his flame doppelgänger become a paragon now.

Back when the Firespirits had been wiped out, the Void Spirit it had separated from itself to create them had been destroyed as well. This had dealt a heavy blow to the origin of fire, which was why it didn’t have enough power to help Nie Tian’s doppelgänger transform on a fundamental level.

The same went for the origin of stars.

They could only provide a possibility for his flame and star doppelgängers to transcend...

After pondering for a brief moment, Nie Tian realized that both the origin of stars and the origin of fire were placing their hope in him.


Pei Qiqi suddenly manifested out of nothing.

Upon arriving, she found that Nie Tian had replenished his flesh power through the Sea of Life, and had recovered his exceeding battle prowess.

However, little elation could be seen on her face.

“Nie Tian, the dark land is on the verge of falling apart,” she said anxiously. “Once it does, entering and exiting the chaos will become very difficult. One has to pass through the dark land to enter the chaos. It’s the same if they want to leave. If you don’t leave soon, you won’t be able to after the dark land shatters!

“If that happens, the only way you’ll be able to leave is if a paragon collects the fragments of the dark land and rebuilds it.

“Right now, the only ones who can do that are the Tree of Life and the Blood Father of the Spirit World, and they...”

Pei Qiqi didn’t finish his sentence.

“I see,” Nie Tian said.

If he left the chaos, he wouldn’t be able to channel endless power from the Sea of Life. However, the Blood Father of the Spirit World could.

As long as the dark land didn’t explode, and the passage remained, he would be able to return to the chaos under the summons of the darkness.

However, he would lose this privilege once the dark land was destroyed.

The reason why the Blood Father of the Spirit World had focused all of his energy on fighting him as soon as he returned to the dark land had been because the Blood Father wanted to destroy the passage to the chaos, so that no more paragons would be made.

“Now that I’m a paragon, can I...”

Floating in the blood sea, Nie Tian suddenly closed his eyes and listened carefully to his own heartbeat.

As he did, his soul awareness seemed to enter his life bloodline, and then activated his Life Detection bloodline talent!

Right now, his wood power sub-soul played the role of his true soul in this Life-origin Form of his.

He examined it quietly.

Two clusters of light suddenly emerged in his sea of awareness.

One was emerald, the other green.

The green cluster of light represented the Blood Father of the Spirit World, while the emerald cluster of light, which was slightly smaller, represented the Tree of Life.

Then, tiny sparks emerged, like numerous grains of rice.

They represented the evil gods, the Rampage Behemoth, Master Blood Spirit, and all those who had blood connections to him.

Now, as he activated Life Detection, they all manifested in the depths of his soul.

This reminded him of the innumerable fragmentary stars in the origin of stars that corresponded to the myriad realms in the three worlds.

His expression flickered.

Immediately afterwards, all of his awareness was focused on the emerald cluster of light.

What he didn’t know was that as he did this, his Life-origin Form kept shivering, and he lost his soul power at an alarming rate.

All of a sudden, the River of Souls stirred!

Numerous fine currents rapidly came together at the bottom of the river, and morphed into Nie Tian’s true soul.

This illusory, soul-form version of Nie Tian suddenly looked down at his other self that was rising from the blood sea.

“True soul returns.”

The illusory Nie Tian in the River of Souls quietly rose from the wondrous river and struck down like a cyan bolt of lightning.

In the blink of an eye, it disappeared into the top of his head.

Nie Tian’s eyes snapped open, bursting forth with terrifying divine light!

Upon the return of his true soul, his perception improved dozens of times over!

Then, he once again focused his soul awareness on the emerald cluster of light in the depths of his soul. Almost as soon as did that, a soul connection was established between him and the Tree of Life.

“It’s you...” An incomparably clear soul message came through from the Tree of Life.

Immediately afterwards, the Tree of Life seemed to suddenly grow excited, and sent out a series of soul messages. “Now help me! Help me enter the chaos! Summon me and make our soul connection stronger!”

“As you wish.”

Like a bottomless abyss, Nie Tian’s madly-dilating pupils seemed to absorb countless rays of light from his surroundings.

Because of his soul fluctuations, the River of Souls started flowing quietly around him.

As it did, wondrous soul patterns manifested in it from time to time. All of them bore Nie Tian’s appearance.

Nie Tian’s eyes sank quickly.

His soul power left him like an unclogged sink.

All of the origins, Ji Cang, Pei Qiqi, and the Divine Flame watched him quietly.

They all knew who he was trying to summon at the risk of draining his soul power.

Shortly afterwards, Nie Tian held his head in his hands and shouted in pain, “Return!”

Then, countless rays of dazzling light filled the empty void in front of him. A colossal view-filling tree seemed to break numerous space barriers, shatter countless restrictions, and defy the magical laws of heaven and earth, and manifested in an overwhelming manner!

The vast blood sea started surging violently due to the arrival of the Tree of Life.

Every origin in the chaos could tell that the blood sea was deeply shaken.