Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1797: Received By The Darkness

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The collapse of the dark land came sooner than everyone had imagined.

A beam of silvery light streaked across a roaring Heaven Flame Beast.


The Heaven Flame Beast, which was at the ninth grade and wreathed in a fiery glow, was cut into two.

The bright silver light was a sharp spatial blade that was wandering about uncontrollably.

Unlike the cracked rifts, these spatial blades were constantly moving and harvesting lives like the scythe of Death.

The Heaven Flame Beast had the bloodline of the Ancientbeasts. It had been arranged by the Tree of Life to come from the Spirit World.

Now, the Ancientbeasts, dragons, and titans were in the most awkward position in the dark land.

Zhao Shanling gave them no guidance, and Pei Qiqi didn’t care about their lives.

The most awkward part was that they didn’t even know who they were supposed to follow now.

Was it the Tree of Life, who had led them into the dark land, or the Blood Father of the Spirit World?

The Blood Father of the Spirit World’s return from the chaos had made all the Ancientspirits realize that he was their true creator, and that the Tree of Life had only posed as their creator.

At first, they had helped the Tree of Life fight the human race, as the Floragrims had.

After the Blood Father of the Spirit World had returned, he had attacked the Tree of Life. At the same time, they had sensed that the Blood Father of the Spirit World was their true bloodline origin.

Therefore, they had to wait and observe the situation for a long time.

During this process, the deadly spatial blades that appeared on the edge of the dark land took a heavy toll on them.

They knew nothing about the dark land, and they had no idea that the dark land was about to break.

They were still holding their ground.

However, more and more of their members died. As the earth shook and the space split, a horrifying feeling that doomsday was coming and all living beings would die haunted their hearts. No matter how hard they tried, they couldn’t get rid of it.


Deep ravines ripped through the earth. An emerald vine wrapped tightly around a giant dragon wound by lightning, like an evil serpent breaking out of purgatory.

The thunder dragon, whose bloodline was at the ninth grade, was dragged into the earth by the vine.

In the process, the thunder dragon’s flesh aura was quickly drained away.


More and more emerald vines and branches flew out from the depths of the earth.

All the titans, Ancientbeasts, and dragons suffered.

Facing the branches and vines that suddenly flew out, many Ancientspirits were caught off-guard as they were wrapped up and dragged into the gaping earth.

From the depths of the earth came the creepy sound of bones being crushed.

More and more titans, Ancientbeasts, and dragons were destroyed by the branches that suddenly flew out. Blood flowed like streams in the gaping crevices of the earth.

Riding the Rampage Behemoth, Nie Tian, who was wreathed in dark auras and whose eyes were scarlet red, fought fiercely against the Blood Father of the Spirit World wielding Bloodline Crystal Chains in the central area of the dark land.


Gold, deep purple, and dark glints that were imprinted with dark principles, life mysteries, and the unusual power of the origins of metal, thunder, and ice repeatedly clashed with each other.

The Blood Father of the Spirit World kept grinning.

While fighting, Nie Tian cast a glance at the branches and vines that were secretly killing the Ancientbeasts, dragons, and titans, and immediately knew that the Tree of Life was behind it.

When the Blood Father of the Spirit World had returned from the chaos, the Ancientspirits had traced the origin of their bloodlines and realized that he was their real creator.

This had made the Tree of Life aware that it could no longer drive the Ancientspirits to fight for it.

Besides, it was possible that the Ancientspirits would join the Blood Father of the Spirit World in fighting it.

Therefore, it had launched a preemptive strike.

Also, it indeed needed the Ancientspirits’ strong flesh auras to help it regain its battle prowess so that it could participate in the fight between Nie Tian and the Blood Father of the Spirit World.

Not only the Ancientspirits, but also some of those from the Void World were attacked by the Tree of Life as well, while the Blood Father of the Spirit World was fighting fiercely Nie Tian.

An early devil grand monarch was engulfed by a gigantic enchanting flower in one go.

The flower squirmed. The bones of the early devil grand monarch cracked, and he soon fell silent.

Then, the enchanting flower shrank stealthily into the earth, as if to return to the roots of the Tree of Life.

As long as the Tree of Life got a chance, it would attack the Netherspirits, Seaspirits, Moonspirits, and Lightspirits as well.

Its sudden attacks provoked the beings from the three worlds and made them furious.

Not long ago, urged by Zhao Shanling and Wu Ji, they had joined up to attack the Blood Father of the Spirit World to buy it time when it had shown signs of fatigue.

None of them had expected that the Tree of Life would suddenly turn against them.

“Like the blood sea in the chaos,” Wu Ji said with a deep look in his eyes, “neither the Blood Father of the Spirit World nor the Tree of Life take the living beings’ lives seriously. Except for the races that they have made and that have bloodline relations with them, all other living beings are considered food.”

After all, the Blood Father of the Spirit World didn’t directly attack the Ancientspirits. The Tree of Life’s attacks avoided the Floragrims.

The slaughter continued.


As his battle against the Blood Father of the Spirit World continued, the dark bloodline in Nie Tian’s heart gave birth to many new crystal chains.

However, as he healed his wounds and stimulated his dark power, more and more of his flesh power was consumed.

Now that he had broken away from the chaos, he was disconnected from the Sea of Life.

He could no longer freely channel endless flesh power from the Sea of Life.

“You feel it?” the Blood Father of the Spirit World asked, laughing. “You are weakening slowly, because it will not give you flesh power. You and that tree who secretly attacked me have both been abandoned. What can you rely on to fight against me without the inexhaustible supply of flesh power it provides? Now, the darkness is about to explode, and that tree can’t gain power from the dead through the dark land anymore. I will kill you both!”

The first and second generations of the Tree of Life had reforged the dark land after it had been shattered, and had secretly set up an unusual spell formation in it.

The presence of the life formation allowed all the strong living beings that had died in the dark land to merge directly into the Tree of Life so their flesh auras didn’t go to the chaos.

This had been the reason why the Tree of Life had been able to confidently fall out with the origin of life and want to replace it.

However, undermined by Zhao Shanling and Wu Ji and impacted by the fierce battle between Nie Tian and the Blood Father of the Spirit World, the unusual life formation was no longer effective. Therefore, when the Tree of Life had seen that the Ancientspirits were up to no good, it had immediately launched attacks, killing them with vines and branches to restore its strength.

If it didn’t do that, it wouldn’t be able to compensate for its consumption as the battle continued.

Like it, Nie Tian was also in trouble.

The dark power that Nie Tian had previously used was stimulated by the violent flesh power that he had gathered in the chaos.

However, he had consumed a significant amount of flesh power after fighting for just a while.

“I dare to come back because I have something else to rely on,” Nie Tian said.

In the next moment, Nie Tian, who was fighting the Blood Father of the Spirit World, mysteriously disappeared.

He returned to the chaos!

This time, it wasn’t the Sea of Life that received him; it was the darkness!

With the help of his new darkness bloodline and through that origin’s call, he reentered the chaos.


He plunged into the vast Sea of Life. Not being afraid to enrage the heart, he said with a smile, “You didn’t expect that I would be able to return under the guidance of the origin of darkness, did you?”


His flesh aura sea erupted. His Life Drain was activated to the extreme as he wantonly absorbed the flesh power in the blood sea.