Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1790: Dark Bloodline

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Heaven and earth resonated as this new paragon was born.

All lives that corresponded to the origin of darkness sensed it as Grand Monarch Heaven Devil transcended as a dark paragon.

In comparison, Nie Tian’s transcendence had seemed much quieter.

In the chaos.

Pei Qiqi, Ji Cang, and the petite gorgeous figure in the orange-red flames all paid close attention to the battle between Nie Tian and Grand Monarch Heaven Devil.


Grand Monarch Heaven Devil’s body expanded at an alarming rate. As he turned his gigantic devil hands, the magical laws of dark power manifested as flashing black lightning bolts and rolling thunder.

With his bloodline, he channeled dark power and dug the wonders of evil, frenzy, brutality, and ruthlessness from the depths of the origin of darkness, and unleashed them on Nie Tian.

Countless black and purple beams of bloodline power shot from his body.

Each and every one of them was a condensation of original dark power, and could inflict severe damage on any grand monarch or God domain expert in the three worlds in a split second.


Numerous beams of bloodline power pierced into Nie Tian’s Life-origin Form, riddling it with holes.

Inside the bloody holes, Grand Monarch Heaven Devil’s soul awareness bound the power from the origin of darkness to itself, and started drilling into his muscles and meridians like hideous frenzied dragons.

Nie Tian examined his wounds with his soul, and found that wherever the dark power spread, his bright red flesh and blood turned black, as if they were dyed by ink.

Meanwhile, countless fragmented black particles could be seen in the blackened parts.

Those black particles were condensations of Grand Monarch Heaven Devil’s soul will and the dark power from the origin of darkness. They were spreading through him like a plague, trying to assimilate his entire body.

As they did, they also did their utmost to sever the resilient meridians in his Life-origin Form.

Each of his acupoints was a small heaven and earth, shining with blood-colored light. At this moment, they were being infiltrated by the dark particles as well.

At first glance, those crimson spaces seemed to be stuffed with thousands of small black suns.

Every single black sun emanated black light, filling the blood-colored heaven and earth inside his acupoints with auras that were bleak, brutal, and horrifying.


Nie Tian let out a cunning laugh.


Countless wisps crimson light poured into his veins and ran through his body like blazing meteors.

In the next moment, numerous wisps of crimson light entered all of his acupoints.

With great precision and speed, they found the black particles. Then, they gnawed at them, devoured them, and ground them to nothing.

It was just that he also felt tremendous pain and couldn’t stop trembling in the process.


With a fling of his hands, raging blood-colored light blasted towards Grand Monarch Heaven Devil.

While traveling through the void, the blood-colored light morphed into strange-looking intertwining thorns, which then pierced into Grand Monarch Heaven Devil’s abdomen and started growing at a terrifying speed.

Grand Monarch Heaven Devil also let out howls of pain.

At this moment, Nie Tian examined himself carefully with his soul, and came to a sudden realization. “The evil gods of fear, bloodlust, rage, despair, and hatred didn’t get their negative, evil power from the River of Souls, but rather… The origin of darkness and the River of Souls are allies, just as the Devils and the Netherspirits are. That’s why the evil gods could wield all that power.”

Then, as soon as he let out a cold harrumph, a gravitational force was generated in the spinning crimson vortex below.

Drop after drop of Blood Essence that the Sea of Life had deliberately hidden in secluded, marginal areas suddenly rose into the void.

After fusing into the crimson vortex, they were processed into wisps of flesh power that flew into Nie Tian, instantly healing the bloody holes Grand Monarch Heaven Devil had riddled him with, as if they had never existed.


Just as Nie Tian was elated by his rapid recovery, he found that Grand Monarch Heaven Devil who had been pierced through by the sinister thorns was also healing at a shocking speed.

It was mostly his devil power that was healing him. However, the wisps of life essence that had helped him complete his transcendence were also playing an important part.

Eyes narrowed, Nie Tian activated his life bloodline to examine Grand Monarch Heaven Devil.

He noticed a spark of blood-colored light that was the size of a grain of rice inside his heart.

It came from a trade the origin of darkness had made with the origin of life back in the day.

After multiple consumptions, what used to be a sphere of blood-colored light had shrunk to a spark that was only the size of a grain of rice.

Normally, such a tiny bit of life essence shouldn’t be able to provide Grand Monarch Heaven Devil with any significant flesh power.

However, under the effort of the Sea of Life, it now served as a special bond between him and the blood sea. Therefore, not only had it not shrunk further, but it had even started expanding gradually.

This discovery put a grave expression on Nie Tian’s face.

Obviously, the Sea of Life had not only helped Grand Monarch Heaven Devil become a paragon, but it was still quietly providing him with assistance.

Meanwhile, the origin of darkness was focused on fusing dark essence into Dong Li, directing it to her spiritual core and dark stones.

Hence, it couldn’t do much to limit Grand Monarch Heaven Devil or provide Nie Tian with assistance.

At this moment, Ji Cang suddenly spoke. “Nie Tian, If you want Dong Li to become a paragon, you have a major obstacle in front of you: Grand Monarch Heaven Devil is still alive.

“There’s something I don’t know if you’re aware of.

“Only the origin of life, which is stronger than any other origin in the chaos, can have two or more paragons of its own at the same time. None of the other origins can, not even the origin of darkness.

“So simply put, Dong Li won’t be able to finish her transcendence if Grand Monarch Heaven Devil doesn’t perish.”

Surprised and doubtful, Nie Tian turned to look at Pei Qiqi and the enchanting figure inside the Divine Flame.

By the expressions on their faces, he realized that Ji Cang was telling the truth.

Heaven Devil had to die in order for Dong Li to transcend.

Nie Tian cast his gaze down, blood-colored light blazing in the depths of his pupils.

With a nasty laugh, Grand Monarch Heaven Devil said, “Nie Tian, you can channel life essence from the blood sea without getting the consent of the origin of life. I can’t do that, but who would have thought that it would infuse me with its life essence so keenly? I couldn’t refuse even if I wanted to. Since the darkness has abandoned me, I have to choose from the rest. Hehe. That blood sea is the strongest origin in the chaos. With it at my back, so what if you’re a paragon?

“You want that girl to replace me as the dark paragon? Does she have what it takes?

“Do you know that it’s extremely consuming for the darkness to dredge out ultimate dark legacies from its core to help someone become a paragon? My body and soul now carry the original devil power it vested me with. If I don’t die, and that power doesn’t return to the darkness, how can it make another paragon?”

With these words, Grand Monarch Heaven Devil let out a long wild laugh.

Nie Tian nodded. “I see. You’ll have to die first.”


Wisps of blood-colored light suddenly shot forth from the crimson bloodline aura in his heart.

They coursed through his meridians, entered his acupoints, and gnawed away at the dark particles.

Then, in a very strange way, a string of black light slowly condensed in his crimson bloodline aura. It gradually turned from illusory to solid, and started to emanate devil light.

Even though the black string was in a similar form to the cyan, golden, and silver strings, it was significantly thicker than them the moment it took form.

Without any delay, Nie Tian’s soul awareness flew into it.

An incomparably profound feeling instantly took him over.

A connection was built between him and the origin of darkness through the black string!

He could communicate with the origin of darkness directly now!