Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1792: The Endless Changes of Darkness

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Nie Tian’s dark aura soared through the heavens and reached a grand monarch’s level in the blink of an eye.

All of this happened right before Ji Cang and the Divine Flame.

It took an amazingly short time for his dark bloodline to develop from nothing to the tenth grade.

Who knew how many years and how much tempering it would take for a Devil that was born with the noblest bloodline to advance to the tenth grade?

It would be viewed as a miracle if one could finish their bloodline upgrade and join the ranks of grand monarchs in a hundred millennia!

However, how long had Nie Tian taken?

If he hadn’t seen it with his own eyes, Ji Cang wouldn’t even have been able to imagine any creature being able to finish their bloodline upgrade within such a short time.


The ultimate darkness surged with dark power, as if to resonate with Nie Tian’s bloodline.

All of the ninth and tenth grade experts in the three worlds and the dark land that carried dark bloodlines, along with some devilish beasts and insects with special bloodlines, howled and screeched as their dark bloodlines suddenly went into rapture.

This meant another overpowering existence of their kind had won the acknowledgment of the origin of darkness.

Many Devils were deeply thrilled.

“Who was it?”

“Who could it be? Heaven Devil has already transcended. Who in our race could have triggered this dark resonance?”

“God bless us!”

“We’re destined to thrive as a people!”

In the chaos, Nie Tian let out a broad laugh. “Heaven Devil, your original dark power doesn’t seem to work on me.”

As he sucked in a breath of air, wisps of dark power that surrounded Grand Monarch Heaven Devil were somehow channeled by him, and started pouring towards his opened mouth.

Grand Monarch Heaven Devil’s expression flickered slightly before he quickly pressed his devilish hand down towards Nie Tian.

Countless devilish symbols then fell like a storm, emanating dark power fluctuations that could suppress all lives and hold even devil gods in fear.

The wisps of dark power flying down towards Nie Tian suddenly froze.

However, Grand Monarch Heaven Devil’s expression grew even graver as he said, “Nie Tian, you...”

A faint smile appeared on Nie Tian’s face. “Surprised, aren’t you? I was too. To be honest, I’ve had a medium in my sea of awareness that allows me to communicate with the darkness for a long time. I just didn’t realize it. The Dao of evil the five evil gods seek originates from the origin of darkness. It’s just that they’re Netherspirits and don’t carry dark bloodlines.

“That’s also the reason why they haven’t been able to transcend the limits of their bloodlines.

“However, what they can’t do, I can. The moment my dark bloodline came to form, the profound truths they have derived over hundreds of thousands of years naturally became a part of my dark bloodline.

“Not to mention that the Rampage Behemoth is a mighty existence created by the origin of darkness as well.”

As he spoke, changes started to happen to his Life-origin Form, which was a hundred thousand meters all. Numerous mysterious devil markings started emerging on his crimson skin as his dark bloodline erupted.

The devilish markings were black and purple, and contained the greatest secrets of dark power.

The color of his pupils kept switching between crimson, black, and purple.


He leapt forward, and appeared in front of Grand Monarch Heaven Devil.

“Darkness Coil!”

As soon as he exclaimed, his dark power and flesh power blended together and condensed into numerous scary-looking vines that suddenly shot out from Nie Tian’s chest and wrapped around Grand Monarch Heaven Devil.

Dark power and life power seemed to form a wondrous union in Nie Tian’s hands. Also, this spell he had just cast was his own invention.

The moment the vines bound Grand Monarch Heaven Devil, raging power burst forth and pierced into Grand Monarch Heaven Devil like sharp swords.

In a flash, Grand Monarch Heaven Devil’s skin was torn open, drop after drop of devil blood rising into the void from his open wounds.

Each and every one of them seemed to have a devil god figure inside of it.


The devil god figures within the blood drops let out heaven-shaking, earth-toppling roars.

As this happened, every Devil expert in the three worlds felt stabbing pain in their soul.

In the devil well, the pitch-black liquidized devil power at the bottom suddenly shot up to fuse into the devil ancestors that had been enshrined for eons.

Immediately afterwards, the figures within the blood drops that had risen from Grand Monarch Heaven Devil’s torn flesh seemed to come back to life.

Grand Monarch Heaven Devil let out a wild laugh as he sensed the rich flesh power pouring into him from the Sea of Life through that crimson sphere of light in his heart. “Many thanks!”

With his secret bloodline magics, he stimulated those figures with the flesh power from the Sea of Life and his devil blood, turning them into an army of powerful Devil experts, sinister devilish beasts, and scary devilish insects.

All of these deceased experts and devilish creatures seemed to be temporarily vested with power and awareness.

Under Grand Monarch Heaven Devil’s command, they each cast their most skilled bloodline magics to claw, bite, and slash their weapons at the dark vines Nie Tian had used to bind him.

Nie Tian let out a cold harrumph, and cried out with a derisive expression, “Let me give you a taste of Origin Resonance!”


Strange ear-piercing sounds started coming from the satanic vines, as if they were the shrill berating of the origin of darkness.

All of the downsized Devil experts, devilish beasts, and devilish insects immediately started cowering.

Just as they hesitated and asked Grand Monarch Heaven Devil for help, Nie Tian whispered, “Life Drain.”

The vines were instantly infused with life power, and transformed into bloodthirsty serpents that swiftly pounced on the devilish beasts, devilish insects, and Devil elders and started gnawing.

As they did, brand new Bloodline Crystal Chains came to form in the dark bloodline in Nie Tian’s heart.

Because of that, numerous bloodline magics that were different from those of Grand Monarch Heaven Devil, the evil gods, or the Rampage Behemoth were added to his skill set. They also helped deepen his understanding of the evil truths in the depths of the origin of darkness, like giving a tiger a pair of wings.

The darkness had countless variations.

Most of the Devil ancestors and devilish creatures had derived only one profound truth of dark power in their whole life. Only by spending hundreds of thousands of years testing and studying it had they managed to lift their bloodline to the tenth grade.

Grand Monarch Heaven Devil had mastered the essence of the infinite variations. However, he hadn’t studied any of them to the extreme.

Unlike him, many brilliant grand monarchs in the Devils’ history, the five evil gods, and the Rampage Behemoth had gone very far in their cultivation of only one variation.

At this moment, as more and more Bloodline Crystal Chains condensed in Nie Tian’s dark bloodline, his understanding of the variations grew deeper and deeper.

Moments later, all of the Devil experts and devilish creatures vanished into Nie Tian’s body.

Wisps of black mist started rising from him and spreading into his surroundings.

Driven by his crimson flesh aura sea, the black mist rapidly pervaded the area and engulfed Grand Monarch Heaven Devil.

Then, Ji Cang, the Divine Flame, and Pei Qiqi, who had just come back to her senses, saw Grand Monarch Heaven Devil overtaken by fear as he desperately tried to break free from the black mist.

However, he couldn’t.

In the dark land, Zhao Shanling narrowed his eyes in his Ancient Arch-devil form, as if he was trying to sense something. Then, he muttered, “I can’t believe the aura of the dark paragon is declining sharply.

“How long has it been since his transcendence? Don’t tell me that he’s going to be such a transient paragon.”

“The most transient, I’m afraid,” Wu Ji said with an expressionless face.