Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1791: Devil Blood Surges Rapidly!

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Nie Tian hadn’t felt any major changes when the ice, thunder, and metal bloodline strings had first formed in his heart, not to mention being able to sense the existence of those three origins.

This time, however, was different.

The origin of darkness took the initiative to establish communication with him the moment his dark bloodline came to form!

Now, he was able to communicate with it through that black string!

This was something he couldn’t even achieve with the origin of life.

Perhaps it was technically achievable, but he hadn’t been able to because the origin of life had been resisting him...


Wisps of ink-black power shot from the depths of the ultimate darkness. In a flash, they pierced into his body and joined the black string in his bloodline aura.

Immediately afterwards, the black string started growing at an amazing rate.

Numerous crystalline chains that were even finer than hairs rapidly condensed.


Grand Monarch Heaven Devil thrust his giant hand towards his chest like a devil’s claw.

Upon first glance, the hand looked as if it had been carved from a piece of amethyst, without any skin, muscle fibers, or blood visible, as if it was a crystallization of devil power.

Then, the devil power and flesh power it contained suddenly exploded!

Millions of tons of explosives seemed to be detonated on Nie Tian’s chest.


The explosions of raging devil power tore Nie Tian’s chest open, making it a bloody mess.

After that, more than a dozen tiny versions of Grand Monarch Heaven Devil started dashing around inside of him, carrying the auras of destruction, rampage, hatred, bloodlust, etc.

Like little devils, they let out cunning laughs as they wrecked havoc within his Life-origin Form.

“Nie Tian, with the Sea of Life providing me with the flesh power I need, how can you defeat me?”

“After the Blood Father of the Spirit World takes care of the Tree of Life and eradicates the humans from the Doomed Star Sea and the Mortal World, he’ll surely return to the chaos. What hope will you have then?”

“You’re bound to die in the chaos!”

“You’re done for, Nie Tian!”

Each of them spoke in a different language as they tore at Nie Tian’s meridians and veins.

The sharp pain gave Nie Tian the urge to scream.

However, the look in his eyes was surprisingly calm, as if he were letting the tiny versions of Grand Monarch Heaven Devil, which had been condensed from dark Blood Essence, cause damage to his body.

All he did was create a blood-colored shield around his heart with life essence.

As for the rest of him, he didn’t seem to care if it was injured.


His meridians burst under the mad clawing of the tiny Grand Monarch Heaven Devils one after another.

His internal organs, such as his stomach, kidney, and spleen, were also riddled with holes, and started to look like hornets’ nests.

“Nie Tian!”

Pei Qiqi saw bulges appearing on different parts of his giant form, which was a hundred thousand meters tall, as exploding sounds kept coming from within him. She saw tiny Grand Monarch Heaven Devils ripping his skin open from within to receive more dark power from Grand Monarch Heaven Devil’s sneering true form.

She assumed a tight grip on the Space Boundaries Crystal, ready to strike.

“You’d better wait and see how the situation will develop,” Ji Cang suddenly said with an indifferent tone. “A battle between paragons isn’t for you to join. Also, has your origin thought this through? You have to know that Nie Tian and Grand Monarch Heaven Devil represent the blood sea and that darkness, the top two forces in the chaos.”

As soon as she heard this, Pei Qiqi’s eyes shone with dazzling light.

In a split second, the dazzling light in her eyes morphed into a gorgeous prismatic crystal with many facets.

It bore a great resemblance to the Space Boundaries Crystal, but they weren’t the same. As soon as it emerged in her pupils, she seemed to grow befuddled, as if she was being suppressed by another awareness.

At the same time, the Divine Flame that had carved out her own fleshly form with life essence it had received from Nie Tian seemed to be communicating with the origin of fire as well, surrounded by fluctuating orange-red flames.

“Has yours made up its mind?” Ji Cang asked, looking at her.

“Yes, since my origin chose his doppelgänger to inherit his flame legacies, it’s prepared to go to war with the blood sea.” With these words, the Divine Flame slowly walked towards Nie Tian.

“You’re far too weak. At least you are at this point.” Ji Cang tried to talk her out of it. “Also, you have to understand something: Nie Tian finished his transcendence first, and the origin of his bloodline is that endless blood sea. Do you really think he’s weaker than Grand Monarch Heaven Devil?”

“But he didn’t cause any heaven-shaking stirs when he transcended,” The Divine Flame said.

Ji Cang let out a cold snort and said, “Do you mean all of the Devils, Demons, devilish beasts, and devilish insects that carry dark bloodlines being able to sense Grand Monarch Heaven Devil’s transcendence? When Nie Tian transcended, only two beings throughout this universe were able to sense it: the Blood Father of the Spirit World and the Tree of Life.

“That’s because they’re the only ones that have inherited bloodline wonders from the Sea of Life.

“Also, Nie Tian is the first of a brand new species and the creator of a new era. Since he doesn’t have any descendants yet, it’s only natural that no one in the three worlds could resonate with his bloodline.

“Do you understand what I’m saying?”

His detailed explanation put the Divine Flame into deep thought.

While she was absorbed in thought, Nie Tian’s sub-souls suddenly left his sea of awareness and plunged into his fleshly body.

He had a total of nine sub-souls that corresponded to star power, flame power, wood power, the Rampage Behemoth, and the five evil gods respectively.

Flying out of his sea of awareness at this moment was the sub-soul corresponding to the Rampage Behemoth and the five sub-souls that were wreathed in bloodlust, rage, hatred, fear, and despair.

Upon entering Nie Tian’s fleshly body, they morphed into six Nie Tians with flesh and blood, each exuding an aura!

Immediately afterwards, the six of them spread out to hunt and slaughter the numerous tiny Grand Monarch Heaven Devils that were playing havoc inside of him.

Those tiny Grand Monarch Heaven Devils were dumbstruck upon seeing the six Nie Tians that had appeared out of nowhere.


“This... this is impossible!”

“So you must have formed some kind of relationship with the darkness long ago!”

“When did you reach a mutual understanding with it?!”

The numerous tiny Grand Monarch Heaven Devils yelled inside of Nie Tian, not daring to believe what they were seeing.

These Nie Tians were wreathed in auras of bloodlust, rage, hatred, despair, and fear, which contained wonders that originated from the depths of that ultimate darkness. Their level of purity was also incredible.

Even he himself didn’t have such a deep understanding of the variations of those types of dark power.

Seconds later, Grand Monarch Heaven Devil came to a sudden realization. “Did he get them from the five evil gods of the Netherspirits?”

However, at this moment, all of the tiny versions of himself that he had condensed from original dark power and sent into Nie Tian’s body were already caught and devoured by the six Nie Tians.

After that, the six Nie Tians gradually expanded as they charged into his heart.

They fused into that black string one after another.

The Bloodline Crystal Chains in the black string madly grew and multiplied.

Ji Cang’s eyes widened with astonishment as he sensed Nie Tian’s soaring aura. He couldn’t help but exclaim, “Seventh... eighth... ninth... tenth grade! No way! Even if he’s gained the acknowledgment of the origin of darkness, such growth is still too fast!”